What is the Average Penis Size? All the data you need

One of the men’s biggest fear is to realize that their penis is not the size they wanted to be. Men always wondered about their penis size, flaccid or erect, while women appreciate a penile circumference that meets their needs and expectations.

In all civilizations, the penis size of men has been a subject of excessive study, since the sexual ability was always a taboo. Urologists are sexual health specialists that deal with penis anatomy and health, making it possible for us to know many statistics about the average penis size across the world.

Did you know that millions of years ago mammals used to have a pubic bone, however, the evolution made it disappear in humans and be replaced by sponge-like tissue (Corpus Spongiosum), filling with blood during erection and sexual intercourse?

Ways to measure your penis size

There are certainly many ways to measure the inches of your penis. Modern medicine gives suggests measuring it when being flaccid or erect, offering various results. There is another type of measurement that has to do with the circumference (girth) when your penis is an erection.

How to measure the length of a flaccid penis?

When your penis is not in an erection, it can have various lengths according to certain environmental and emotional conditions. The body position can give you different measurements of your penis, as well as, the body fat on your belly area. The best way to measure the flaccid penis length would be to place the ruler or measuring tape at the penis shaft and estimate the distance till its head.

How to measure the length of an erect penis?

It is the most important measurement of penile size. It directly affects the man’s sexual ability and interferes with the sexual allure and satisfaction of your sexual partner. You still need to place the ruler on your penile shaft (without a bone press, which used to calculate the part of your penis hidden in the fat tissue of your belly, thus useless), measuring the distance till your penis head. Researchers comment that any possible curve on the penis shape can give you false results, so you have to measure only the distance between the ending points of your penis.

How to measure the circumference of an erect penis?

The girth of an erect penis you need a flexible measuring tape and you should be at maximum erection. You should exert no excessive pressure on your penis and count the girth close to the penis shaft. It is among the measurements that studies show a correlation with the stronger sexual satisfaction of women.

Here is a video showing the 3 appropriate ways to measure your penis size :

Global average penis size

Penises size is important for sex like most of the women admit. However, a longer than normal penis size could cause relationship problems of the sex partners and isolate them. The most important study about the average penis size has shown that there are variations in men across the world. (See on Cclin-est.fr for more info)

Average size by country

As we expected the African and Central American countries were high in the ranking of the longest penile sizes, while Korea, on the other hand, stands at the bottom of the list. Here is the relevant chart published in the Sexual Medicine journal, taking data from men penile measurements in inches and centimeters as well.

Here is the data we found : 

RankCountryErect Penis length (cm)Erect Penis length (inches)
1Congo (Braz)17.937.059
3Congo (DRC)17.336.823
17Puerto Rico16.016.303
20Dominican Republic15.996.295
21Burkina Faso15.896.256
22Czech Republic15.896.256

115Korea (North)11.714.602
116Korea (South)11.714.602

Find the complete table here : https://www.worlddata.info/average-penissize.php

Correlation of penile size to height and foot length

There is one published study going through the data of penis width and length to male participants according to their body mass index, index finger, individual height, shoe size, foot size and even nose size. The correlation between them seems weak and nobody can say that being tall or having bigger palms or feet could be enough evidence that you have a larger penis size either in length or girth measurements.

Penis size by age

Even though it is evident that the male penis growth occurs between child and adolescence stages, long penises cannot turn into small ones when you grow old. However, there is a decline to your penile length when you get older than 65 years of age, due to hormone changes and testosterone drop. Some men also suffer from prostate cancer and the hormone deprivation therapy practically eliminated all the testosterone depots in their body and makes their penis to shrink.

So there is a direct correlation of penis length and age that is affected by medical conditions and medications that you may take. 

Penis size and race

It is a common misconception that the African race has a larger than normal penile size, while Asians or Europeans do have small penises, either in a flaccid or erect state. A study published in a reputable Urology journal in 2005, showed that there is not enough scientific data to support the implied variations across men of different races and skin tones in terms of average length and circumference of their penises.

penis size by ethnicity
source : bjm.com

Does Penis Size Matter?

There are several scientific data to show us that both men and women share a common interest in penis size preferences. However, men are more concerned with their penis length and circumference for psychological reasons, while women see it as a reflection of their partner’s sexual satisfaction. It is hard to say if penis sizes do matter or not and for which audience, since it all depends on the conceptions of each separate group and the articles published in media, presenting a false image of the current situation.

What research says?

A study conducted at the University of Los Angeles has proved that men correlated their penile size at the time of the study to their masculinity and social power. At the same time, women didn’t mention any satisfaction variation across the different penis sizes, however, they admitted that it’s a common subject of discussion between girlfriends of any age and social background.

What Do Women Think About Penis Sizes?

Women always try to analyze available data on google about Urology articles, giving a rough estimate of penile sizes across the world. They always talk with their girlfriends about their partners and get into comparisons according to their sexual satisfaction that relates to men’s penis size. 

However, a recently published study in the PLOS medical journal has shown that women’s penis size preference favors slightly larger than normal sizes, both in a flaccid and erect state. The data have been available in a 2D and 3D models, and researchers tried to give accurate pictures of the penises’ length and circumference.

There is always a distinction between women who favor long-term or short-term sexual relationship status. The data drafted from the article showed that women in a long-term relationship don’t care a lot for the actual penis size of their partner. Those who prefer to have a rather unstable relationship with occasional sexual partners gave more importance to the erect penile sizes.

The truth is that women enter into a relationship with a male partner, to feel in love and secure. Satisfaction from sexual intercourse doesn’t have to do with the male penis size since women are more intellectually aroused than men.

How to Increase your Penis Size

increase penis size

Lately, we have seen many men trying to improve their penis size, both in length and circumference measurements. A man will always find time to estimate the length of his penis both in flaccid and erect states, having a misconception about small or large measured in inches or centimeters. He is always trying to keep a healthy body, improving his sex allure and performance according to the news feed on Google.

Several methods to enhance your penis size are available now. Let’s go and see the most popular of them, approved by Urology researchers across the world universities.

Male Enhancement Pills

Male Enhancement pills keep on being high in the preferences of men who are concerned with their penis size. They have an action on testosterone and other male hormones that can boost your libido, give you better erections, and even increase the length of your penis in full-erection position. 

Another formula called Male Extra can also give you more profound and intense orgasms, keeping your erection high and offering you the chance to have a longer than normal sex time with your partner during intercourse.

Even though male enhancement pills cannot help in giving you a longer penis in the flaccid state, you can always benefit from the models showing a gradual percent difference in the penises’ perceived length in the erect state. 

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The only viable solution in having a real penis enlargement effect would be the surgical one. Urology gives the solution once more, offering you several surgical procedures that can increase the length of your penis permanently with the less possible complications. 

The increase refers to the circumference as well as the length of the penis. It has an average of three to five inches (9 to 15 centimeters), depending on the original size of your penis in the flaccid and erect states. 

Today there are many ways for Urology surgeons to fix the circumference transplanting fat from your belly to give extra volume to your penis. The results are almost permanent, keeping the penis girth to the desired levels for many years to come since fat cells get gradually absorbed by the surrounding tissues.

Another popular surgery is the length enhancement using permanent silicone implants to increase the volume of the corpus spongiosum. It is a surgery that affects both the appearance of your penis in the flaccid and erect positions.

Internal Pump device

The internal pump device is an older surgery that was presented in respectable Urology journals and articles you may find in Google or the news feed. It consists of two micro cylinders that the surgeon integrates to next to the corpus spongiosum in your penis. The cylinders can be filled with liquid and extend to give you some extra inches of length when you want to be in the erect state.  

A special button to press when you want to have sex gets placed in your scrotum right behind your testicles area. By pressing the button the liquid is released and your erect penis is ready to please your sexual partner. When you finally reach an orgasm, you can press the button once more and the liquid returns to its base in the scrotum giving your penis its initial length in the flaccid state.

All surgeries associated with enlargement of the penis belong to the knowledge field of Urologists and Plastic surgeons, and you should never let others execute any medical procedure on your penis without having proper training and accreditation.

These procedures require a signed informed consent by the patient, proper medical equipment, and should only be performed in hospitals. The results are always measured according to the normal average men penis size, while studies and data analysis show that these surgeries are minimally invasive and have few contraindications and complications. Both methods require general anesthesia for men who undergo these surgical procedures.

Non-surgical Penis Enlargement

Today there is also the progress in medical procedures that has brought a new way to temporarily increase the size of your penis in terms of length and circumference to achieve the best sex performance you always wanted.


A healthcare professional can use injectable fillers of Hyaluronic Acid to inflate the tissues in men penises both in the flaccid and erect positions. Several injections according to the desired size can make a difference giving more inches (or centimeters) in length and circumference of your penis. Since Hyaluronic Acid is a natural molecule found in human tissues it can get absorbed in less than a year. However, the method is popular and affordable, performed in an outpatient facility using local anesthesia.


Lately, there are many creams and ointments on the market capable of penile enlargement. However, there is no scientific data to support that they can turn your small penis into a long one. Not to mention that their effects on your body health are still questionable for the researchers.

These creams usually have some testosterone boosters and make you feel more aroused and last longer during sex. However, you shouldn’t expect to see any difference at all, even though you apply it for the long term. 

External pump device

Another heavily advertised device to make a man small penis long and gain a few inches in the flaccid and erect state is the external pump. It usually works with batteries or electricity and it consists of a vacuum machine that embraces your penis when being in the erect state. Then it creates negative pressure, sucking your penis towards the tip of the device to stretch it and let it gain some valuable centimeters. 

Studies show that it can give you a better erection and more durable sex intercourse with your partner. However, its action on your penile enlargement efforts is not that evident, as no published data on Google or any journal suggest so. 

The penis pumps could be good for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, where they gives you more time to hold your penis erect and please women or any other sexual partners of your preferences.

Jelqing or Milking

It is another physical method to increase the average penis size in men and make it last longer erect to please women, sexual partners. It consists of frequent massaging, squeezing, and stroking the shaft from base to head. Ancient Arab populations tried this method (also called milking), but no university study showed recent data to support its efficiency in making your penis larger than normal at a certain time.

Pelvic floor (Kegel) exercises

These are exercises you can execute alone at home and can promise to give you a stronger pelvic bone and floor, that is the area between your scrotum and anus. This area has shown strong scientific evidence in several studies and models, to have a direct relationship to the muscles that move and stabilize your penis. 

You can better find these muscles when urinating, by simply stopping the procedure for several seconds. Then you can do it by yourself when being laid down on your bed trying not to let gases pass from your anus. Studies have shown a significant improvement in erectile dysfunction (premature ejaculation), but no article in health journals gives proof for turning men penis size from small to large in any time frame. 

Risks associated with Penis Enlargement

There are several health risks associated with the surgical treatment for penis. The most obvious one remains the infection of the implants and the need to enter the operation room once more. Another one would be the creation of fiber tissue close to the implants that make your penis lose its flexibility, an awful feeling for adult men.

On rare occasions, people that receive anesthetic drugs during operation can suffer from vomiting, nausea, hoarse voice, and confusion right after the surgery. To a certain extent, surgical methods can cause penile bruising or even create some micro-clots in your blood vessels and cause strokes and pneumonic embolism, however, this appears on average in less than one over 100.000 men.

The non-surgical treatments for penis will potentially give you a partial hormone imbalance that can negatively affect your health. The use of the external pump could harm your penis tissues and create a bruising and swollen penile appearance that can ban you from having sex with your partners for several weeks.

Finally, the worst risk you have with any kind of penis enlargement methods would be to defocus from your real target, which is to have sex with women and satisfy them. Most of the researchers agree that a larger than average penis size (either in length or in circumference), will not give your sex partner a great satisfaction. 

A man could only intensify his self esteem for the appearance of his penis in the flaccid position, against women that he just established a sex relationship with. To have a larger size in the long term is only giving points to your image and doesn’t affect the sexual arousal of your partner.

Myths following the Penis Enlargement

The penis average size in the flaccid or erect state has been a taboo for men around the world. That is why there are several myths built around the penis enlargement methods:

The “Porn Industry myth”

The porn industry has been deliberately showing men with penis sizes way over the average. Penises of seven and eight inches long are simply non-existent in the general male population. Trying to imitate the porn actors (who are probable to have undergone a penis enlargement surgery themselves), would be destructive for your sexual allure and give you false health information.

“Women need a larger penis to get satisfied”

All published university studies on Google and the news feeds, consistently support that women disregard man penises size when it comes to their sexual satisfaction. In other words, there is no proven relationship between the large penis size and sexual satisfaction of women. And in a technical aspect, women have a few inches of available vaginal space and would be more concerned about its stretching to get satisfied, which means that penis circumference rather than length would be the most important size to control.

“Injectable oil can make my penis look larger”

It’s an urban legend and can give you a permanent penile deformity that would require plastic surgery to fix. Never inject Synthol and other natural oils in your penis tissues to make it look larger than normal, or you could suffer from serious body health issues.

“Herbal remedies are a total scam”

Most of the herbal remedies are just empty sugar pills that simply make you lose money and feed your expectations in vain. Remember that penis enlargement is a hard procedure that no herb can help since the penile size is mostly DNA regulated by your genes inherited from your ancestors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the range of erect penis length for most men?

The range of the erect penis in most men varies from five to six inches (twelve to fifteen centimeters). The larger than average penis size can create more discomfort than satisfaction to your women’s sexual partners.

What is the average circumference?

The average circumference is somewhere between four and five inches (ten to twelve centimeters respectively). Among the size measurements of your penis, the circumference would be the most important for women partner’s sexual satisfaction, since it contributes to the vaginal stretching and pleasure-giving. Studies present data showing that women did care about the circumference measurements of their male sex partners more than anything else.

How wide is the average penis?

While the average erect penis is 5.16 inches (13.12 cm) long, its corresponding girth/width is 4.59 inches (9.31 cm). When flaccid, the average penis measures 3.61 inches long and 3.66 inches wide.

What is the relationship between the size of a flaccid (soft) penis and an erect (hard) penis?

An erect penis is usually three to four times longer than the flaccid one. According to a long term image study published in a reputable journal, men are most embarrassed about the flaccid rather than the erect size of their penis. A few inches or centimeters added to the average penis length in the flaccid state can match the preferences of both men and women partners engaging in a sexual relationship.

What is a micropenis?

Researchers use this medical term in scientific studies and university books to describe the situation where the penis size is less than 2.8 inches (7 centimeters) in length. Urology models and data show that this situation is less frequent in men (affects only 0.6 percent of them) and the lack of normal testosterone levels in late fetal growth stages is responsible. Surgery can give the solution to recover the normal penis length to men suffering from this congenital condition and let them begin their sexual life.

Can you make a penis bigger in length or girth?

The only way to increase your penis length and circumference (girth) is by having a Urology surgery and place implants. All the other exercises and pills are only giving you a better erection and transform your small size into normal in the long term. Always rely on valid University researchers’ data to have a solid answer in your penis size perceptions.

Do certain sex positions improve the perceived average penis size?

Some sex positions indeed applied with your sexual partners can improve the perceived average penis size. Women usually express their preferences for the kneeled (doggy-style) sex position, making them feel an increased length penis size for their male sexual partner. This is due to the position of the vagina, that becomes shorter and gives the impression of a larger penis to both partners engaging in a sexual relationship.

What is Peyronie’s disease and how it can affect your penis size?

Peyronie’s disease is the abnormal development of scar tissue in your penis corpus spongiosum area. This scar tissue can increase the curvature of your penis to such an extent that its average size can be smaller than normal. Affected men usually ask medical intervention that targets the removal of the scar tissue with surgical and non-surgical techniques. 

A recent article published in a reputable Urology journal has shown that the erect penis size in men suffering from Peyronie’s disease has gotten larger after medical procedures. It has given back the sexual health and self esteem to these men and restored their sexual relationship with women and other sex partners at large.

Does penis curvature affect the average penis size?

Penis curvature (meaning how much is the penile curve between the base and the head) can significantly affect the average penis size. Men with high curvature can suffer from small penis size according to models of long term sexual preferences among men and women sex partners. Some women may find the penile curvature more stimulating, however, the perception of men for their penis erect size affects their sex life and will eventually create issues with their sexual image and body health.

Does penis size play a significant role in penetration?

Penis size plays a huge role in penetration for women and men sex partners. A small penis size (or one that is smaller than the average normal size), can make the penetration harder and create sexual inability issues among partners who are into a relationship.

Some researchers have also presented data from studies showing that even the large penis size can have a negative role in penetration. Women usually refer to painful sexual intercourse and penetration, when the penile size remains larger than the average. 

What is the significance of penis size to sexual stimulation?

A small penis size that is lower than normal can give some minor effects on the sexual stimulation of men and women. Since women are sexually aroused by other erotogenic areas in their body, the existence of stimulation in their vagina from a large penis remains under question.

Does the men’s attractiveness have to do with their penis size?

All men think that they would be more attractive in bed when they present a large penis size to their sexual partner. However, women get attracted to men without needing to know their penile measurements. Data from journal or urology proves that only men can have a perceived attractiveness for their large penis size, while women always accentuate the psychological and emotional reasons for their partner to be attractive to them.

How can penis size affect your self-perception?

Men have their self-perception of beauty and power that affects their sexual relationship with women. This self-perception has always to do with their penis size both in length and circumference, sourcing from their anxiety to satisfy their sexual partner.

University study data and Google news show that men require a larger than average penile size to feel confident to engage in sex with women. However, the long term relationship with a small number of women can decrease the preferences of men for a larger penis. Inches and centimeters keep on torturing the male brain, being primarily a psychological rather than a real health issue.


Women always gossip about their male partner abilities to satisfy them with their larger than average penis size. The debate about the normal penile size will stay for a long time as a top-ranking theme in the Google news feed.

However, it is more than evident that men should be aware that their penis size is not the number one factor to affect the quality of their sexual relationship with women. It would be wiser for men to realize that women ask for more love and affection that better match their ideal image of a great lover.

The small penis size is a real problem only for less than 0.5 percent of men around the world, suffering from congenital diseases that don’t allow them to be fertile with the traditional sexual intercourse methods. Maintaining good body health and having a close to average penis size could make men think less about inches, length, and circumference. Focusing on how to use the actual penis size to become active and caring sex partners, could be the solution to give men back their lost male image.

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