Makeup for Asian eyes

When it comes to makeup, the color we choose and the technique we use to apply the shadows is the basis of our entire ‘beauty look’.

To achieve the desired result, it is common that we choose to watch tutorials in which they explain how to perform step by step and get out of the situation.

However, we do not have that there are different types of eyes and each one has different needs, so you must take into account if your eyelid is drooping, you have sunken eyes, hooded eyes, or in this case, Asian eyes.

The latter can be the most difficult to put on because the mobile eyelid is practically invisible.

That is why we created a guide that will help you achieve different looks for Asian eyes, keep reading!

Characteristics of Asian eyes

According to the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, although they are easy to recognize, the anatomical characteristics of Asian eyes are as follows.

Compared to other types of eyes, in Asian eyes, the fold of the upper eyelid is not so noticeable since it is more swollen and is the predominant one.

The types of the upper eyelid can be divided into three: a single eyelid or ‘mono-lid eye’, a lower eyelid crease (gives a nasal conical appearance), and a double eyelid crease.

How to make up Asian eyes?

If you have this type of eyes, surely in the process of learning to makeup, several accidents have happened to you, such as that the shadow does not stay in place or that when you try to make a cat-eye you make it too thick covering your eyelid.

That is why we have some eye makeup tips so you can apply makeup without so many complications and find another version of yourself.

1 – Prepare your eyes

This step is essential to keep your eyeshadow and makeup in place. Due to the shape of the eye, it is normal for both eyeliners and masks to mess.

For this reason, we recommend that before starting with the application of any shadow or product to the eye, you use an eye primer, which will make your makeup last longer and will not stain.

We suggest that if there is no proof yet, use the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Potion.

2 – An ombré look is perfect

When you do Asian eye makeup, it is not about focusing on adding dimension to the outer crease.

What to look for is to create a gradient effect that starts at the lash line towards the eyebrows.

Some makeup artists usually apply black gel eyeliner, then apply matte brown shadow with a flat or tapered brush.

Later, they select another shadow in a light brown tone and apply it over the darker tone, to obtain the desired object, they blur the colors with a brush, and voila!

3 – Keep your eyes open when applying eyeliner

The most common is that when you apply eyeliner you close your eyes to have a better view of the eyelid that you are applying makeup, however, when it comes to Asian eyes or ‘monolid eyes’ it is best that the process is done with some visibility, with time applied especially when the eyeliner being applied is liquid.

To carry out this step you can use the TARTE Tarteist eyeliner which, in addition to being 2 in 1, is “waterproof” which allows the makeup to remain in place.

Another recommendation is that when you use the eyeliner you create a ‘cat eye’ since it is one of the most beneficial styles for Asian eyes.

Perhaps, at first, you are not very used to the appearance it gives, if so you can start by blurring the line to create a softer look.

4 – Cut the crease

When you do this type of makeup, it is possible to give the appearance of a double-lid, if this is one of your goals every time you put on makeup, you can achieve it by maintaining the definition on the outside of the eye, add the product little by little and blend until you achieve your goal.

5 – Choose to use colors

Although you think that using eyeliner is the only way that Asian eyes can look incredible, it is not like that, like any other type of eye with the right application, any shadow color can give that ‘plus’ to your look.

Lose the fear of applying colors and practice, since the more constant you are your result will be better with the passage of time.

6 – Wear a halo

This is a technique that can be applied over time for any type of eye, although the fact of using dark colors inside the eye may seem strange in the case of Asian eyes, some makeup artists mention that it is a good technique to frame the eyes. and that they don’t seem too far apart.

7 – Triangle technique

When you make up ‘monolid eyes‘ the goal is to make them look bigger, with this technique you can achieve it.

What you should do, is to blend the eyeshadow outwards with a triangular shape, this can also be achieved when doing smoky makeup, if you opt for this style, remember to apply the darker shade near the lash line and the softer tones the rest of the eye.

8 – Curl your lashes

Why is this step so important? Asian eyes tend to look wider when they curl their lashes.

For best results, we recommend using the Dior Backstage eyelash curler.

9 – Eyeliner on the lower lashes

When you start trying different things, it is normal that at first, you can feel something strange, this happens a lot when you apply ‘eyeliner’ for the first time, it is even normal that you have the feeling that your eyes look somewhat heavy.

If this is your case, you can start by drawing a thin line on the lower lash line connecting it with a small upper line that covers only half of the eye.

10 – The ‘falsies’ can be a great ally

False eyelashes can play an important role when it comes to giving the effect of wider eyes.

What you should take into account when choosing the eyelashes is that they are not too heavy or exaggerated since instead of creating the desired effect, the eyelashes will cover the entire eye making it appear smaller.

If you want to learn a little more about the subject and practice creating different makeup looks such as smokey eyes, cat eye, etc.

I recommend that you watch the following video where the professional makeup artist Irene Kim, who has worked with Google, The New York Times, and Nike, creates different looks in Asian eyes and shows her best tips.

As you can see, although it may take more time, in Asian eyes you can also create different looks as in any other type of eyes, it only requires practice and knowing the proper techniques from the hands of the experts.

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