Male Extra VS VigrX Plus – Which one is the best in 2022? 

When looking for the best men enhancement pills on the market we think… natural ingredients, the least side effects, and the best performance. Male Extra and VigrX Plus are two favorites from customers because of the amazing results they see during treatment. 

We will talk about both products and compare their cons and pros to conclude which supplement wins as the best men’s enhancement pill for 2022. Listed below would be an overview of ingredients, performance, side effects, benefits, price…etc. 

the best in 2022

VigrX Plus VS Male Extra Overview

Male Extra and VigrX Plus are two very similar products from the outside but very different when comparing them from the inside. For each product overview we’ll talk about key elements it makes these products stand out from the rest of the market, as well as who wins in each category by customers rating.


3 month supply: $138.00
6 month supply: $200.00
12 month supply: $299.00
1 month supply: $64.95
4 month supply: $197.95
6 month supply: $249.90
Better forBetter for
Men who have ED and difficulty performing and enjoying sexual activities.For men who are struggling with ejaculation, orgasms, and sex drive. As well as self-confidence and performance.
The maximum period of consumptionThe maximum period of consumption
Between 3-4 months. Take 2 weeks break and then start again.Between 3-5 months.
2 tablets per day2 tablets per day

Hawthorn berry
Catuaba bark extract 
Saw palmetto 
Muira pauma bark extract

L-arginine HCL
Pomegranate 40% ellagic acid 
Methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM) 
Niacin/vitamin B3
Official Website (best price)Official Website (best price)

What Is VigrX Plus?

VigrX Plus is rated by many customers to be one of the best and most organic men’s enhancement pills online and in-store. It has multiple evaluations on performance and most importantly positive results. 

VigrX Plus ingredients are key to an easy transition during the treatment to the production of testosterone, stimulation of blood flow, and a more satisfactory experience. You can find VigrX Plus on their official website or in a supplement store.

Like every product, VigrX Plus has its pros and cons, so we did an overview of our research and customers’ experience to summarize it here. Listed below are some top pros and cons for VigrX Plus. 

PROS – VigrX PlusCONS – VigrX Plus
Longer lasting erectionsPossible side effects
Made with 100% natural ingredientsMany fake dupes on the market
Boost testosterone
Stronger orgasms

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What Is Male Extra?

Male Extra has been another favorite men enhancement pill in the online market. It helps consumers who are struggling with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) become more confident and enjoyable during sexual activities

It helps with stronger orgasms and harder erections. Male Extra is reviewed by their customers as one of the only treatments to help increase penis size. (DISCLAIMER: **There is no medical information to verify**).

This supplement is rated and sold online exclusively. It has a 60-day money-back guarantee if you noticed the treatment is not working or it didn’t reach its full peak. We did an overview of our research and customers’ experience to summarize it here. Listed below are some top pros and cons for Male Extra. 

PROS – Male ExtraCONS – Male Extra
FDA approvedThis product doesn’t increase your penis size
Harder erectionsThis is temporary, and it stops when you stop using the product.
Available over-the-counterPossible side effects
Powerful ingredients 

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Do VigrX Plus Or Male Extra Works Best For You?

Both VigrX Plus and Male Extra have very similar composites of making men feel good and make them look good, but what’s really inside the pill? Does each supplement have natural ingredients like they claim it has? 

We differentiate both products by ingredients, performance, price, side effects…and so much more. Each patient reacts differently to each product that’s why we will evaluate if synthetic ingredients are more effective when it comes to natural components.

Listed below we will study each section to have a winner in different options and which one would be the best… VigrX Plus or Male Extra?

Which One Has The Best Ingredients?

VigrX Plus and Male Extra have very different ingredients. We compare them between a more organic component and a more “man-made chemical” substitute. VigrX Plus has a more easy-going clean supplement that helps its customers have a more adaptable experience and little to no side effects.

Male Extra has the same functions when it comes to boosting sexual enhancement and maximum results, but not as clean as VigrX Plus ingredients. We will compare both Male Extra and VigrX Plus to determine which customer has the best results and feels the best. Listed below is the complete list of ingredients for each supplement. 

Male ExtraVigrX Plus
L-Arginine HCL – blood flowHawthorn berry – stimulates blood flow
Pomegranate 40% ellagic acid – energy boosterDamiana – increases blood flow and nerve impulse
Methyl sulfonyl methane – health of your cellsCatuaba bark extract – helps to improve libido 
L-Methionine – delay ejaculation.Saw palmetto – boosts testosterone levels
Zinc – higher levels of testosteroneMuira pauma bark extract – helps improve loss of libido

Even though both product’s ingredients have good outcomes, most of Male Extra are not clean. For many ED users, who are also struggling with another different disease not consuming as clean as possible can have a disadvantage.  

Most reviews online and in-store talked about how both products did meet their expectations from stronger orgasms, better performance, and a more enjoyable time. But did experience side effects with Male Extra. 

After much research, review, and testing we concluded that VigrX Plus has a more clean and effective treatment than Male Extra. For the best ingredients:

VigrX Plus wins. 

Male Extra VS VigrX Plus: Side Effects

VigrX Plus and Male Extra have two completely different components when it comes to side effects. Both supplements can experience aftermath if taking the pills for a prolonged period of time. It’s a normal reaction to experience side effects during or after treatment, but always consult a doctor depending on symptoms. 

We rated both pill’s side effects intensity, symptoms, and medical outcomes. After some research, we concluded that among both products Male Extra has the least bad reaction. 

Listed below, we will see how most customers online rate their side effects as well as our research on how different each product is.

Male ExtraVigrX Plus
Light to mild headaches
Allergy issues

As you can see Male Extra doesn’t have any reports, reviews, or comments on any user experiencing side effects. Even though Male Extra has the least amount of clean ingredients, it’s a mild supplement easier to adapt and keeps a more steady treatment.

Male Extra is one of the few men enhancement pills products that are FDA approved. Each ingredient has the right amount of dosage to have incredible outcomes and keeps customers satisfied with their performance during sexual activities. 

After analyzing, we concluded Male Extra is the best product when it comes to no side effects and medical approval by the FDA.

Male Extra wins. 

** (It is important to be aware of any side effects to acknowledge if you need to stop taking that specific product or switch to a different one. Before consumption, always consult your doctor to ensure the product is safe for you to take.)**

Pricing And Special Offers

Both Male Extra and VigrX Plus are sold online thru their official website, as well as other manufacturer and supplement e-commerce websites. There is a difference between VigrX Plus and Male Extra. The supplement VigrX Plus is also available to purchase in different physical retailers where prices vary depending on the manufacturer. 

For online pricing, VigrX Plus and Male Extra offer different bundles and subscriptions that help you save money. It offers money off depending on what monthly supply you picked. It’s recommended to take 2 pills per day and every bottle comes with 60 pills. VigrX Plus has a 100-day guaranteed money back, and Male Extra has a total of 60 days. 

Listed below we show you the different month supply bundles for Male Extra and VigrX Plus and cost difference/special offers for online retail in each product.

Male ExtraVigrX Plus
1 month supply: $64.952 month supply: $129.00
4 month supply: $197.953-month supply: $179.00
6 month supply: $249.906-month supply: $210.94
12-month supply: $589.00

After comparing both Male Extra and VigrX Plus to the different monthly subscriptions and discounts we can conclude that VigrX Plus has a better price offer than Male Extra. For the best price per bottle supply and availability not only online, but also be present in physical stores:

VigrX Plus wins.

Reviews/Customer Support

Both VigrX Plus and Male Extra have amazing customer support online whether is on their official website, as well as their third-party e-commerce partnerships. Online reviews and ratings are a key to success for supplements online, to show creditability and positive results for future buyers.

We can see VigrX Plus not only has good online support but also have a good in-store presence. Customer service is important for customers to come back and feel the product is an essential part of their life. Male Extra has the most positive reviews and ratings online, claiming no side effects and feeling an amazing process during treatment.

After reviewing and analyzing both VigrX Plus and Male Extra from online and in-store comments, reviews, and customer service feedback we believe that Male Extra has the best positive review and product outcomes than VigrX Plus. For the best product result experience as well as online customer support and customer follow-up. 

Male Extra wins.

male extra vs vigrx plus 2.jpg

Which One Works The Best?

Both products have an end goal which is to help men who are struggling with ED to boost their confidence and feel comfortable during sexual activities. Male Extra and VigrX Plus both are designed to help men achieve their best performance with a product that has top ingredients, no side effects, and fast results.

VigrX Plus is one of the cleanest supplements in the market with hawthorn berry and saw palmetto which achieves maximum performance and easy transition during treatment. It can be used by men aged 21 and over who are struggling with ejaculation, orgasms, and increase libido

Male Extra has an amazing online presence with top reviews by customers who are loyal to the product and have amazing results. The treatment can be used by men ages 35-70 old to have better and faster results. Men who are struggling with anxiety, weak orgasms, and energy are great candidates to try Male Extra.

After comparing both Male Extra and VigrX Plus performance, benefits, and health outcomes with clean ingredients for each user we conclude that VigrX Plus has the best and most natural outcome for most users than Male Extra did. For the top result and to provide an effective treatment:

VigrX Plus wins.

Performance: Male Extra Or VigrX Plus?

VigrX Plus and Male Extra are men enhancement pills designed to make men feel good and perform well. Performance during sexual intercourse is the key to success to knowing the supplement is working and achieving what each customer wants. Every product has a list of ingredients that make a combination of key benefits to achieve the best performance

VigrX Plus users saw a big transition before and after treatment to achieve their desired goal. After researching and evaluating each comment online we acknowledge customers’ feedback saying during treatment they saw an increase in energy, harder orgasms, and better mood. By making their performance better and stronger with their partner as well as self-confidence. But, some of them did suffer mild side effects.

Male Extra has a big following online for its amazing reputation with no side effects and perfect performance. Most of their comments on their official website as well as third-party retailers claim how their life has changed so much in such a positive turnaround, from saving their marriage. Just a few benefits during treatment: stronger sex drive, a boost of testosterone, and stronger orgasms.  

After comparing both Male Extra and VigrX Plus performance and benefits for each customer we conclude that Male Extra has the best positive outcome for most men than VigrX Plus. For the best performance during treatment.

Male Extra wins. 

Why Did VigrX Plus Win?

Result: VigrX Pus 3 / Male Extra 3

After researching and analyzing customers’ reviews of both VigrX Plus and Male Extra’s pros and cons we can deduce that even after both have the same points, the winner is… VigrX Plus!

Why? VigrX Plus ingredients, benefits, and monthly pricing is the best supplement to start treating your ED. Many customers already love the product and feel safe knowing VigrX Plus ingredients are so clean that side effects would be rare to present. 

VigrX Plus benefits and performance are a constant win between many men’s enhancement pills supplements. The most important part is to have the most positive natural results and feel healthy with the supplement that’s why VigrX Plus is the winner. 

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