The 8 Best Intermittent Fasting Apps in 2020 [IOS & Android]

Dieting and keeping up with an eating lifestyle has never been easier. Thanks to the modern digital world, tracking your meals, progress, and goals through smartphone applications is the new norm. It is ideal for most as it makes your eating habits easy to monitor at the touch of a button. 

Today, eating lifestyles and diets consist of more than just balanced meals. There is an array of different diets and trends from food restriction and elimination to fasting. Fasting was once a religious tradition. Now, it is seen as an ideal way to eat due to the various health benefits

Intermittent fasting is considerably engaged with, on a global scale. It is now the most popular health trend, especially for those who want to lose weight. With that, anyone can try it and get guidance with the use of an app. 

Today we are sharing the best apps on the market to help you decide which will be your new fasting companion:

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting is a timed eating cycle. It is not so much a diet, but a lifestyle. There are many types of intermittent fasting with various eating and fasting windows, unique restrictions, and benefits. 

The most popular intermittent fasting method is 16:8. This method consists of 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating. It promotes numerous health benefits from weight loss to improved metabolism and better digestive health. 

Other methods include 5:2, which involves calorie restriction 2 days out of 7 with the remaining 5 days involving balanced healthy eating. Then there are alternate-day fasting cycles, spontaneous meal skipping, and more. A person can decide for themselves which fasting method suits their lifestyle and goal.

All are fairly restrictive, well organized, and structured. Many may find scheduling and commitment overwhelming. But, this can all be made easier with a fasting friend, a partner, or even better, an app. 

Intermittent fasting apps are an ideal way of keeping track of your fasting schedule. They can notify you when to start and stop eating. With an app, you will barely have to organize the fasting yourself. The applications can do it all for you and are ideal for making intermittent fasting that bit easier. 

So, you may be wondering what apps are the best right now:

The 8 Best Intermittent Fasting Apps

After deciding which intermittent fasting method suits you, it is time to begin. With the help of an app you can track your progress, schedule when you want to fast and so much more. 

All applications are available on smartphones and are a simple way of organizing your eating cycles with the click of a button. Each app does something different and unique. There is certainly one out there for everyone. 

We’ve made it easy for you to decide which one is best suited to your needs with our top 8 list:

1 – The N°1 Dieting Guidance app: DoFasting

do fasting review

DoFasting is like having a personal intermittent fasting assistant on a phone. Before beginning with tracking a fast, the app asks users to complete a questionnaire. This helps the app tailor an understanding based on your current knowledge of fasting, meal planning, fitness, and lifestyle. From there, DoFasting will align each individual with their own personalized meal plans, recommended fasting methods, and workouts

It is ideal for those with little knowledge of what they need to put into their eating routine to achieve maximum results. Along the way, DoFasting will track weight, fasting cycles, and eating habits to help users reach their goals. 

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2 – The Most Beginner Friendly: LIFE Fasting Tracker [FREE]

Starting an intermittent fasting schedule can seem quite daunting, especially when unsure of what method will achieve the best results. LIFE Fasting Tracker allows its users to have any fasting cycle they wish to as it lets the user input the start and stop times. 

This is a great option for beginners or those who want to work fast around a particular diet or lifestyle. Many keto dieters use this app as it has a special feature that can tell you if you are in ketosis. 

LIFE Fasting Tracker has a great social feature where you can chat with friends and fast with each other. There is also a library packed with guides and scientific data that beginners may wish to inform themselves of. It is less strict than other apps and a sustainable method for those looking to start out with fasting. 

3 – For Those Who Want A Digital Dietician: BodyFast Intermittent Fasting

BodyFast is a fasting app with similar features to other apps. Including progress tracking, fasting reminders, and journaling. But, its unique body coaching and meal planning features make this app different. Think of it as a digital dietician. BodyFast can offer personal coaching sessions as well as meal plans that align with your goals, personal details, and lifestyle. 

It is innovative and unlike any other fasting app currently on the market. There are opportunities to upgrade for a monthly fee for more personal guidance to help users reach maximum results. 

4 – The Best For Journaling/Tracking: Fastient

As well as tracking your fasting cycle, Fastient offers more tracking features. This app is ideal for those looking for a personal journal. Its sleek design and various features all align with journaling, which allows users to track their meals, note their thoughts, and assess their progress.

Food tracking is recommended alongside fasting for those seeking weight loss. Thus, Fastient is a great option for those looking to monitor what they eat and organize their meals. It helps a user track all areas of progress for their eating lifestyle and goals.

5 – For Those Who Need Reminders: Zero

The Zero app is ideal for anyone with a busy lifestyle and/or is likely to forget your daily schedule. This app sends you personal reminders for you to start and stop your fasting cycle. 

No matter if you’re doing the 16:8 fast, 5:2, or your own personal fasting plan, Zero can notify you when your fast begins. You simply pre-set your chosen fasting method on a weekly basis and it will remind you when to fast. 

The app is simple and easy for users to navigate. After each fast, there is a journal entry that users can fill in to write notes to look back on. Journaling is a great method for self-reflection. 

It also offers worded rewards when you hit fasting milestones which are an encouraging method for those who need extra support.

6 – The Best Community Support: Vora 

Vora is an industry-standard fasting app that allows its users to track fasting hours, weight loss, and goals. What makes Vora stand out amongst other apps is its community support features. There are social support features that allow users to chat with other fasters among the community.

Studies show that emotional and social support during dieting encourages a person to achieve their goals. Having a network to discuss achievements and concerns is ideal for engaging with like-minded individuals. It can help people stick to their fasting plan longer due to witnessing others’ successes. 

On Vora, there are 12 fasting methods you can choose from including popular methods to more unique schedules. All of which is great to try to find which one best aligns with particular lifestyles and goals. 

7 – For Those Who Want To Try Various Methods: FastHabit

FastHabit is an app for those who want to switch up their fasting methods. If you wish to stop and start a new method at any time, you can. FastHabit allows users to set their desired fasting windows, which will send reminders as requested. 

It is super flexible and great for those who love fitness tech. FastHabit can pair with an Apple Watch and Apple Health for on the go tracking and management. Thus, if a user is without their phone and wishes to change their fasting method, they can from anywhere. 

With it being an innovative app ahead of many in the tech department, it is ideal for those who like to be flexible and diverse with their eating habits. There are easy steps to build these new habits.

8 – The Most Social Media Friendly: Ate Food Diary

Ate Food Diary is like a social media platform for fasting. It allows its users to upload food images that they can look back on, share with friends, and track. 

This visual food diary helps fasters see when they last ate, what they last ate, and summarise how it made them feel. Which is a great way for fasters to experiment.

The app allows friends to connect, engage with the food diary, and encourage each other. Users can share their diary on other social platforms by integrating accounts. It is ideal for those who enjoy staying in touch and finding inspiration. 

Once you have finalized which intermittent fasting app is ideal for you, all you need to do is begin. If you have further concerns, here are some answers to the most asked questions about intermittent fasting methods and apps:


What is the best app for intermittent fasting?

There is no specific answer to suggest which app is the best for intermittent fasting. They all have their own unique features and fasting abilities. The best app for a certain individual is dependent on what they want from an app. Whether that be needing reminders, a community, and/or guidance, each app has its own functions that align to particular audiences. 

The best selling apps at BodyFast, Zero, and Vora. But, all other apps on the list have a huge community. 

How do you fast with Zero app?

The Zero app allows users to select which fasting method they would like to use. For example, whether you wish to try the 16:8, 5:2, alternate-day fasting, or any other method, you input your preference and Zero will notify you when to begin and end your fast. It is more of a reminder app than anything else.

What can I drink during intermittent fasting?

Calorie-free drinks are fine to consume during fasting hours. This includes water, black coffee, and tea. 

Does coffee break a fast?

Coffee does not break a fast if it is black. If you add cream, sugars or syrups, this will break a fast as the drink will then contain calories.

Will lemon water break a fast?

Like all fruits, lemons contain fructose which is a naturally occurring sugar. Anything containing sugar, calories, fats, and other dietary nutrients can break a fast. Hence, lemon water can break a fast due to the fructose causing a spike in blood sugar levels.

If the lemon is not squeezed and instead placed into the water in slices, this may be ok and prevent the fast from breaking.

How much weight can you lose with intermittent fasting?

Weight loss is a key benefit of intermittent fasting. How much weight an individual can lose is dependent on their current lifestyle, how much exercise they do, which intermittent fasting method they choose, and their eating habits. 

Some reports show that the majority of fasters can lose between 3 and 8 percent of the bodyweight over the course of 10 weeks, or more. 

With this knowledge and app information in mind, here are our thoughts on intermittent fasting apps:


With these simple fasting apps, intermittent fasting could not be easier. They can work as your personal dietician, meal planner, progress tracker, fasting reminder, and so much more. The apps allow users to monitor their achievements to help them achieve their goals/reasoning for intermittent fasting. 

Most apps allow users to try out the various fasting techniques in order to help them decide which method works best for them. All are user friendly, straightforward, and a new way of trying out intermittent fasting as a lifestyle change. 

All are available on the Apple store and Google Play. Fasting tracker apps are the new easy way to get dieting help at the touch of a button. 

For any more queries or comments, please share them with us.

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