Collagen serum – The 9 best brands that prevent & protect your skin in 2024

As we have mentioned previously, in addition to being a protein that is found in our body naturally and that helps the good condition and health of our joints, muscles, and tendons; collagen works as an agent that beautifies and maintains the beauty and elasticity of our skin.

However, over time it is normal for collagen production to decrease and we begin to show the first signs of aging.

To help combat the appearance of fine lines of aging and stimulate the production of collagen in our body, we can try different products.

Although currently on the market we can find teas, capsules, collagen powder, and different types of collagen supplements; This is the time for us to talk and focus on those we can involve in our ‘skincare’ routine, such as collagen serums.

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If like me, you are in your “late 20s” then this information can be of great help, so I recommend that you keep reading.

1 – Babor Lifting RX Collagen Serum

 Babor Lifting RX Collagen Serum
  • Price: $ 155.00
  • Where to buy it: Dermstore

Thanks to the ingredients that compose it such as vitamin C, ‘peptides’, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants, it will help you improve the elasticity of your skin, as well as the tone.

2 – Peter Thomas Roth PRO Strength Retinoid Peptide Serum

peter thomas roth pro
  • Price: $ 110.00
  • Where to buy it: Sephora

With retinol as its greatest asset, followed by the hexapeptide complex, it is an excellent option to help you fight fine lines. Recommended for normal skin.

3 – DHC Super Collagen Supreme

dhc collagen supreme
  • Price: $ 28.00
  • Where to buy it: Dermstore

We know that there are different types of skin, each with its needs, this serum with ingredients such as olive oil fruit, citric acid, and chlorogenic is an excellent option for oily skin.

4 – Amarte Aqua Veil Pure Serum

amarte aqua veil pure serum
  • Price: $ 57.00
  • Where to buy: Dermstore

In addition to collagen, it is composed of cucumber, elderberry, English ivy, mallow, lily flower, and orchid, which makes it a perfect product to bring freshness and that extra ‘glow’ to the face.

5 – Olehenriksen Truth Serum

ole henriksen truth serum
  • Price: $ 50.00
  • Where to buy: Sephora

A perfect combination of vitamin C and collagen, it also contains green tea and aloe; collagen supplements that help keep skin fresh and firm.

6 – Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen

algenist genius liquid collagen
  • Price: $ 115.00
  • Where to buy: Sephora

Excellent for all skin types, it is a good ally to combat the loss of firmness since it contains hyaluronic acid produced sustainably (from algae), vegan collagen, and microalgae oil, an ingredient known for its ability to bring luminosity to the skin.

7 – Elemis Pro-Collagen Serum Elixir

elemis pro collagen serum elixir
  • Price: $ 78.00
  • Where to buy: Dermstore

African birch, Mediterranean algae, and red algae are some of the ingredients in this serum, which is characterized by increasing the elasticity of the skin, as well as providing a moisturizing effect.

8 – Chanel Le Lift Firming Anti-Wrinkle Restorative Cream Oil

chanel le lift firming anti wrinkle
  • Price: $ 135.00
  • Where to buy:

It took 12 years to create the correct formula for this Chanel serum that is rich in omega 6 and omega 9, shea butter is another of its main ingredients. Hydrates and protects the skin.

9 – Epicuren Discovery Pro Collagen+Serum Amplifier 

epicuren discovery pro collagen
  • Price: $ 82.00
  • Where to buy: Dermstore

Made with 3 different types of peptides and panthenol, it helps maintain and protect your skin from future damage.

It is designed to increase cellular energy, giving your skin a more youthful appearance.

10 – Murad Resurgence Rapid Collagen Infusion

murad resurgence rapid collagen infusion
  • Price: $ 79.00
  • Where to buy: Amazon

Known for showing results practically instantly from its application, it supports the texture and nourishment of the skin, in addition to emulating the effects that can be obtained when you apply fillers.


How does a collagen serum work on the skin?

You must be clear that the use of serums with collagen does not replace the loss of the production of this protein, since the molecules with which the serum is made are too large to penetrate the dermis deeply.

However, they are a good option to improve the appearance of wrinkles, increase collagen production and create the effect of much smoother skin.

On the other hand, several studies suggest different theories. Suzan Obagi, MD, UPMC dermatologist and president of the American Academy of Aesthetic Surgery, mentions that the effect generated by collagen products can be simply an illusion as it ensures that they do not reach beyond the surface of the skin, for what they fail to produce or stimulate the production of collagen.

But as science has more advances every day, to try to solve this situation is that they created hydrolyzed collagen or ‘collagen peptides. Some dermatologists may find this type of component to travel through skin cells and penetrate the dermis.

In any case, and although its effectiveness is not 100% proven or ruled out, adding collagen serums to your ‘skincare’ routine can at least visibly improve the appearance of your facial skin.

When is the best age to start using collagen?

Although there is no specific age to start using collagen serums, you should know that the production of this protein begins to decrease after the age of 20, each year the production of collagen is reduced by 1%.

Another factor that also greatly influences the collagen we produce is the lifestyle we lead; for example, the amount of sugar we eat, alcohol whether we smoke or not, wearing sunscreen.

This last factor is one of the most important since exposure to UV rays causes damage to cells; however, it is also one of the easiest habits to improve or change.

In short, it is never too early to start incorporating collagen products, in this case, serums, into your skincare routine.

Does collagen work for all skin types?

When we use new products for the care of our skin, we do so seeking to obtain certain results; Therefore, when you start using collagen in your ‘skincare’ routine, try to take your skin type into account as each one has different needs.

In this way, you will focus your attention on finding a ‘serum’ with the ideal ingredients and the condition of your face.

Characteristic to take into consideration according to your skin type:

  • Oily and combination skin: use serums that are made from water.
  • Acne-prone skin: if you have this type of skin, consider applying serums that in addition to collagen contain salicylic acid as it helps treat breakouts.
  • Dry skin: as we have already mentioned in other articles, this type of skin is the one that needs the most hydration, so you should lean towards serums that are made from hyaluronic acid.

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