Hair trends for 2022

At the beginning of a new year, it is very common that we all want to make a change in our look; you know what they say, ‘new year, new hair, new me’.

Whether to close cycles, raise your self-esteem, or simply because you want to experiment with your look, we share the haircuts that you will see everywhere.

From a classic bob to an afro and the return of the ‘mixie’ for the most daring; The trends for this year 2022 are very varied.

8- Trends in haircuts for 2022

The Bi-Bob

Forget the bob with lowered ends, today’s cuts are weighty and have a lot of falls, that’s why this version of the bob cut is on-trend.

Unlike the previous versions we have seen, this bob style looks perfect with a little more tousle and bangs.

According to experts, when combing it, the best option is to dry the hair and use a smoothing cream, and then use a dryer again in the downward direction.


The mixie

This cut is the result of the pixie and the mullet, the appearance it gives is like a pixie style, the way to achieve it is by leaving the ends longer while leaving a short fringe in the forehead area.

The best thing about this type of cut is that it looks spectacular on both straight and curly hair.

The Mixie

Long 90’s layers

Long layers were the most popular cut during the 90’s, and the classic cut when you’re looking to create movement in your hair without making a radical change. Hailey Bieber is one of the celebrities who already wear this hairstyle and looks spectacular.

Long 90's layers

Heavy bangs

Bangs are back stronger than ever, last year we could see it with the trend of the ‘curtain bangs’, but that was only a small test for the ‘heavy bangs’ to appear again.

Zendaya is one of the actresses that during the ‘Dune’ media tour we could see wearing this look that favored her a lot.

Heavy Bangs

Wispy bangs

If you’re curious to start wearing bangs, wispy bangs are a great option. The advantage of this type of cut is that if it is the first time that you make these types of changes in your hair, you will subtly see them compared to heavy bangs. In addition to this, wispy bangs are a good idea if you are looking to give your face softness and more movement in your hair.

Wispy Bangs

Natural waves

If your hair is wavy, forget about using the dryer and a thousand other tools to style your hair. This year is all about letting your hair shine in its natural form and the best way to achieve that is to let it air dry.

Natural Waves

Many layers

This type of haircut is characterized by the fact that it creates many layers around the face, one of its advantages is that it is not a difficult cut to style and maintain, it creates movement and remains classic.

Many Layers


Braids are back to stay, but if we’re sure of one thing, it’s that cornrows add an even more interesting look to this hairstyle. As we already knew, braiding is an art and if your hair is afro it is one of the best options you can take into account.


Big chop

The big chop is the perfect cut for the riskiest and daring, experts say it is a liberating cut.

However, if you don’t want to, you don’t need to get rid of all your hair; what you can do is leave the top part a little longer and lower the sides.

Big Chop

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