Instant Knockout : benefits, side effects, price & how to buy it [review]

Instant Knockout Review

This is one of the best fat burner supplement, made for both professional athletes and lay people who are fond of exercising.

Our review looks at the composition of instant knockout which are all natural based. Insight is also given on side effects, dosages and how to buy the product.

What Is Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout is a fat booster which build a more defined and stronger muscle with a ripped appearance. The product has had great reports from men and women alike who used it. This is not a miracle pill that you swallow and go on eating all the junk as you wish and still lose weight

The product is meant to complement your workout and thus accelerate you to your goal.  This means that Instant Knockout should be used by people with a systematic fat burning focused workouts and frequent exercise. 

Rarely, people who consumed Instant Knockout without exercising did lose some weight, just Not optimally. This could have been the case because such people ate the right food to supplement and complement the pill. NOBODY can lose weight without eating healthier and less-dense diets. 

The triple Action formula of Instant Knockout 

The supplement has three major function which makes it stand out from most supplements; 

Boost the body’s metabolism

Having a sharp metabolism sheds off fat, period. Instant knockout has ingredients that enhance metabolism to ensure the body continues to burn fat even in a resting state. 

Reduction of hunger 

One of the problems and challenges of restricted diets are carvings and hunger. These two problems can affect the weight loss progress as people are more likely to overeat when they are too starved. 

Instant knockout is meant to be consumed in-between meals to help reduces the hunger pangs and the craving of unhealthy foods. 

Energy booster 

Athletes use up a lot of their energy during their workouts and getting a source of energy to supplement the limited and restricted diets just come in handy.  That’s why instant knockout is packed with a lot of energy to ensure consumers can carry on working out as effective as possible. 

Instant Knockout side effects

Although the supplement is made up of natural ingredients, some people may be allergic to some of them. Caffeine is one good example. People who are oversensitive to caffeine could suffer from anxiety, sleeplessness, high blood pressure, palpitations, etc. Thus, such people will need to consult their doctor before using the product. 

Moreover, the unroasted beans are known to cause restlessness, headaches, GIT disorder, drowsiness, bad temper, anxiety, restlessness, etc. If consumers begin to present with these symptoms it means they will need to discontinue the product because ultimately they must continue to lead healthier lives that do not endanger them or threaten their lives in any way. 

Consequently, clients must align to the recommended dosages to ensure the product works fine. Overdosing does not speed up the expected results, it is just harmful. And different people will react differently to similar products. It is imperative for clients to opt for products that agree with their health. 

Abdominal Fat and Instant Knockout

Abdominal fat is one of the most-stubborn and hard to shift fat compared to most parts of your body. This is because the higher amounts of fat cells on the belly inhibit lipolysis (process of breaking down fat). Good news is, Instant Knockout can gradually eliminate the belly fat. 

For optimal and fast results users will need to do abs workout and adopt habits that do not increase chances of gaining fat belly e.g. avoiding sugary foods, minimize alcohol use, stop smoking, etc. 

Health Risks of using Instant Knockout

Users can have the peace of mind using this product because it was manufactured in facilities certified by cGMP and FDA in the USA. It is important to choose products that are certified by these bodies because cGMP and FDA uphold the highest standards and they do not compromise on quality and safety standards. 

Furthermore, only the finest natural ingredients were carefully researched and selected to create an effective fat-burning supplement that suppresses appetite without compromising and reducing your energy levels.  Also, there have not been reports of serious harm caused by using this supplement. 

Even more, this product is available over-the-counter without any doctor’s prescription. On the other hand, patients with some pre-existing conditions MUST consult with their doctors before taking this supplements to ensure that the supplement don’t interfere with their treatment.

Instant Knockout efficacy 

Losing weight is not as easy as gaining it. It takes more effort and dedication to trim those fat down.  Sadly, there comes a time in a trainer’s life where they reach a peak to a point where exercising does not make them lose weight anymore. That is a very daunting and tiresome experience.  

Luckily, instant knockout is designed to prevent tiresome workout with no tangible results. And users are guaranteed to achieve their goals soon enough. 

Adopting a healthy lifestyle cannot be emphasized enough in order to have a vitality and energy brimming body. People gain weight due to the imbalance between food intake and energy expenditure where people consume more food than their body use. 

One of the most effective ways to lose weight is to ensure the imbalance is such that the body is using more energy through workouts than taking in healthy food. Achieving that and coupling it with taking Instant Knockout supplement will sure bring tangible results, fast. 

Can professional athletes benefit Instant Knockout

The product was originally developed for pro boxers, hence the name. There are many positive reports from the most famous athletes who used the supplement and got great results.

Diego Sanchez renowned professional coach for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in America reported that his trainees use Instant Knockout during training. 

Instant Knockout Benefits

Users of Instant Knockout combined with systematic exercises were seen to have lower levels of body fat manifesting through;

  • Shoulders that are ripped. 
  • Well-defined or shaped muscles 
  • Arms that are leaner and stronger 
  • Well-defined legs
  • Abdominal muscles with visible six-pack
  • More firm buttocks

To optimize benefits of Instant Knockout, we suggest you to follow our best exercices to lose belly fat !

Instant Knockout Composition

Only the natural product ingredients were used for this supplement. Apart from fighting fat, instant knockout also helps your body to prevent accumulating fat proactively. 

There are 10 different natural ingredients in the supplement in which 3 are the core ones; 

  • Green tea extract
  • Cayenne pepper seeds
  • Glucomannan

Green Tea Extract

The catechins in the green tea extract act as an effective energy stimulation due to its bioactive polyphenols properties. The caffeine in the green tea speed up the metabolism while fighting fatigue and exhaustion. 

Moreover, the green tea extract is a great antioxidant that help detoxify the body systems and thus ensuring that the burning and elimination of body fat is facilitated. 

Cayenne Pepper Seeds

The capsaicin in the cayenne pepper seed increase the metabolism through thermogenesis which help boost fat loss. This active ingredient also gives energy and good health because of its richness in vitamins A, B6 and C.

Metabolism is also increased by cayenne pepper seeds which further encourage the body to burn more fat. (source)


This is a dietary fiber found in the konjac root. This active ingredient has an appetite suppressing and food cravings properties which prevent users from overeating and help speed up weight loss. 

Other Ingredients

There are 7 other ingredients used to make Instant Knockout. These also contribute to making this supplement of the best in the market. 

Caffeine Anhydrous

Getting into a strict diet have a way of depressing people and weighing them down. That’s why the product has caffeine anhydrous to improve user’s mood, strengthen and energize them as well as oxidizing their body fat. 

The caffeine anhydrous in Instant knockout will ensure that clients are able to have their workouts with ease. This is so because this ingredient reduce fatigue and enhance concentration and cognitive abilities. 

Vitamin B6

Amino acids are well-absorbed through the help of Vitamin B6. This is significant because the maintenance muscle during dieting is such an imperative goal as the body is aimed at burning fat. 

Moreover, this vitamin creates a good environment that makes the body respond well to all the other ingredients respectively. Vitamin B6 also boost your metabolism and thus burn more fat than storing them. 

Vitamin B12

This is a great immune system booster, especially during the cutting phase. After every meal, those taking Instant knockout feel energized feel stronger even though they are on a deficit diet. 

Other benefits of vitamin B6 its ability to;

  • improve digestion of carbohydrates
  • maximizing the synthesis of protein while increasing the fatty acids breakdown

GTF chromium

When the body has excess carbohydrates, it uses the amount it needs and the rest is converted to fats. As such people may eat less fat but more carbs but end up with too much fat in their bodies due to this fat conversion tendency. 

That’s where this trace element GTF Chromium comes into play. This ingredient regulates the sugar levels in the body by ensuring the body stores just enough carbohydrates in the body. In essence, this ingredient alleviates excess carbohydrates that become body fat.


Zinc helps maintain a healthy physique by increasing protein synthesis through boosting testosterone. This means that the body will build more muscle mass which directly increase the metabolism. The body process and manage carbohydrates easily through this ingredient resulting in fueling up the body especially during workouts.


Piperine, is a black pepper extract that accelerate the process of weight loss in many ways. This ingredient is responsible for getting the resting metabolic rate of your muscle activated through thermogenesis. This means that Piperine bio-actively increase calorie burn by heating up the body.

It is important to remember that a calorie deficit is the only way in order for the body fat to be properly utilized. Piperine also increase how well other ingredients work and the process is known as a bio-enhancer. 

Green Coffee Extract (bean)

The fat-dissolving action in this ingredient makes it a highly popular ingredient in metabolism support supplements. This beans are used unroasted to preserve chlorogenic acid which is highly sensitive to heat. 

The green coffee extract can also;

  • Reduce the levels of cholesterol
  • Appetite control
  • General good health boosting 
  • Ensures that internal functions are supported

Green coffee beans are also known to reduce stubborn and persistent abdominal fat on top of weight reduction aid. 

Nutritional data of Instant Knockout 

We take a look at the 4 capsules that the consumers of instant knockout with take on a daily basis in terms of the Recommended Daily Dose (RDD)

source :

Purchasing Price of Instant Knockout 

All customers have the peace of mind of knowing that they can claim back their money within a 90-day period from the day of purchase. This ensures that customers who are not satisfied with the product get their money back. 

The manufacturers prefer that customer buy their product from them by ordering it online. The advantages of ordering from the product site exposes customers to the most amazing special prices especially for those buying in bulk. 

  • A month supply of 1 pack = $59.00
  • A 2-month supply = $118.00 for this one the product is shipped free of charge ONLY to the USA and the UK residents. 
  • For the 4 months’ supply where there is three packs and clients get 1 more free pack = $185.00

Moreover, all clients, regardless of the quantity of their purchase have over 3 months’ chance of claiming back their money in cases where they are not satisfied with the product. 

How is Instant Knockout taken?

Instant Knockout contains 120 x 750 mg red capsules on every bottle. You are supposed to take one capsule four times a day. These capsules must be spread apart to ensure the pill woks throughout the day.

However, the last pill need to be taken a little early because the supplement has caffeine and those can cause insomnia. 


This supplement is effective and efficient for athletics who regularly workout whether professional or personal. The product is made from naturally found ingredients which means that it is safe for consumption with n reports of side effects. 

Moreover, consumers need to be strictly on a deficit diet as well for quick tangible results. Furthermore, it is more beneficial to order from the product main site to enjoy special prices on bulk buying. 

However, people with pre-existing conditions MUST consult their doctor before taking the supplement to ensure there are no contraindication. This product is a good reason consumer must keep on working out knowing that the results are coming soonest ! 

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