How to use dry shampoo ?

Washing your hair daily is not recommended by dermatologists and hair experts and one of the main reasons is because water and regular shampoos tend to remove the natural oils in your scalp causing dryness and even hair loss.

But that feeling of greasy hair isn’t an option for any of us, especially for the ones who tend to have an oily scalp, that’s one of the reasons why dry shampoo has become so popular for the last couple of years.

This product has been a problem solver and works miracles most of the time.

What is dry shampoo and how does it work?

So you probably want to know what is the real deal about this trendy product.

Well, dry shampoo is a type of product whose main purpose is to reduce oiliness, grease, and dirt from your hair without the need of washing it. 

It is a form of a powder that comes from corn or rice starch and the most common way to find it in stores is as an aerosol or “hairspray” type of bottle. Some brands are starting to sell it as a regular powder that you can easily apply directly to your scalp as well. 

How to use Dry Shampoo (Step by Step)

  1. Make sure your hair is not wet
  2. If you are using an aerosol, apply it 4 – 6 inches away from your hair towards your roots. Remember that , if you only tend to be oily in certain areas, you may just want to focus on applying dry shampoo on this areas as well and not all over your hair. If you are using a loose powder, section your hair and apply the powder directly to the root areas that tend to be more oily.
  3. Massage the product so it blends well throughout your hair. If the product looks chalky/white in your hair, you may want to use a comb and brush it through your hair. 
  4. Style your hair making sure that you don’t use too much heat on it. 

10 Benefits of using dry shampoo

  1. Absorbs oil and grease from your hair
  2. Removes dirt 
  3. Keeps your hair looking clean during the day
  4. Adds volume to your roots 
  5. Helps your hairstyle last longer
  6. Creates texture (great for thin/straight hair types)
  7. Fresher looking hair after workouts without the need to wash your hair
  8. Some dry shampoo’s can deliver nutrients to your hair as well
  9. Keeps Bobbi pins in place whenever you do an updo
  10. It is a time saver, making hairstyling faster for you without having to wet your hair

10 things you need to know about Dry Shampoo

  1. Avoid using dry shampoo if your hair and scalp are super dry. Try dry conditioners instead
  2. If your hair is thin and dry but your scalp tends to be oily, try to use dry shampoo right by the roots not all over your hair.
  3. Do not over use dry shampoo, use it ones or twice per week. (source)
  4. Do not use heat every time you use dry shampoo. Try to style your hair the day you wash it and on the day you apply the dry shampoo just enhance that same look or get creative with your hairstyle so your hair has a time to recover and you don’t always use hot tools on it. 
  5. Even though dry shampoo tends to leave your hair looking fresher and cleaner during the day, it doesn’t replace a regular liquid shampoo and it doesn’t clean your hair as it should be. Washing your hair should still be part of your weekly routine. 
  6. Do not use dry shampoo on wet hair 
  7. Avoid using too much product, this is not necessary, specially if you just tend to be oily at certain points. Try using dry shampoo just at the areas where your hair tends to get greasier during the day. 
  8. Do not spray too close to your hair. 
  9. Massage your roots so the product blends well and works best throughout your hair.
  10. Do not worry if the product looks white on your hair. After applying it, wait for a few minutes so it sits and if your hair still looks “chalky” you may comb it through so it blends. 

Dry Shampoo for thin hair

For fine or thin hair, aerosol can dry shampoo will be your best option. This will not only stretch out your blowout but also will add texture, volume, and thickness to your hair. 

Tip: Hold the product 4 – 6 inches away from your head and then apply it from roots to mid-shafts. You may add some curls, do a quick blow out or style it however you prefer. 

Dry Shampoo for thick oily hair 

If a regular aerosol dry shampoo isn’t working for you, then you might want to switch to option 2 which is a loose powder. This option is much stronger and will work best for those of you who tend to have a much oily scalp or even tend to have one after an intense workout. Loose powders absorb much more oil. 

Tip: Section your hair and apply the powder directly to the roots where you tend to be more oily. Then you may use your fingers to shake up your hair and style it afterward. 

5 things men should know about dry shampoo

You should know by now that regular shampoo strips away sebum and natural oils from your hair which is the main reason why dry shampoo works wonders in both, men and women.

If you are men, reading this, there are 5 main things you need to know about this product before you try it out:

  1. Dry shampoo helps to absorbe sebum without removing your natural oils from your hair, it helps your hair look its very best without having to wash it all the time. 
  2. It is a product that has to be applied only in dry hair, it doesn’t work if you apply it on wet hair. 
  3. It is not a replacement for your regular shampoo, this product will just help you to save time whenever you don’t want to wash your hair and will work amazingly to create some texture and volume if your hair is thin and straight. 
  4. For those who have thicker or super curly hair it won’t really make any miracle.
  5. It is mostly recommended for men with thin straight or wavy hair, it will add texture, volume and bounce.

This is a product that can be used in the morning without the need of washing your hair. You can also use it after work to remove any oils and refresh your scalp and hairstyle before a night out. 

Tips to use it: Apply it at the roots of your hair, if you are using an aerosol can apply it from 3-4 inches apart, and after a few minutes, use your fingers to blend it throughout your hair. 

Questions & Answers

Is dry shampoo good or bad for my hair? 

While dry shampoo can be a miracle worker for some of us, it can also dry out your hair if you use it daily and/or if you already tend to have a very dry scalp/hair. 

You have to know your hair and understand what it really needs before you try out any product. It all depends on its texture, porosity/elasticity, and how much oil your scalp produces. 

If you don’t overuse it and you take good care of your hair during the rest of the week (washing it, applying the right products, and trying not to over-use heat) you should be fine using dry shampoo. 

Can dry shampoo make my hair fall out?

Hair loss can be caused by many different factors, using a lot of heat, over-processing, not drinking enough water, not taking the right nutrients during the day, stress, among others are some of the reasons why your hair is falling.

=> Here is all the reasons for hair loss

The dry shampoo itself is not necessary the product causing your hair to break or fall out but it can increase dryness if you use it daily adding hot tools, losing elasticity, and making your hair fall.

How often can I use Dry Shampoo?

It is not recommended to use dry shampoo more than 2 days in a row so it doesn’t dry and because again, dry shampoo is not really deep cleaning so you still need to wash your hair. Using it twice per week should be fine for a normal hair type.

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