Can you take male enhancement pills with alcohol?

We usually avoid drinking any type of alcoholic drink when taking any sort of medication, even if it’s over the counter or prescribed by a doctor. It’s important to know that mixing different components of drugs with alcohol can bring side effects or even worst can lead to a fatal overdose.

What does it mean when you start a male enhancement supplement, that contains different types of ingredients – some natural, some not – and want to have a casual wine glass every other night? Will it affect your liver, pancreas, or worst?

Some men enhancement supplements like VigrX Plus, Male Extra, or Max Performer mostly contain natural ingredients that help males feel more at ease and trustworthy of the product. 

In this article, we will talk about the best 7 male enhancement pills on the market that can or can not be consumed while drinking alcohol.

Can You Take VigrX Plus With Alcohol? 

One of the most popular and effective male supplements on the market is VigrX Plus. Loved by many for its performance and natural ingredients that help not have side effects during the treatment. Men saw a huge difference with VigrX Plus in their sexual health and stamina while performing sexual activities.

It’s recommended to take 2 pills per day and each box contains 60 pills for a month of treatment. Ingredients like asian red ginseng, ginkgo bilbao, and hawthorn berry are some of the few that help improve sexual performance, and sexual confidence, and stimulate blood flow. 

Even though most of VigrX Plus ingredients are natural and shouldn’t interfere with anything, it’s not recommended to ingest any type of alcohol while taking VigrX Plus for a period of time. If alcohol is consumed in large quantities at the same time as taking VigrX Plus it can affect the effectiveness of the supplement or can lead to side effects. It’s recommended to just drink 1-2 glasses per week. 

Can You Take Male Extra With Alcohol? 

Male Extra is our second most popular male enhancement supplement from our The 7 Best Male Enhancement Pills On The Market In 2022. It’s a favorite among males who are struggling with erectile dysfunction and self-confidence while performing sexual intercourse. Male Extra is targeted at men ages 25-70 and in need of sexual pleasure. 

Its clean ingredients pomegranate ellagic acid, zinc, and vitamin b3 help with an intense feeling of erection, levels of testosterone, and boost blood flow, it’s just a few of the many benefits Male Extra offers to its users. 

It’s recommended to take 2 pills per day for a period of 4 months. During this time is recommended not to take any type of alcohol. It can interfere with or not have any effect that the customer is looking for in Male Extra. In the first couple of weeks or even months, it’s important to cut back on your alcohol intake or even stop to see a positive result or changes that the user is trying to achieve. 

Can You Take Max Performer With Alcohol? 

Max Performer is advertised as one of the only men enhancement pills that will enlarge the penis if the treatment is taken regularly. Its amazing benefits from satisfying sexual desire, enhancing libido, and improving self-esteem are the many reasons users choose Max Performer to be a solution to their sexual frustration or ED helper. 

In order to achieve this, the list of ingredients varies from maca for hormone levels, horny goat weed for testosterone levels, and zinc for stronger orgasms. It’s recommended to take 2 pills per day and each bottle lasts for one month with 60 pills per bottle. 

For men who are struggling with orgasms and ejaculation, it’s a supplement that’s rated very highly by its users for being clean, having no side effects, and having a perfect performance. It’s not tested or studied if you can or can not take alcohol during treatment. 

But doctors recommended not taking large quantities of alcohol while taking medications or supplements to not messed with the results or even worst get side effects like vomiting, bleeding, nausea, or difficulty maintaining an erection. 

Can You Take ExtenZe With Alcohol? 

ExtenZe is a more focused supplement for males who are struggling to have hard erections. Its 20+ years of trajectory and long-standing reputation have helped many when they started in the enhancement market. ExtenZe has a variety of unique ingredients that target every insecurity ED customers suffer pre-treatment. 

Some of the ingredients are folic acid for sperm enhancers, Yohimbe extract for male infertility, and tribulus terrestis extract for sex drive. There are many more ingredients that also help with testosterone levels, stronger orgasms, and better stamina. Each ingredient is key to achieving a perfect result during treatment.

It’s not specified or tested by doctors if mixing alcoholic drinks might affect, but it’s best not to consume large quantities of alcohol for the first 2 weeks of starting the supplement just to test if the user has noticed any changes, side effects, or positive outcomes of the pills. When the consumer takes the pill during the day is best to wait a couple of hours the day to drink any alcohol.

Can You Take Volume Pills With Alcohol? 

Volume Pills is one of the most liked and search supplements on the internet for its good results and clean ingredients that contain herbs. Most ED male customers suffer from anxiety, frustration, and depression when they can’t achieve their sexual desires. But with Volume Pills, customers have noticed a big difference in their sex life, personal life, and growth as a person. 

Their main ingredients are ku gua for semen production, zinc gluconate for testosterone production, and solidilin for pleasurable sex. Most of their components are natural herbs that many people used for a clean medicine or supplement that can help without any side effects. 

It is recommended to take 2 capsules per day for male customers struggling with ED aged 30-65 years old. It is not recommended for users to mix alcohol while taking Volume Pills. It would interfere with the results of overcoming sexual struggles and can also lead to fatal side effects.

Can You Take ProSolution Plus With Alcohol? 

ProSolution Plus is another top enhancement male supplement that has been on the market for more than 10 years. Its very low quantity ingredients are the best result for no side effects and customers knowing what they are putting in their body that is natural and has great quality. 

ProSolution Plus can be taken by males struggling with ejaculation and orgasms ages 18 and older. 

Their top ingredients consist of zinc, korean ginseng, reishi mushrooms, and bladderwrack. It has a selection of clean and powerful ingredients that help achieve the sexual desire, stronger orgasms, and a more pleasurable time with your partner. It’s dosage consist of 2 pills per day after a meal. 

It’s recommended to not exceed more than 1-2 drinks every 5 days during treatment. ProSolution Plus doesn’t have any scientific conclusion, so it’s not tested if there could be any bad side effects when both are mixed. It’s important to consider that is best to not consume alcohol when taking ProSolution Plus for the first couple of days to notice any changes that the consumer might want related to sexual desires. 

Can You Take Viasil With Alcohol? 

Viasil is the last favorite on our list when it comes to relieving ED symptoms in males. This supplement helps with a better sex drive, stronger stamina, and better self-confidence and it’s recommended for males ages 30-60. Not only does it help with sexual needs but its natural organic ingredients also help the body in many health conditions. 

Its natural ingredients consist of horny goat weed, zinc, lactose, and pomegranate leaf extract. It claims to boost your body’s ATP and Nitric Oxide development and benefit from that positive energy and flow in your blood. Viasil is one of the only ones that can also be taken in injections and the easiest form – pills. 

Because of the progressive changes the body can have while taking Viasil it’s recommended not to exceed alcohol during treatment. There are some warning side effects while taking Viasil like seizures, nausea, and vomiting, so it’s not ideal to confuse viasil’s side effects with the alcohol side effects while taking it. It’s best to consume 1 glass per 2-3 days max to not mix effects.

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