Collagen for hair growth – The 5 best supplements

Did you know that collagen can improve the appearance of your hair? As we told you in previous posts, collagen is a protein that allows our hair to have a healthy and strong appearance, preventing and controlling hair loss.

Another fact that we have recently shared with you is that over the years, its production decreases, to be more exact this decrease begins after the age of 25, becoming even more accentuated in the menopause stage, so it is common for us to resort to the consumption of different supplements, or application of treatments according to the objective we want to achieve.

That is why we have a complete guide on the type of supplements you can consume to improve the appearance and health of your hair.

How does collagen work in hair?

Collagen is key to having healthy and strong hair, since among its benefits you can find that it helps to stop hair loss and add volume, keeping it shiny thanks to its antioxidant properties which also give strength to your hair follicles.

If you were wondering how does collagen has all these effects on your hair? The answer is that they hold the dermal layer and your hair follicles together.

In addition to all these factors, collagen can be your best ally to delay the appearance of gray hair.

Although this sign of aging is also controlled by genetic information, pollution, a poor diet, the use of shampoos and the accumulation of chemicals can advance this process.

5 Collagen supplements that may help hair growth

As I mentioned before, collagen is a protein that our body produces naturally, however over the years its production reduces and that is where we can resort to the consumption of different supplements.

Good to know: It takes about 4 weeks for collagen supplements to work.

1 – Vital Proteins collagen supplement

If you find yourself deciding what type of supplement you want to start taking, Vital Proteins is your best option, although it only contributes 20 grams and for women, the recommended amount of collagen is 60 grams, it is an option to start with.

vital protein hair boost
  • Where to buy:
  • Price: $ 30.00

2 – Neo Cell

Neo Cell is a product that helps to improve the state of your intestine, increasing the absorption of nutrients, either directly or indirectly, the correct functioning of your intestine is linked to improving hair growth.

neocell collagen supplement
  • Where to buy:
  • Price: $ 25.00

2 – Nutrafol for women

It is one of the most recommended supplements and its results to increase hair growth is as effective as minoxidil which is the main topical tested by the FDA for hair loss.

nutrafol hair growth

It is also manufactured with ingredients such as hydrolyzed marine collagen which is obtained from cod and has the objective of rebuilding the hair follicle and does not contain toxins.

  • Where to buy:
  • Price: $ 79.00

4 – Viviscal to reduce hair loss

viviscal for hair

Thanks to the fact that it is made from shark cartilage and mollusk powder, it is highly recommended by dermatologists, since both components are a great source of amino acids, which makes them a great tool to reduce hair loss.

  • Where to buy:
  • Price: $ 39.00

5 – Garden of life collagen peptides

garden of life collagen

As its name indicates, this supplement is made from animals that feed on grass since there are several studies that indicate that these animals have a higher nutritional degree, it also contains other components such as turmeric and blueberry which are responsible for preventing inflammation and fight harmful radicals respectively.

  • Where to buy:
  • Price: $ 24.00

The 3 best shampoos with collagen

The products that you apply directly to your hair also matter, which is why we want to share with you some collagen shampoos that can improve your hair growth.

1 – Hask Biotin Boost Thickening Shampoo

This shampoo is made with the perfect duo, biotin, and collagen which will give your hair much more volume, in addition, coffee rich in caffeine is another of its key ingredients which works as a stimulant for the scalp.

2 – OGX Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo

It is one of the most popular shampoos on the market thanks to the fact that it shows results from the first wash, its texture is creamy and covers each strand of hair, thanks to the collagen, biotin, and wheat protein that make it up.

3 – Renpure Biotin & Collagen Thicken + Strengthen Shampoo

It is made from plants, eliminating the sulfates that cause dryness in the hair, to these ingredients vitamin B is added, as well as biotin and of course collagen as the star ingredient.

In addition, you will probably love its aroma since it contains jasmine, bergamot, and apple.

7 Foods that improve collagen production

Although there are various supplements that help improve collagen production, the best option will always be to start with food since it is the basis of everything and a good diet can help us prevent various ailments.

1 – Chicken

Did you know that there are collagen supplements derived from chicken? Thanks to the high amount of connective tissues that poultry meat contains, it is a great source of collagen, therefore, chicken neck and cartilage are highly recommended.

2 – Fish

Like chicken, the cartilage of fish and shellfish contains large amounts of collagen, even so, the parts that contain the greatest amount of this protein are the scales, the eyeball, and the head; so it is not very common for us to consume them.

3 – Citrus fruits and vegetables with vitamin C

We know that citrus fruits contain vitamin C, what you may not have known is that this vitamin is linked to the generation of collagen, so we suggest you incorporate this type of food into your diet.

Foods that contain vitamin C:

  • Oranges
  • Grapefruit
  • Lemons
  • Limes
  • Strawberries
  • Peppers

4 – Garlic

Thanks to its high sulfur content, consuming garlic will allow you to prevent the breakdown of collagen, you must take into account that for this to really have an effect on your hair, your garlic intake should be as usual as possible.

5 – Green leafy vegetables

As we know, green leafy vegetables are a great source of chlorophyll, and chlorophyll, acting as an antioxidant, acts as an ally in the production of collagen.

6 – Beans

Beans are high in protein and copper, both of which are components involved in the production of collagen.

7 – Red fruits

Surely you have heard that dermatologists recommend the consumption of red fruits to improve the appearance of our skin, this is because these types of fruits protect the skin from various damages thanks to the fact that they are a source of antioxidants.

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