Anaca3: Price, Benefits, Dangers, Dosage, and Reviews – Read Before You Buy!

Fat burner, slimming, appetite suppressant… For a few years now, bottles of natural food supplements have been laying in our cupboards and for good reason: these pills promise to chase away our extra kilos without any danger to our health.

And this market is constantly reinventing itself: new formulas are appearing all the time, so how can we find the right one?

For some time now, the FCER team has been searching for the best dietary supplements based on natural ingredients for weight loss.

Since we adapt everything by the popularity of a product or the clever marketing of laboratories, we have closely studied the functioning of some of these pills, their exact composition, their degree of effectiveness as well as the existence of potential dangers, in order to produce the most complete buying guide and to help our readers in their choice. 

Presentation Of “Anaca 3 Weight Loss”, A Dietary Supplement For Weight Loss.

When those extra pounds have been there for years, you can have a hard time making them go away, despite all the effort and care taken to get rid of them.

So who doesn’t want to finally say goodbye to their unsightly bulges with the help of a pill just by taking it every day? And all without any danger for the body? Doesn’t that sound like a dream?

And yet this is what the new product that we have studied claims to do.

How to miss the presence of Anaca 3 on the market, it promotes antennas and networks for a few weeks, and the rascal is even displayed alongside stars such as a former Miss France (Malika Menard) or the singer Kenza Farah.

If he is so well known, is because there must be good reasons not to, right? Is it really an effective solution, the ultimate alternative, is it risk-free?

A little suspicious of the situation, we conducted research based on evidence and testimonials from users.

So before clicking compulsively to order it, read our complete article designed to know everything about this capsule and discover our opinion!

Anaca3, Slimming Tablets Made From Natural Products.

This new weight loss product is not a drug, but a dietary supplement composed of plant extracts belonging to the group of best belly burner pills.

Taken on a regular basis and as part of a healthy lifestyle (balanced diet and physical activity), it promotes weight loss, fat elimination, and appetite regulation, in order to achieve an ideal figure.

All thanks to a formula with a natural composition clearly without risk or danger.

Origin and History Of The Creation Of The ANACA3.

This diet preparation is manufactured in France and marketed since the end of 2016 by the French laboratories Nutrivalia under the brand Anaca 3, specialized since 2015 in the manufacture of solutions for weight loss.

European leader, this group has a good reputation for quality and compliance with safety regulations in force in France, from manufacturing to marketing.

We can also read on the official website that each product respects the rules and good practices of the “hygiene package” and the application of HACCP principles. 

This company has also built its reputation through a media plan financed to the tune of some 30 million euros in 2018, is concretized by a hundred passages on television every day, large poster campaigns at a national level, and the good publicity of a thousand influencers present on social networks.

The objective of the laboratory is to propose natural formulas (plants, minerals, and vitamins) as a solution to the problems of overweight and obesity in France.

This is thanks to the teams bringing together nutrition specialists and scientists to make products according to the needs and slimming expectations that differ according to people (overall weight loss, fat elimination, slimming of the figure)…

“Anaca 3 Weight Loss” is in fact the best-selling nutritional supplement of the Anaca 3 brand, which includes a dozen other weight loss products, ranging from gel to tablets, including infusions and candies.

How Does This Nutritional Supplement Work?

The effectiveness of these weight management tablets is based on 5 targeted areas of action, to attack the causes of excess weight.

Combustion Of Fats.

Certain elements present in the composition of the tablets have an effect on the basic metabolism, in other words, the elimination of fats.

It is mainly cola, and the caffeine it contains, which promote the phenomenon of thermogenesis and lipolysis.

As a reminder, thermogenesis defines the process of heat production of the body, to regulate the temperature.

This process is activated thanks to the energy drawn by the brown fats (good fats) from the white fats (bad fats, which like to settle here and there on the body) by burning them.

Anaca 3, therefore, pushes the body to activate this process even more, by “heating” it.

This phenomenon of thermogenesis contributes to the loss of calories thanks to another action favored by Anaca 3: lipolysis.

As a reminder, lipolysis consists in releasing the accumulated fats and targeting them as the source of energy to be eliminated, instead of carbohydrates.

All this helps to eliminate calories and oxidize fats.

Appetite Reduction.

This slimming partner promises to help you in your fight against (the more or less) “small hunger” that drives you into the kitchen on the lookout for food to nibble on between meals.

The active ingredients present, such as artichoke or nopal, help reduce these feelings of hunger which are in most cases psychological.

Indeed, they make it possible to reach a feeling of satisfaction at the end of each meal, which avoids falling into the trap of the munchies. 

Facilitated Elimination.

The diuretic active reaction of certain natural principles present in the composition of these tablets makes it possible to support the system of normally eliminating the organization by the urines while cleaning it of the bad toxins.

It is for example about the artichoke, and the caffeine contained in the cola…

Others, such as nopal, act as “fat catchers” as soon as they are injected, to prevent their assimilation and therefore their storage.

This allows them to be evacuated directly through the natural channels and to reduce the proportion that will be stored.

In other words, go directly to the exit without passing by the digestion, thanks to the stools!

Weight Loss Partner.

In addition to good food conduct and regular physical activity, and to its targeted actions, Anaca 3 is a drainer that makes it possible to help the body to be refined.

It also attacks water retention, which is one of the causes of the “swelling” on certain parts of the body.

Overall Weight Loss.

The combination of active ingredients contained in these capsules allow a reduction of the body mass:

  • By eliminating fats more easily.
  • By preventing them from being stored.
  • By reducing the feeling of hunger, which leads to a reduction in daily calorie intake.

The effect obtained is a global weight loss and management of it, in the short and medium-term.

In addition, the elimination of fat allows you to achieve a slimmer and better-shaped figure.

To Watch A New Addition To The Anaca 3 Range.  

A new version of Anaca 3 “Weight Loss” has just appeared! It is Anaca 3+ Weight Loss, which differs slightly from the basic version by grouping even more ingredients: it contains carob, Ascophyllum, guarana, green tea, turmeric, and chicory in addition to artichoke and cola.

So many weight loss ingredients for optimal results. We promise you that we will follow it very closely and will soon offer you a complete study of the supplement and the feedback of the first-time users! 

Who is Anaca3 For?

Anaca 3 is addressed to overweight people, and in general to people who want to lose weight in a sustainable way and who are ready to add the necessary efforts: watch their diet and adopt a regular physical activity. It is suitable for both men and women.

People who have already tried strict slimming diets to no help, or who have regained weight afterward, are also concerned by this product. Finally, it is suitable for people who watch the origin of the substances they consume, with a preference for elements of natural origin.

The Advantages Of Anaca 3:

The first strong point of this formula is the one displayed in the advertising campaign. The different selection of compounds of completely natural origin in the formula guarantees that this cure will not lead to health risks for the user. As well, the composition is gluten-free, a good option for the many intolerants who can’t have it.

Moreover, it is of French manufacture, which can also reassure certain consumers on the origin of the swallowed substances, and to convince of it which are attached to the national preference!

Concerning the functioning of this weight loss partner, the experts underline that the advantage of these slimming tablets is that they act, not only on the physical aspect by chasing the kilos, but also on the biological causes of the weight gain, for example, a slowed metabolism, by activating the process of thermogenesis, but also by attacking the feeling of (psychological) hunger and therefore reduce it and the calorie intake that goes with it (in other words, by avoiding the harmful cravings that promote the taking and regaining of kilos! ).

Also as a source of energy for the body, the capsules allow the user to overcome the hard periods of fatigue and mood instability typical of diets (often too derivative) and often leading the person, frustrated, to “crack”.

Another good point emphasized by FCER’s experts is the inclusion of this weight loss program in a more inclusive program of recovery: for better and lasting results, the user will have to regulate his or her eating habits by eating a healthy and varied diet. This is rarely the case with intensive diets, which certainly allow for a certain weight reduction in the short term, but which often lead to a rapid return and are above all a risk for the balance of our biological functions, by depriving us of certain caloric intakes and essential nutrients. The cure is also part of a regular program of physical activity, to boost weight loss. The brand also offers a personalized coaching program to accompany the user in his process. This program includes support from a professional dietician (with a state diploma), suggested shopping lists, ideas for weight loss recipes/menus, and small sports challenges.

Don’t forget to cancel this program after one month if you don’t want to continue. You can do this on the website or by contacting customer service. Otherwise, the cost of the program will be automatically charged to you after the second month!

Therefore, the cure allows a short-term weight loss but also appetite management and weight control in the medium and long term: goodbye to the dreaded yoyo effect!

The effect it has on water retention is also an advantage when we know that this phenomenon is responsible for the “swelling” of certain parts of the body and that combating it allows us to refine them (calves, stomach).

We finally appreciate the main role of each element selected in its own right: the kola nut for its fat-burning action, the prickly pear for its effect of mobilization of bad fats, and the artichoke for its role of appetite suppressant. No superfluous active ingredients, just what is necessary!

Finally, this diet cure is not restrictive and the tablets are easy to ingest, it causes few side effects and makes users rather satisfied. It is easily accessible in pharmacies or on the internet, all for a fairly affordable purchase price with a money-back guarantee (we talk about it below, in our buying guide).

The Disadvantages Of Anaca 3:

We did find a few drawbacks to this seemingly “miraculous” overweight treatment.

The first one is the one that is typical on all dietary supplements: on its own, it will not bring you anything! As you have understood, you need to be strict in order to achieve your goals and reach the figure of your dreams – no snacking, sports, and a good diet – which may seem restrictive for some people.

These appetite suppressant pills also require rigor in their daily intake, so for the more headstrong, you will have to work on that to think about it. And for the ones who have trouble swallowing pills, it will be a nightmare.

The recipe is certainly gluten-free, but the envelope of the capsules is not free of substances of animal origin (see the composition part): unforgivable for Vegan or vegetarians! Unforgivable also for those who try to eat organic, since the pills are not certified organic.

At last, some of the feedback from past users left us a little concerned. The treatment doesn’t seem to have good results for everyone, even with all the effort put into it. This is what we will talk about below. 

Is It Effective? To What Extent?

The big advertising campaign financed by the brand and the numerous testimonies found here and there on the internet support that this remedy is really effective to lose weight. However, the lack of information on the results of pre and post-marketing efficacy studies has disappointed us a little, especially coming from a laboratory that advocates transparency…

Some websites estimate that users can expect to lose up to 12 kg with these nutritional supplements.

We also remind you that this is not a miracle pill that you just have to swallow to lose a few sizes, but the more you respect a certain routine, the more you will get good results.

So take care of your diet by having a balance and trying to maintain a good rhythm of regular physical activity. Remember also that caffeine can be of great use in the case of working out. All these efforts on your part will only make you more satisfied with the fruits harvested.

What Are The Properties Of The Anaca 3 Food Supplement?

The first property of this supplement is that it can also be used in the management of water retention.

The other particularity of this slimming tablet is that it is part of a range of varied products, oriented towards weight management and the associated well-being.

The consumption of “Anaca 3 Weight Loss” tablets can be completed by the application of the slimming gel targeting the disappearance of cellulite and downsize, or by the slimming candy that avoids snacking, draining herbal teas, or the use of a shape up shorty for the night.

Anaca 3 has 19 products and accessories to accompany the user in his diet.

What Form Does It Take?

This slimming solution comes in the form of a small resealable box containing 90 capsules, equivalent to one month’s treatment.

Is It Reimbursed By Social Security and/or Complementary Health Insurance?

For most cases many dietary supplements, this product is not considered a drug.

It is therefore not part of the list of specialties covered by social security.

Zoom On The Composition Of Anaca 3.

To understand how a product works and to be sure of the substances that enter our body, it is important to stop on the structure of the so-called “natural” capsules before undertaking a cleanse, whatever it is.

We have done these research ingredients for you.

All the ingredients have been subjected to controls and scientific studies attesting to their effects and their benefits for health.

The Active Ingredients.

Artichoke Extract:

These pills that have an effect on losing weight are composed of 500 mg of dry extract of artichoke leaves for 3 tablets. Also known under its scientific name Cynara scolymus, this vegetable plant of the Asteraceae family is rich in fibers, vitamins, minerals, and other trace elements. The leaves contain cynarine (dicaféylquinic acid) which benefits the immune system in many ways: it stimulates the functions of the liver and detoxifies it, fights against cellular aging, and promotes elimination through the urine. It also helps digestion and allows to elimination easily of lipids.

Its diuretic properties also have a draining effect and “flat belly”, which makes this plant a good part for weight loss, and refining the silhouette. Finally, the extract of this plant allows to rebalance the cholesterol level by decreasing the rate of bad cholesterol. 

The leaves of this Asteracea have a slight effect and cut hunger, according to a Hungarian study published in 2008 it has studies on overweight volunteers. It was carried out within the framework of a reduced-calorie diet and supplemented by the consumption of concentrated artichoke juice. The observations of this study led to the conclusion that the extract of this plant decreases the feeling of hunger as well as the body mass index, and fat mass.

The Prickly Pear:

The prickly pear, or nopal, is a type of cactus that comes from Mexico, by 3 capsules containing 200mg of nopal cladode extract.

This plant has a high content of amino acids and its fibers facilitate digestion and the evacuation of ingested fats through the stool, which reduces calorie intake.  

We have already talked about it in our complete study of the food supplement PhenQ which also contains it.

The fiber of the nopal could generate a weight reduction by increasing up to 15% per day of the excretions. It is therefore a sensor of consumed fats so the body does not assimilate them in the adipose tissues (you know, what turns into the famous cellulite) A study has highlighted this effect of the cactus. But that’s not all!

In addition to action against water retention, the extract of prickly pear also plays a role in the management of hunger, providing energy and swelling in the stomach, acting as an appetite suppressant. The feeling of satisfaction generated avoids untimely snacking and helps to lose weight.

Lastly (and no, we are not done yet!), the nopal decreases the rate of glycemia in blood, that is to say, sugar, and the rate of bad cholesterol.

In association with other active ingredients and a healthy lifestyle, the prickly pear is a major slimming asset!

The Seed Of Cola:

The seed of cola (or kola), or nut of cola, is present in fewer quantities in this formula since 3 capsules have a concentration of 15 mg of it. And yet, this ingredient is not the last one!

This plant comes from the collier, a tree native to West Africa and Southeast Asia and which was initially present in the recipe of Coca-Cola (but has since been replaced by synthetic caffeine).

This seed has a concentration of an important rate of caffeine, to which it owes its fat-burning effect. It’s very interesting because it would take part in the combustion of fats (an increase of the metabolism) and in the energy expenditure by targeting fats as a source of energy and be eliminated (the lypolise). Caffeine is also a good energizer and a diuretic that helps to clean the body and facilitates digestion.

Its mineral content such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, betaine, and potassium makes it a very beneficial plant for the immune system in general.

It should be noted, however, that it is necessary to ingest large quantities of caffeine to take advantage of all its properties, but kola only contains up to 4%. Also, beware of the adverse reactions mentioned several times about caffeine: too exciting, it would promote stress and deteriorate the quality of sleep. Let’s say that caffeine is a slimming boost, and, combined with the other components of the Anaca 3 formula, a balanced diet, and a little physical effort, it allows you to have good results.

Non-Active Compounds.

Although necessary, they will not help you burn fat!

1- Gelatin Of Bovine Origin:

In the composition of these weight loss capsules, we also find gelatin in the envelope. It has to be exactly processed beef fat of gelatinous and translucent aspect, it’s used as neutral support for the active ingredients.

2- Magnesium Salts Of Fatty Acids:

This food additive whose code is E470B is an anti-caking agent that can come from animal or vegetable food fats, which are hydrogenated. This additive can also come from soybean oil, possibly genetically modified. Often used in cosmetics or pharmacology. The role is to ensure the fluidity and uniformity of the preparation.

3- Maltodextrin:

This is an organic substance that comes from the hydrolysis of a starch (corn or wheat starch) or that of a starch-like potato. Composed of various sugars (maltose, glucose, maltotriose, oligosides, and polyamides), it has no sweetening power. Maltodextrins can be easily modulated to serve as encapsulating or swelling agents to improve the texture and solubility of a tablet.

Its commonly used in pharmacies as a carrier or non-active excipient of tablets (medicines or nutritional supplements).

Posology: How To Use This Natural Treatment?

This product is a natural oral treatment. To take it, you just have to swallow a capsule with a big glass of water.

When To Start It? When To Stop It?

The weight-loss treatment can begin at any time, as long as the user is determined to do everything in his power to lose unwanted pounds. There is no specific information about the duration of the effects, which can be repeated as many times as necessary, but we recommend a cleanse of two to three months to see satisfactory results. 

What Dosage(s)?

The dosage should be three capsules three times a day, preferably taken before each meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). It is of course important to follow the recommended dosage to optimize the results without taking any health risks.

What To Do If You Forget To Take It?

If you forget to take a capsule before a meal, you can take it after that meal at the time. If you notice it afterward, you should ignore it and try not to make up the missed dose by taking two tablets before the next meal. It is important to make sure that the time between meals is respected.

What To Do In Case Of Overdose?

Although it is not a drug, you must respect the indicated dosage and not take more capsules than planned. This will not increase the weight loss effects of the cleanse and even if the ingredients selected in the recipe are natural, they may be too strong for the body at high doses, especially for certain organisms more prone to reactions to the agents used (such as caffeine).

In the case of an exceptional accidental overdose, there is normally no risk. If in doubt, talk to a doctor or pharmacist or contact the brand’s customer service department.

Precautions For Use:

A nutritional supplement should never replace a varied, balanced, and nutritious everyday diet. If you have never adopted good eating habits, we recommend you to work on this before undertaking any weight loss treatment.

Storage and Conservation.

The tablets should be kept in their box or a pillbox, in a cool and dry place, protected from heat and direct sunlight. Be sure to keep your pills away from children or pets.

Respect the expiration date on the package. If you no longer take your pills and want to get rid of them, you must respect the regulations in force and not dispose of them within your household waste.

Risks, Dangers, and Side Effects Of Acana3.

The manufacturer assures that the treatment does not cause any side effects or risks for the consumer, provided that the framework and dosage of the intake are respected. Let’s take a closer look.

Side Effects Related To Taking Anaca 3 Supplements.  

Its structure in selected natural substances is a guarantee of the non-harmfulness on the tablets. These active ingredients are mild and therefore, at first sight, harmless for the body.

However, we advise you to limit your consumption of caffeine (which, remember, is not only present in coffee) during the process. This substance, taken in excess, can be the cause of certain undesirable effects, as we have explained in this article. Anaca 3 contains kola seed, and caffeine is added in addition.

An Increase Of Heart Rate Or The Occurrence Of Palpitations Are Reported Risks.

Some users also say they have been subject to urinary incontinence. This is probably due to the diuretic effects of the capsule.


It is not recommended for women to take these tablets during pregnancy. We remind you that slimming diets are strongly discouraged for pregnant women because they could harm the first stage of development of the baby in the belly.

Another contraindication concerns children and adolescents under 18 years of age, whose growth is not yet complete.

Finally, the treatment is not recommended for people who are sensitive to caffeine or who suffer from high blood pressure or heart problems.

Drug Interactions.

The manufacturer has not reported any interactions between this treatment and any other substance.

However, if you are taking other medications and start to feel any abnormal reaction from your body, go to the emergency room quickly.

Opinions On The Food Supplement Anaca 3.

Here we offer you the opinions of health professionals and testimonials from users of this dietary supplement.

Opinions By Health Professionals:

Many Health professionals generally believe that natural tablets are only part of the solution.

This is the case of the opinion of Audrey Cyr, nutritionist, who answers a question on the site passeportsanté.net :

Opinions and Testimonials Of Users:

Faced with the over-mediatization of this star remedy, you can imagine that testimonials from users on the web!

The comments seem to be mostly positive. You can of course find them on the official website of the product, but, you know us, we didn’t stop there. So we explored several forums, and it seems to be the same thing: a majority of positive feedbacks!

For example, here is the comment of Sil65 found on the forum which confirms the effectiveness of this weight loss journey:

“Hello, it’s been almost 3 months since I started taking anaca3 and I’m delighted with the result, I don’t do any sports, I’m 53 years old and hormonal disturbances made me swell up and gain weight. In a little less than 3 months, I have lost 5 kg, I have also reduced the amount of food I eat and I don’t feel hungry. I allow myself some deviations, on a fairly regular basis without going overboard with the quantities. Honestly, I’m delighted, I’ve lost 6 cm of my hips measurements… I was waiting impatiently to receive a promotion to buy the cheaper products and this morning I received a 30% discount on all my purchases… I really want to try the orange peel reducer… “

If you’ve already tried this method, feel free to tell us about your experience, by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page!

Our Final Opinion On This Food Supplement.

By analyzing the active ingredients contained in this preparation in favor of weight loss, and in view of the different feedbacks found on the web, we rather agree to say that Anaca 3 is a good product to succeed in refining one’s silhouette and losing weight while taking care of one’s body thanks to natural elements.

However, this is a parameter that is part of a more global slimming process, which users should try to follow in order to be guaranteed good results. Therefore, all the benefits of weight loss cannot be attributed to these tablets. 

The coaching program has a lot to do with it.

In fact, following this treatment without paying attention to the food you eat will not bring you any results. In other words, do not think that you can eat junk food every day and still lose weight, just because you swallow these little pills first!

In conclusion, in our opinion, it is a good help if you are looking to get rid of a few extra pounds and you are ready to put some effort into it!

On the other hand, the good advertising and the lack of information provided on the official website is still a concern.

Anaca3 Dietary Supplement Buying Guide. 

It is possible to buy this treatment without having a prescription: as a nutritional supplement, it is not considered medicine and because of its natural composition, there is no need for a prescription if it is prescribed.

Where To Buy Anaca3?

You can buy your weight loss partner in a pharmacy or, even easier, on the internet. However, we advise you to consult a doctor, dietician, or nutritionist before considering any slimming treatment, to be sure that it is the one you need.

In Physical Pharmacies:

Anaca 3 is available in most pharmacies and drugstores. Don’t hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice on how to buy and take the treatment.

On The Internet, The Official Website Of Anaca 3 or

The internet is an efficient solution to buy pills: in just a few clicks, the product is ordered and delivered to your home. Be careful though! Faced with the great publicity around this product, it is very common for consumers to come across scams, thinking they are getting the real treatment. Actually, many sites or retailers take advantage of the notoriety of this dietary supplement to scam customers or worse, sell fraudulent products by imitating the packaging and shape of the capsules. If the acquired products can be simple counterfeits containing no active ingredients, it can happen the ingredients are harmful.

It is, therefore, necessary to be very vigilant if you wish to obtain it on the internet.

To limit any risk of fraud, Nutrivalia has limited the sale of its product to the official website, the only totally reliable source to acquire it.

The virtual store guarantees a totally secure purchase.

“Satisfied Or Refunded” Guarantee:

The “satisfied or your money back” option is offered by the manufacturer: if you do not get results after trying it, you can be refunded up to 100%. This is provided so you can claim the refund up to 10 days after the scheduled duration of the treatment (depending on the number of boxes purchased) and fill out a form attesting to your attendance at the treatment.

At What Price?

The purchase price varies according to the number of boxes purchased. One month of coaching is offered. Here is a summary table of prices:

Quantity1 box2 box3 box4 box
Price$34.95 $62.95 $85.95 $114.95 

Home delivery is free.

Summary Of Our Analysis Of Anaca3.

At FCER, we are starting to know the world of food supplements well, especially those oriented towards slimming. And we know that the miracle pill definitely exists only in our dreams…

Even if our opinion on Anaca 3 is rather positive concerning its effectiveness and the origin of the active ingredients used, weight loss can only be achieved in a sustainable way by adopting a healthier lifestyle. This is especially and above all. Relying on a new miracle remedy is not the ultimate solution, but it can be considered as a helping hand.

This healthy lifestyle that we advocate requires vigilance as to the origin of the products consumed, the right food combinations, respect for a balanced nutritional and caloric balance, all this punctuated by small regular efforts to expend yourself. It is not necessarily a question of doing intensive sports, but of setting yourself a few challenges and a small regular routine.

All this for one objective: your overall well-being (physical and mental).

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