Max Performer VS VigrX Plus – Which one is the best in 2022?

Both Max Performer and VirgrX Plus have been two favorite men enhancement pills in today’s market. Users of Max Performer saw a tremendous increase in semen production and powerful orgasms. Users of VigRX Plus saw improvements in their sexual abilities and desires. 

We will dive into each product and conclude which one users prefer, the best VirgrX Plus or Max Performer? Which one has the best ingredients, benefits, and performance? As well as our conclusion.

VigrX Plus VS Max Performer overview

VigrX Plus and Max Performer both supplements are made for men and are meant to perform the best. Listed below we did a quick overview of the important points we will be talking about both products. After comparing both products at the end we will explain our winner and why it is the best. 


3 month supply: $138.00
6 month supply: $200.00
12 month supply: $299.00
2 month supply: $129.00
3-month supply: $179.00
6-month supply: $210.94
12-month supply: $589.00
Better forBetter for
Men who have ED and difficulty performing and enjoying sexual activities.Men who are suffering from anxiety, and stress due to ED, and are not able to perform sexual activities pleasurably.
The maximum period of consumptionThe maximum period of consumption
Between 3-4 months.

Take 2 weeks break and then start again.
Between 4-6 months.
2 tablets per day2 tablets per day
Hawthorn berry
Catuaba bark extract 
Saw palmetto 
Pauma bark extract
Horny goat weed 
Red Korean ginseng  
Official WebsiteOfficial Website

What is VigrX Plus?

Vigrx Plus is the best enlargement pill on the market overall. It performs the longest and largest erections when performing sexual encounters. By stimulating the blood flow and production of testosterone, men can have a more satisfactory erection. 

Virgx Plus is sold both online and in-store for the commodity of their users to obtain. You can save money depending on what monthly plan the user gets. The longest, the better. All the special deals can be found on their official website. 

It is recommended to take two pills a day and wait a couple of weeks to see full results. Each box contains 60 tablets that should last one month. Apart from being sold over 1 million units of the products, there are still some cons and pros listed below.

Longer lasting erectionsPossible side effects
Made with 100% natural ingredientsMany fake dupes on the market
Boost testosterone
Strongermost prolonged

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What is Max Performer?

Max Performer has been a favorite for many customers online. Users saw a tremendous increase in semen production and powerful orgasms. It specializes in helping every struggling experience and turning it around to bring you back satisfaction and self-confidence to pleasurable sex life. 

The Max Performer box comes with 60 tablets, which should last one month. It’s recommended to take two tablets per day to see results in the upcoming weeks while on treatment. It’s essential to keep a timely schedule and take one pill in the morning and one after dinner. 

Max Performer has side effects like many men’s enhancement supplements. Here are some cons and pros listed below.

Improves control of ejaculation.Mostly only available online,
Made with 100% natural ingredients,Not FDA approved
Improves sexual performance,
Improves erection size

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Do VigrX Plus or Max Performer Works Best for You?

Both VigrX Plus and Max Performer have a similarity as they are both men’s enhancement pills products. They both have similar components, but does that mean they both will perform the same? 

We research ingredients, side effects, customer service, pricing, and more to compare them both and pick a winner which one was the perfect combination before you start your effective treatment.

Listed below we will explain each section to conclude which one is your best option and which one would be the best… VigrX Plus or Max Performer?

Which one has the best ingredients ?

Max Performer it’s one of the top supplements to have the most natural ingredients. VigrX Plus and Max Performer share almost the same elements that make them as clean as possible for maximum results. Apart from helping with sexual enhancement, both supplements also boost a healthy immune system. 

Each product has different amounts dosage, and quality, but we will compare both Max Performer and VigrX Plus to determine which one users prefer and research to select the best. Listed below is the complete list of ingredients for each supplement. 

Max PerformerVigrX Plus
Horny Goat Weed – boosts testosterone levelsHawthorn Berry – stimulates blood flow
Maca – restores hormone levelsDamiana – increases blood flow and nerve impulse
Red Korean Ginseng – reduces stress Catuaba Bark Extract – helps to improve libido 
Cordyceps – stronger/harder erectionsSaw Palmetto – boosts testosterone levels
Zinc – stronger orgasmsMuira Pauma Bark Extract – helps improve loss of libido

Even though both supplements have organic ingredients, Max Performer performs in many ways much better to ED customers. Each ingredient has a different function that makes all users feel better and perform to the maximum. 

Most reviews talked about how their main concerns from orgasms, erections, and reducing stress have definitely changed thanks to Max Performer. 

After much research, review, and testing we concluded that Max Performer has a better performance than VigrX Plus. For the best ingredients:

Max Performer wins. 

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Max Performer VS VigrX Plus: Side Effects

Both products are subject to experienced side effects. It’s a normal reaction and can happen to some users. But between these two we acknowledge Max Performer has worst side effects than VigrX Plus. 

Even though most components are organic, some customers’ bodies might reject them and get some side effects as a result of not working. We rated both supplements’ intensity and differences in side effects to see which one has the least negative impact.

With the mix of different ingredients, as well as some other health issues, we can determine the side effects. Listed below, we will see what most users rate their side effects as well as our research of the many results we found from each product.

Max PerformerVigrX Plus
VomitingLight to mild headaches
HeadacheAllergy issues
Difficulty maintaining an erection
A drop in blood pressure

As you can see VigrX Plus has the least amount of side effects as well as the intensity of reactions when having them. After research, we concluded VigrX Plus is the best option when it comes to no side effects and the least reaction possible as well. For the least amount of side effects:

VigrX Plus wins. 

** (It is important to be aware of the side effects to acknowledge if you need to stop taking them. Before consumption, always consult your doctor to ensure the product is safe for you to take.)

Pricing and special offers

Max Performer and Vigrx Plus both have special bundles of discounts when you buy their supply for multiple months. Depending on what subscription you choose, you get some money off as a discount.

For both Max Performer and VigrX Plus, we can see the different prices and subscriptions they offer for their customers. VigrX Plus provides a lower monthly supply, but in the end, it’s the price is more elevated.

The daily dosage is the same which is 2 tablets per day and both bottles come with 60 pills. They both have a special offer that you can try the product for 100 days and if you don’t like it you can return it, so both products have the benefit of a good return policy.

Listed below we show you the different month supply plans for Max Performer and VigrX Plus and cost difference/special offers. 

Max PerformerVigrX Plus
3 month supply: $138.002 month supply: $129.00
6 month supply: $200.003-month supply: $179.00
12 month supply: $299.006-month supply: $210.94
12-month supply: $589.00

After comparing both Max Performer and VigrX Plus to the different monthly prices we can conclude that Max Performer has a better price offer than VigrX Plus. For the best price per bottle supply:

Max Performer wins.

Reviews/customer support

In order to succeed in the male pill enhancement market, each product has to stand out in each category. But apart from the physical content of each bottle, there’s another part of the business that makes them different from everybody else.

Many users will say customer service and what types of reviews each product has is the key to a good product. Max Performer has one of the best reviews on its official website, as well as customer service when buying at the store. In order for customers to come back, customer service is the door that brings customers to close.

After comparing both Max Performer and VigrX Plus to all the different online and in-store comments, reviews, and customer service feedback we conclude that Max Performer has the best positive review and customer support than VigrX Plus. For the best customer support and online positive review: 

Max Performer wins.

max performer review2

Which one works the best ?

While having Erectile Dysfunction can bring stress, self-doubt, and poor sexual performance. Max Performer can turn your life around with its natural, fast working, ingredients for better performance.

Max Performer is exclusively for males who are struggling with ED or similar effects. Men aged between 35 and 70 are the target market, but it can be taken starting at 21 years old. Studies show that Max Performer can help other health problems like anxiety, diabetes, and nerve impulse while taking it.

VigrX Plus contains ingredients that boost testosterone, improve blood flow, and enhance sexual desire. All functions that work in favor of men. Hence, the brand is aimed at males. Particularly those who wish to increase libido, performance in the bedroom, or have sexual deficiencies.

After comparing both Max Performer and VigrX Plus performance and benefits for each user we conclude that VigrX Plus has the best positive benefit outcome for most customers than Max Performer. For the best benefit of providing effective treatment:

VigrX Plus wins.

Performance: VirgX Plus or Max Performer ?

Max Performer and VigrX Plus work to satisfy men and give them a better chance in their sex life. They both perform at their peak, but sometimes your body responds differently to each one. Men suffering from anxiety, stress, ED, and poor sex drive saw a difference in their performance thanks to each ingredient each product offers. 

VigrX Plus customers saw a big performance difference during their treatment. Most online comments/reviews explained how their ejaculations and orgasms felt completely different just days after starting VigrX Plus. Not only sexually, but their mood and energy felt such a big positive impact as well. 

Max Performer users saw a big impact on their sex life, but not a big change in energy or stability. During their treatment, they saw a big positive difference in their orgasms, libido, and erections but not so much in their ability to keep going every day.

After comparing both Max Performer and VigrX Plus performance and differences for each user we conclude that VigrX Plus has the best positive benefit outcome for most customers than Max Performer. For the best performance of providing effective treatment:

VigrX Plus wins. 

Why Did VigrX Plus Win?

Result: VigrX Pus 3 / Max Performer 3

After reviewing and analyzing both VigrX Plus and Max Performer’s pros and cons we can conclude that even after having a tight, the winner is… VigrX Plus!

Why? VigrX Plus has a more beneficial effect in the long run for its users. Let’s start analyzing first with their side effects. VigrX Plus side effects are less intense and will help customers adapt to the product more easily. We can easily see how natural their ingredients are.

Another winning point was performance. For an ED person getting an amazing performance out of the treatment is such an important factor. The major part is to have positive natural results and feel healthy and productive with the product and that’s why VigrX Plus is the winner. 

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