Collagen Supplements – the 5 best brands of 2021

Did you know that collagen makes up 80% of our skin? That is why nails are of great importance in the health and appearance of our skin, hair, bones, and joints.

As we have already discussed, over the years its production decreases, however, different types of supplements serve as tools to try to counteract the ravages of its decline.

The consumption of collagen supplements is considered a safe method, however, before leaning towards any type of collagen (there is the bovine, marine, vegan, and hydrolyzed type) or presentation you must take into account if you suffer from any type of allergy, or simply what type of presentation is the most appropriate for your lifestyle.

This article is a guide to the best collagen supplements, if you are interested in the subject, read on.

1 – Future Kind Vegan Collagen Booster Supplement

future kind vegan collagen

If you are on a vegan or vegetarian diet, or just want to take a ‘break’ from animal products, this Future Kind supplement is one of the best options on the market.

Among its ingredients, you can find components such as vitamin C, zinc, vitamin E, which are key to help improve the appearance of the skin, as well as biotin, another important ingredient for hair growth.

As its name says, this collagen supplement is manufactured only with plant sources so, in addition to the components mentioned above, it is made with amla, bamboo silica, aloe vera, antioxidants such as grape seed, which according to studies is a weapon against the damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays.

As a plus, Future Kind is a brand that seeks to be completely sustainable since 100% of the supplement’s packaging is made from recyclable materials.

2 – Vegan Collagen-Boosting Powder 

vegan collagen boosting powder

As we know, collagen is a protein so the most natural or obvious thing is that it comes from animals such as bovine ones or sometimes, collagen also has a marine origin, so Ora decided to add vegetable protein, pea protein to be more precise, this to cover the absence of protein of animal origin.

In addition to this, aloe vera, bamboo silica, vitamins C from acerola cherry, and vitamin E from sunflower seeds make this vegan collagen supplement an option to consider.

Another important factor to mention is that aloe vera is a polysaccharide, which helps in the production of collagen as it brings with it amino acids and this translates into our body creating larger collagen assemblies.

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3 – Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen 

matcha vitalproteins collagen

If in addition to obtaining the benefits of collagen you are interested in obtaining a plus, Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen is your best option.

Well, in addition to obtaining the protein from bovine collagen, your body will be receiving antioxidants which are responsible for carrying electrons to the free radicals in your body, neutralizing the effects of oxidation.

Another important factor to consider is that Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen contains 60 mg of caffeine per serving, so it is perfect to consume in the morning, especially if, like me, you do not consider yourself a ‘morning person’ this collagen supplement with matcha It will give you that extra ‘boost’ you need to start your day.

For those who are under a diet to lose weight, it is also an excellent alternative, since collagen in dumbbell with matcha, helps you control your appetite and in addition to this, increases the speed of your metabolism and thereby burning fat.

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4 – Pureagen Multi Collagen 

pureagen multi collagen

There are more than 20 types of collagen, one of the main advantages of Pureagen Multi Collagen is that it contains 5 of these, something not so common in collagen supplements.

With each serving you consume, you will be getting 9 grams of collagen in the form of hydrolyzed peptides.

Among the components of Pureagen Multicollagen, you can find hydrolyzed collagen peptides of bovine origin, marine collagen in the form of hydrolyzed peptides, hydrolyzed eggshell membrane collagen, as well as hydrolyzed collagen from the avian sternum. Due to these types of ingredients, it is essential that if you suffer from any type of allergy to eggs or fish you consult your doctor before consuming this type of powder supplement.

As for the types of collagen it contains, we will tell you what each of them is for:

  • Type I collagen: Improves the appearance of the skin, giving it a youthful and healthy appearance.
  • Type II collagen: It is responsible for providing relief from joint pain.
  • Type III collagen: Helps reduce cellulite, as well as the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Type V collagen: Improve your energy level during your daily activities.
  • Type X collagen: It helps you improve digestion, as well as the health of your stomach.

5 – Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel – Vanilla

primal kitchen collagen

This collagen supplement that contains coconut milk, as well as vanilla and monk fruit extract, is made from bovine collagen peptides, are sugar and soy-free.

Another of its advantages is that it is considered a ‘friendly’ collagen supplement for those who are on the paleo diet.

Of course, another of its advantages is that it helps you improve the condition of your joints, accelerates hair growth, improves the elasticity of your skin, and strengthens your nails.

As you will see, there are a wide variety of collagen supplements in terms of type and presentation. Remember to select the most suitable for you, taking into account your needs, tastes, and/or restrictions.

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