Does Green Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Among the many virtues of green tea already exposed in previous articles, there is one that will make you lose weight rather quickly.

Green tea is in fact considered a fat-burning food and many dieticians recommend consuming it to lose weight quickly and achieve an ideal figure.

Are these benefits attributed to green tea scientifically proven? Do all green teas have these properties?

Focus on the alleged slimming virtues of this drink.

Green Tea: A Guaranteed 0 Calorie Drink.

Green tea contains no calories and therefore has no influence on the body’s energy balance if consumed without added sugar. 

You can consume it regularly at different times of the day, and if you prefer it better than sodas or other sugary drinks it would be a better substitute. 

But this only explains the fact that green tea does not make you gain weight, and neither the fact that it would help you lose excessive weight.

Catechin and Theine To Activate Metabolism and Fat Burning.

The green tea natural plant actually has two compounds that are believed to play a role in boosting metabolism. These are theine and catechin, which has the complex name of “epigallocatechin gallate” (EGCG, to put it simply!).


Catechins, in addition to having a preventive effect on certain diseases such as certain cancers, are very important antioxidants that give green tea leaves that taste of bitterness. A green tea leaf contains between 15% and 30% of catechins.

This antioxidant helps distribute the fat absorbed by the body, especially in the stomach area. If you consume this drink regularly, you will quickly notice that your waistline will be reduced.


The theine contained in green tea beverages would also act as a fat burner in the body. This compound part of the caffeine family promotes lipolysis, i.e. the burning of fat.

Each green tea leaf contains up to 4% of theine. Mixed with the polyphenol also contained in the drink, the lipids and carbohydrates get absorbed by the body will reduce, as well as the calories.

Green tea would therefore help to maintain a stable weight while boosting the basic metabolism.

Some studies show that drinking green tea increases daily energy expenditure by up to 180 calories, but no study has proven that this translates into weight loss.

Since the year 2000, there have been 40 studies on the subject and the majority of them conclude that green tea plays an important role in weight loss.

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Green tea, An Effective Diuretic?

Green tea has a diuretic effect on the body because it hydrates (just like lemon). It is all about the catechin that contains that will give its powers against water retention.

All teas have this diuretic power but green tea, because it contains more catechin than other teas, has a more powerful diuretic effect.

It facilitates transit and drainage (like the famous prune), and therefore the elimination of bad toxins and accumulated fat.

To promote the diuretic effects of green tea, it must be associated with high consumption of water.

It is also advisable to combine green tea with certain plants with diuretic powers such as blackcurrant, dandelion, fennel, birch, cherry stem …

A Drink To Put An End To Excessive Sugar Cravings!

The bitter compounds in green tea and certain other elements also reduce cravings for sweet foods.

Regularly consuming bitter substances modifies the sensations on the taste buds, by reducing the desire for sugar and starchy foods. It also helps regulate blood sugar levels.

These chemical compounds are very present in Japanese green teas such as Bancha and Sencha.

And if the receptors of the taste buds that are in action with bitter flavors are more solicited than they normally are, sweet foods will be less desired by the palate because they will give it less pleasure.

Positive Action On Certain Imbalances At The Origin Of Weight Gain.

Weight gain can be caused by an imbalance in the intestinal flora or by the presence of a fungus, which causes strong cravings for sugars or starchy foods.

The excessive development of these fungi, which requires high quantities of sugars, triggers these excessive cravings and therefore can cause weight gain.

Regular consumption of green tea has the power to regulate and cleanse intestinal flora and also prevent the development of fungi.

Another factor of weight gain can also be hypoestrogenic syndrome. This hormonal imbalance leads to an increase in triglycerides in the fat cells.

This imbalance can then lead to an excess of fatty tissue which makes it very difficult to lose weight. 

Green teas, especially Japanese, are known to promote hormonal balance and therefore prevent hyperestrogenism.

The Top Reasons For Slimming Effects Of Drinking Green Tea Would Be:

  • Green tea stimulates and increases metabolism. 
  • Green tea has a diuretic effect.
  • The chemical and bitter composition of green tea strongly reduces the desire for sweetness.
  • Green tea reduces the absorption of fatty acids in the stomach and intestine.
  • Green tea regulates and cleanses intestinal flora.
  • Green tea reduces the activity of enzymes involved in the metabolism of triglycerides, enzymes called lipases.
  • Tea promotes hormonal regulation (hyperestrogenism).

How Much Green Tea Should I Drink To Help Me Lose Weight?  

It is necessary to consume a significant daily amount of green tea to obtain weight loss effects.

Each cup should contain two or three teaspoons of tea and be brewed according to the time indicated at 50-60 degrees.

You should consume between six and seven cups of green tea so they are well infused.

Green tea is also a diuretic that cleanses and promotes kidney function in the elimination of toxins.

How and When To Drink Green Tea To Promote Weight Loss?

In general, green tea is consumed as an infusion. To integrate it into your weight loss diet, it is recommended to accompany your meals with a cup of hot green tea every day.

It is recommended to drink the beverage at the same time as the meal because green tea could present hepatotoxic effects if consumed on an empty stomach.

To get the maximum benefits of weight loss properties of green tea, it is advisable to alternate between different types of green tea such as Sencha green tea, Gyokuro, Matcha… these are very effective in losing fat.

Green tea is also found in the market in the form of tablets of green tea extract. These tablets would have the same effects on energy expenditure.

Note: it would seem that the energy expenditure generated by green tea would be even greater in individuals who do not consume coffee or other energy drinks containing caffeine.

Finally, working out and consuming green tea will increase the effects by double and will allow a quick and lasting weight loss.

Green Tea and Bodybuilding.

In bodybuilding, green tea is consumed during the drying process, to stimulate the loss of fat mass.

Green tea is an excellent complement for your sports sessions, to be consumed without moderation: before, during, and after the session!

The effects of green tea should be seen immediately if other foods allowing the dryness are ingested simultaneously. Its effectiveness is recognized, it is however less in this practice.

So don’t bet everything on green tea to get the sculpted body you’ve always dreamed of having… you won’t avoid endless sports sessions and the fatigue that comes with them!

What About Iced Green Tea?

Iced green tea, if it’s already prepared, is usually very sweet and has a very low catechin content, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Instead of helping you lose weight, commercial iced tea has the opposite effect. So be careful if you buy iced tea at the supermarket.

However, you can make your own homemade iced green tea without sugar, but drinking a hot beverage is more helpful in boosting your metabolism.

Is It Possible To Experience Adverse Health Effects With This Drink?

Overconsumption of green tea can lead to a number of side effects already outlined in a previous article on the benefits of this drink.

Consuming the drink in the form of green tea extract capsules would certainly increase the energy expenditure of the subjects but also their blood pressure. For this reason, their consumption is not recommended for overweight people suffering from high blood pressure.

Conclusion: Does Green Tea Really Make You Lose Weight?

Green tea increases the basic metabolism and therefore generally leads to a flat stomach and a slimmer figure. Ideal to lose weight quickly!

If you are looking to lose a few extra pounds, it is important to know that green tea is not a slimming food on its own but that it acts as a metabolism gas pedal and stimulates the digestive system.

Green tea is effective when it is accompanied by a balanced diet and regular physical exercise.

This is what makes it possible to reach an ideal weight and maintain it.

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