21 Best Exercises for Weight Loss (at Home and Gym)

Recently, we have seen fitness science to experiment with various types of weight loss exercises. The goal is to achieve the quickest loss of calories and reshape your full body while you workout.

While many of us live a busy life, there is no much time for exercise. However, there is always the chance to alter your life. You may go to the gym instead of laying on your sofa. 

People from all around the world have realized that it takes only a day to start to burn fat and lose calories. Some of the best exercises always include running and training. You may improve your health records and help your body lose weight, just by devoting some time to fitness every week.

It will also relax you and give you wings to go on, as you will see your body to improve day by day. This article is about the best exercises that experts are proposing to the general population. Some of them are eligible for home, and others are also good for the gym environment.

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Every single exercise gets you closer to the calories loss that will result to weight loss and your body burning fat.

Here are some of the best weight loss exercises at home to start out with.

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1 – Planks give you the energy you need!

Planks are easy to exercise for all beginners. They can bring you close to fitness for total-body muscles. You are training the upper and lower part of your body at the same time. It means you burn more calories and fat than with any other exercise. Muscle development enhances your will and offers a huge help to training through the week.

There are different types of planks ranging from plank jacks, side planks, plank ups and plank crunchs among others. Add plank jacks to your workout routines to strengthen your core and increase your stability.

  • At home: Planks are easy to execute at home. You simply need a soft training mat and space. Make sure you wear the right shoes and some elbow covers to reduce stress and pressure on them.
  • At the gym: There are special plank accessories where you can lay on and start moving to perform planks. Before getting into a plank position, ensure that no other people are close to you while the weight lifting area some distance away.

Check on this YouTube video to find the best exercises (plank) you could ever imagine:

2 – Knee-to-elbow kicks are the premium cardio Workouts!

It is an exercise that keeps on being the key to weight loss. You may also make true fat loss without the need to move from home. There is no need for specialized equipment to perform such training. The exercice also helps improve your heart health by increasing your heart rate.

  • At home: Find a stable and non-slippery part of your living room. Then bend down, supporting your abdomen with your hands and start kicking using your knees. Wearing the right running shoes can give you extra credits.
  • At the gym: Check if you have a spare place in the aerobics section. Then place your training mat there and start bending down. Use a deck to support and bend your knees and start kicking with your feet. Perform this for 30 seconds and repeat about 10 minutes.

This YouTube video would help you understand the exercise:

3 – Squats are the ultimate fat burners!

If you need to improve the loss of calories by using your body as a weight loss tool, squats are the exercise for you. This low impact exercice assists you in training the major muscles of your abdomen and legs while giving a boost to your metabolism.

The first day may look hard for you, as you will be in pain after the body workout. However, they can be the best help to lose bodyweight, and you can perform them multiple times throughout the week. 

  • At home: Approach your arms together as if you are praying. Sit in a squat position by bending your pelvis as if you are trying to sit on a chair. If you perform 30 seconds squats about 10 minutes, the loss of calories is a sure thing. 
  • At the gym: Perform the same actions as before, only that you can hold a free weight. It will make you feel a lot more balanced and enforce your will to reach the fitness level you desire.

This video can offer you precise information:

4 – Crunches could reshape your abdominal area!

It is the exercise that uses only your body weight to achieve fat and calories loss. You can strengthen the core abdominal muscles and enforce the waist circumference.

For most people, it’s the best exercise to lose weight at home besides running, and you may perform it anywhere.

  • At home: Get to an even place in your living room and lay down. Place your arms behind your head and start raising multiple times. 
  • At the gym: You may sit on a deck and do the same as your house. Some people use extra weight to make it harder and burn more fat.

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Check this YouTube video to have a clue:

5 – Jogging is the absolute fat killer!

Jogging is the ideal type of training for any person, no matter the age or health condition. It is a great activity for your feet, shoulder and arms. It may rapidly enhance your health levels and keep your diet adjusted to your daily needs.

  • At home: You can step up from the floor and start jogging around your yard.
  • At the gym: There is always the chance to use the treadmill. However, many gyms offer an inner court where you can jog alongside your friends.

The following video offers you a basic knowledge about jogging:

6 – Running with intervals is training your cardio system!

When you are tired jogging all the time, you can switch to interval training like running. It belongs to the body workouts that can make you burn lots of calories and get rid of your body fat quicker than you imagined. It also maintains your heart rate up.

The alternation between walking and running can put more strength on your leg and feet. It takes only minutes to complete, and the high intensity of this activity is enough to improve your overall health. 

  • At home: It is one of the training that you may perform in your yard. Start jogging and then accelerate for a couple of minutes. 
  • At the gym: The only option you have is to adjust the program on the treadmill. You will have intense exercise for some minutes that will help you get a high calorie intake.

Check this interval training (running) video to become an effective runner:

7 – Weightlifting is the source of muscle development.

When you perform weightlifting, you do the best fitness workout for your body. A study has shown that weightlifting can help you keep your energy up with only a few workouts per week.

Don let any type of work to alienate you from weightlifting exercises that can be beneficial to your body weight loss efforts.

  • At home: Try to hold easily manageable things. The goal is to find a stable place or the floor and lift for as many times as you can.
  • At the gym: You can either use the free weights or the organs. Both of them can offer you a muscle and cardio core energy to cope up with the rest of the program.

As the study notes, this video will give you the chance to know more about weightlifting. Not to mention the muscle and fitness help it gives to people:

8 – Dancing is the ultimate fat demolisher!

It can be a superb type of exercise for weight loss. It’s a low impact exercise that is good for your lower leg muscle strength, and offers strength intensity for your feet compared to simple floor walking.

If you combine it with the right diet, the calories loss could make your day. Dancing includes running and balance and doesn’t require much time spent through the week for your workouts.

  • At home: Try to get your body to move according to your favorite music. Legs and arms free move can offer you an effective fat burn.
  • At the gym: With other members of the team you can organize a good burning calorie activity. Group dance involves high feet-shoulder movements that helps in weight loss.

This video can help you start dancing and improve your fitness levels:

9 – Pushups may involve all your chest muscles and burn belly fat.

Pushups maybe they are the best exercises of all. A push up can make your chest and core muscles to work while enforcing your shoulders at the same time. Should you combine it with the right kind of diet, your health is going to improve in a short time.

As a result, burning calories (belly fat specifically) from push up exercises becomes apparent within a week from the time you begin. Workouts last for minutes, so anyone can handle them.

  • At home: The only thing you need is an anti-slip floor and some good shoes. You need to touch the floor with your bare hands (plank position) and stay at the tip of your toes. Move up and down, and you will lose much weight from this exercise.
  • At the gym: There is no significant difference other than the team, which may follow you at the gym. You may also add some free weights on your back to keep the energy flow passing through your body.

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Looking for the perfect push up training? Watch the following video:

10 – Pullups are the deadliest enemy of fat!

Did you know that 90% of your total body weight is beneath your head level? Pullups is is one of the most effective weight loss exercises. It helps you lose weight and burn calories by developing all the muscles of your arms, don, and legs simultaneously. 

You need to have great strength to the upper and lower abdominal muscles, who are responsible to keep the workout pace and energy elevated during the day.

  • At home: Place your arms to the right position over a stable object that hangs on the wall. Then try to elevate your body over your arms level multiple times. This exercise helps in weight loss all day long.
  • At the gym: When you are at the gym, take advantage of the modern pull up machines. Adjust the height to your desired level and grab the stable parts to elevate your body. This exercise gives you more calories loss even from running. 

If you still can’t make it with pullups, check this video:

11 – Deadlifts can develop your leg muscles and burn more fat.

Deadlifts are actually a cardio type of exercise even though you are in a standing position. If you combine it with the right diet, you could not only lose many calories per day but aso keep your heart rate at par.

It only takes you minutes to complete a full round of deadlift training. Deadlift activity can help people strengthen their lower lean muscle system while improving their well being and fitness levels.

  • At home: Deadlifts are easy to perform on your floor using some free weights and a bar. Simply follow the right orders and wear some anti-slip shoes to keep always balanced and protect your back.
  • At the gym: Special types of bars are available in the gym area. You can also choose a variety of decks to perform the exercise. Expect to have the best weight loss you would ever imagine.

Here is a video to show you the exact way deadlifts help you to have cardio exercise and keep your energy levels up:

12 – Aerobics and Step Ups Are the Most Efficient Cardio Exercise.

We all know that you can reduce your weight only if you increase your cardio workouts several times per week. It takes only a few minutes to people who want to enhance their health, to practice aerobics. 

Aerobics includes running, walking, and jumping that may be effective for your arms, don, and legs. Not to mention that it can increase the strength of your leg muscle and maintain your high energy profile. In other words, your calorie deficit can reduce your weight from day one.

  • At home: You need to step on the floor using your best shoes and start jumping and running following your favorite music. A video is going to help you a lot, to follow orders and workouts.
  • At the gym: Aerobics is the king of the gym. The team gathers, and an instructor is showing the workouts. Then you can have your steps placed on the floor, to use them for additional cardio exercise that will help you to lose more weight.

Check this YouTube video to see more examples of aerobics:

13 – Jumping rope has been the calorie burner factory and leg muscle developer.

It remains a workout that comes from your childhood. You can put more strength to your core muscles and also develop your shoulders and feet. The high intensity of the fitness program combined with the best diet may give you the chance to lose more weight. 

  • At home: Many beginners try jumping rope at home. Make sure you have the right floor to jump on and wear the best shoes you can get to protect your legs and feet.
  • At the gym: You may find more specialized jumping ropes there. Choose an ample space and start your cardio exercise with other mates. Maintain the high intensity and pace of the exercise to burn more calories per day, and reduce your weight.

Watch this video to learn the secrets of effective jumping rope exercise:

14 – CrossFit is the combined way to exercise your muscles and burn tons of calories!

We all know the health benefits of CrossFit to people that are on a diet. A study has shown that you increase your weight loss chances when you engage in the best CrossFit workout practices.

CrossFit requires combining weightlifting with running and walking at the same time. You may lose much of your excess weight with only several minutes of training per week.

  • At home: You need to have the right kind of music playing and some free weights to use. Make sure that the exercise maintains a good pace to optimize your activity.
  • At the gym: There you may find organs that use levers, cords, and pulleys to develop your upper and lower muscle groups. You can gather to a team with others and follow the instructor guiding through the various exercises. 

Enjoy this video that shows you how the great CrossFit activity should be:

15 – Bench dips can increase your metabolism and strengthen your muscles.

You must find a stable bench and start dipping down using your arms to support your body weight. People love to perform this kind of exercise at home or at work. It is a great calorie burner from day one. 

There is a way to keep your energy levels up with this exercise if you combine it with the best diet you can get.

  • At home: Ensure that you have a stable chair or sofa and stand against it to perform the dips. An empty space in your living room would do the best about it.
  • At the gym: Certain places where stable benches are there for that reason. With your mates, you may perform the dips and strengthen your core muscle groups as well at the triceps in your legs.

This video will show you how to perform bench dips at home:

16 – Lunges are a premium way to lose booty fat.

This exercise is offering a unique development to the largest muscles of your legs, being the glutes and quads. Make sure you are always wearing the right shoes that provide enough friction to the ground. 

People that have issues with their knees may prefer to avoid lunges practice.

  • At home: Perform lunges in a large area where you have ideally placed a mat. Ensure that you are going all the way down to feel the muscles contracting and stretching at the same time.
  • At the gym: You can use the organs that help you adjust the resistance you take from the lunges. Hold the levers and cords with your arms to help your body take a dip down and develop your muscles.

Check out a helpful video that shows the right way to perform lunges:

17 – Glute Bridge can be a cardio exercise that helps you lose weight.

Either you are a beginner or an expert, glute bridge is effective for burning calories and strengthening your lower muscular system. You will be amazed to know that the glute bridge can also deal with any kind of back pain issues you may have.

  • At home: You only need to have a mat and elevate your pelvis to create an ideal bridge with your torso and head. Repeat this activity multiple times and see the difference for yourself.
  • At the gym: Your instructor can assist you in finding the right position on your mat. Make sure you inhale and exhale the right time to enhance your metabolism.

Here is a video that shows the whole procedure:

18 – Donkey kicks burn more calories and develop your glute muscles.

It may look like the way donkeys react to any external stimulus, but they are good weight loss practices for people that need to keep fit. There is no need for extra equipment, and you can perform them anywhere, no matter what kind of clothes you are wearing.

  • At home: Step on a soft mat and bend your knees. Then start to quickly stretch your leg to the rear. Repeat the same many times, and you will increase your metabolism.
  • At the gym: Use some of the benches to step on and ask for your instructor’s help. He can hold your leg while stretching it backward to ensure that you have the right balance. Stay at a maximum stretch for additional time while someone holds you to get more fit.

This video will help you to perform donkey kicks the right way:

19 – Burpees offer you the best balance between cardio and muscle strengthening.

If you are looking for something easy to strenghten your lean muscle and that you can perform anywhere you are, burpees are the right workout for you. You need a pair of comfortable clothes, and you can perform burpees virtually anywhere you are.

  • At home: Lay down on your mat and use a chair to elevate yourself. Then start jumping and clapping your hands. Music can help to keep up the pace.
  • At the gym: Burpees are an efficient team workout. You can choose your partner and lay down to your mats. Then elevate the same time and clap your hands being the one opposite to the other. 

See how it works in this video:

20 – Short sprints wake up your metabolism and enhance the muscle mass.

You are going to need a spacey backyard to do this alone at home. Short sprints are a metabolic shock for your fat tissues. They start releasing the catabolic hormones, reducing your full body fat and improving your muscle mass right away. 

There is only the need to wear the right shoes, to ensure that your feet are not injured. 

  • At home: Use your backyard to run quickly and take some intervals between sprints.
  • At the gym: There is always the option to find the right program on the treadmill and have short sprints followed by interval training. 

Here is a video on how to do short sprints on a treadmill at the gym:

21 – TRX Suspension Training is the most effective fat burner of all time!

It is a resistance and strength training developed by military scientists to help people outperform and get in shape. Many retractable bands that usually come from the ceiling can give resistance to your muscles and help you achieve an ultimate metabolism rate.

The loss of weight and calories can make this workout one of the best you ever had.

  • At home: Try to bend the TRX bands to a stable wall using a drill. Then you are ready to train with them stretching them with your arms and legs.
  • At the gym: Trainers would be happy to help you with TRX bands. You can also try the enhanced version where you can elevate your body to the air and do some aero training, defying gravity.

This is a simple way to be more effective in weight loss with TRX:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What exercise burns the most fat at home?

While many exercises can help burn fat, running is the most effective. It’s a great way to lose weight and get in shape and can be done almost anywhere. When you walk, jog or run, your body uses more energy, which helps burn more calories and fat.
Other home workouts to lose weight include cardio exercises like swimming, biking and aerobics. These activities are also good for keeping your heart rate up.

How to exercise at home to lose weight?

Exercising at home is a great option since you don’t need any special equipment or memberships, and you can do it at your convenience. Before beginning your workouts to lose weight at home, however, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workout:
1. Choose the right exercises: To lose weight, you need to do exercises that raise your heart rate and burn calories. Cardio exercises such as running, jogging, biking and swimming are great for this.
2. Create a schedule: Since skipping a workout at home can be easy, it’s important to create a schedule and stick to it. Set aside sometime each day for your workout, and make sure you stick to it.
3. Get some equipment: While you don’t need a lot of equipment to work out at home, a few things can make your workout more effective. Invest in a good pair of running shoes, dumbbells, or a yoga mat.
4. Make it fun: If you’re not enjoying your workout, you’re less likely to stick with it. Make sure to find exercises you enjoy, and make the most of your time working out.


Now that you have seen most of the best exercises for weight loss, there is no excuse for not getting up from your sofa to improve your health.

All the exercises are good both for home and gym practice. Many people have started exercising for a few minutes per day and saw some tremendous results soon enough.

Try to be among the winners and chance your life once and for all. Being obese has been a trend in modern societies. Change your lifestyle and live more, without cardiovascular health issues. Your heart rate should always be stable.

Many of the exercises would be easier to perform under the guidance of an expert. However, all videos show you the way to do it alone at home, using simple or even no equipment.

You can see the change in your body only in a matter of days after your initial training. But above all, the rapid mood improvement that you are going to experience is going to push you more to find your limits. 

Only then you will reach the level of the optimal weight loss that is going to bring you close to your ideal weight goal.

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