ONNIT Alpha Brain Review – Benefits, Dangers, Dosage (2024)

Alpha Brain is the first-ever nootropic formula presented in the world market. People from focus & memory problems find it useful to consume Alpha Brain pills to refresh their cognitive functions.

In our Alpha brain review, you should find information about the nootropic Alpha fuel blend and all the benefits associated with it. The formula is compatible with all the prescription drugs you may already receive. Its lovers say that they have a mental boost when taking it.

Alpha Brain is easy to swallow, and one of the most innocent supplements you will find on the market. Did you know that before this formula, people with cognitive failure had nothing to support their brain function? ONNIT Alpha supplement is proud to present the natural substances.

Now you are ready to meet your limits and get your energy to a sky-high level. With ONNIT Alpha Brain capsules, you offer precious vitamins and ingredients to your body. You will know the difference even from the first day of use.

What is Alpha Brain?

It is the nootropic supplement that helps you support particular brain functions like concentration, mental speed, and memory. Today’s busy way of life can be exhausting both for your body and brain. It comes from the Onnit laboratories, the most renowned in the United States.

Where does the supplement come from?

Coming from Austin, Texas, Alpha Brain takes his name from the first letter of the Greek Alphabet. Its manufacturers wanted to point out that the supplement can be the pillar of your body and mind nutrition.

what is alpha brain

Additionally, Alpha comes from the alpha brain waves that your brain emits when works in the optimal range. The waves are present in healthy electroencephalography (EEG) and are the direct effect of this formula.

Although Alpha Brain is not an FDA-approved supplement (as nootropics are a new category still not investigated by the authorities), it is the very first memory focus formula for daily use.

Brand presentation

Onnit is a famous brand that offers a wide range of supplements and protein drinks. It also has vitamin beverages, performance, and digestive powders. Not to mention fitness and nutrition apparel that gives you a holistic approach to the brain and body enhancement you need.

Alpha Brain supplement is available in three blends: the onnit focus blend, onnit flow blend and onnit fuel blend

How does Onnit Alpha Brain Food Supplement Work?

The Alpha Brain pills come into a protective plastic bottle that makes it impossible for the sunrays to pass. That is why it can keep all the freshness of the various ingredients inside for a long time. The capsules are easy to take and ready to give you energy and mental clarity.

Here are the main functions of the Alpha Brain Supplement:

1 – Supports Memory

It is the first nootropic and flagship product that has entered the world market. The various components, amino acids, and proteins help your brain cells to interconnect a lot better. 

With Alpha Brain, you can be sure that the neurotransmitters are going to have their optimal function in your nerve system. Memory is strongly related to the production of neurotransmitters, and that is why this supplement offers people an enhanced recalling ability.

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2 – Promotes Focus

For many people, focus and cognitive concentration are essential for their daily life. Alpha Brain pills are the only ones accredited for that thanks to the amino acid blend. The amino acids form larger proteins that protect the nerve endings and insulate their membranes.

Since concentration is a higher cognitive function that needs more energy in nerve cells, Alpha Brain capsules are there to help give better energy flow inside them.

3 – Helps with mental processing

People having brain fog and other significant mental downfalls will benefit from the Alpha Brain products. Mental processing means the number of information currently passing from your nerve cells. Having a nootropic supplement like this to your daily diet can make it all easy for you.

The Oat extract gives your brain cells the right fuel to perform the best mental processing you can have. Persons who work all day at the office and need a booster for their mind can also find Alpha Brain supplement useful for this excessive mental processing it offers.

4-Aids in the maintenance of flow state

Flow state is the optimal function of your brain to become mentally and physically healthy. Sometimes you may feel like you are not “in the zone”, which may seem like you are disoriented.

With Alpha Brain, you get all the amino acids and natural extract you need to have your nerve cells always at the flow state. It can significantly help you to reach this optimal state for a longer time. 

5 – Makes you think more clearly under stress

We all pass through several stressful situations daily. Having an Alpha Brain supplement per day can give you the chance to think more clearly under pressure.

The ingredients of the Alpha Brain make it easier to produce acetylcholine, the main neurotransmitter of your brain. In this way, the stress hormones like cortisol, can not interact with your ability to think and take decisions. That is the best function of the Alpha Brain for your body.

6 – Gives you more quick reactions to external stimulation

People tend to react slower when they are exhausted. That is why the Alpha Brain health products can offer them the chance to have a quick reaction to any dangerous stimulation they have from their environment.

Besides focus and nootropics, these capsules can decrease the reaction time of your nerve cells. The production of acetylcholine is higher and the signals to muscles and glands are more frequent. It gives you a much faster reaction time that can make you feel safer.

7 – Improves your sleep

Alpha Brain can enhance your memory and thus make you sleep better and dreaming more intensively. That means you are going to get deeper into the REM sleep type during the night. 

You will feel relaxed and ready for another busy day when you wake up in the morning. All these due to the improved cognitive and health benefits of this product.

Alpha Brain ingredients – What is in there?

It is one of the formulas that have a patented blend of natural ingredient list. Each one can offer you several defensive functions to your body and mind. It gives people better cognitive performance and concentration.

alpha brain ingredients,what is in alpha brain

Let’s see the ingredients of Alpha Brain separately:

1 – L-Theanine

It is one of the most valuable and necessary amino acids in your body. L-Theanine can make your brain cells produce more dopamine and serotonin, which are the main neurotransmitters in your brain.

These chemical substances can also support the creation of healthy alpha waves and promote relaxation to your nervous system when you most need it.

Not to mention, that new studies show that L-Theanine can promote attention span and reaction time, which are vital cognitive functions for people who undertake intellectual work.

2 – L-Tyrosine

Another essential amino acid of your nerve cells that can help with the production of adrenaline and dopamine in your brain. The increased secretion of dopamine and adrenaline to your nerve cells can give you the chance to think right under stressful situations.

Dopamine is also a neurotransmitter that enhances your memory and focus. It can be the satisfaction chemical in your brain and make you happy for the rest of the day.

3 – Phosphatidylserine

Alpha Brain supplement is rich in Phosphatidylserine that specialists identify as the cell membranes insulator. It is the main molecule in forming the cell membrane and transmitting the electric nerve signals faster and easier.

It plays an excessive role in maintaining the cellular function in your body, especially in the brain cells. The brain cells have dendrites that get reinforced with the addition of phosphatidylserine to their membranes. Better communication between brain cells can offer you the best cognitive function you have ever experienced.

4 – Oat Straw Extract

Many people have oatmeal for breakfast that is why they call it food for the brain. The oat straw extract has the power to give you more cognitive power and better focus. 

5 – Alpha GPC

GPC is the molecule that produces acetylcholine in your body. It is the main neuromodulator between the nerve cells and your muscles and can give you increased energy and mental power.

With Alpha GPC you can have the best possible cooperation of movements in your body and help your cognitive abilities.

6 – Huperzia Serrata

Alpha Brain supplement contains Huperzia Serrata extract which is a natural herb recently proved to ameliorate cognitive impairment in mice.

It is a type of clubmoss that contains Huperzine A, which proved to be an inhibitor to the acetylcholine breakdown in your blood.

By maintaining the acetylcholine in higher levels you ensure that your focus and cognitive functions remain intact when you suffer from brain fog or other mental symptoms.

7 – Bacopa

Bacopa Monnieri is a perennial herb that helps nerve signal reception. It promotes the growth of dendrites that are parts of nerve cells coming in close touch with neighboring ones.

When the neuro transmitting procedure becomes faster and easier, you have the best possible cognitive power and mental clarity. It is all you expect from a nootropic product like Alpha Brain supplement.

8- Pterostilbene

It is a derivative molecule from resveratrol having almost identical properties. Pterostilbene gives your brain cells better integrity. That helps in protecting the membranes of nerve cells and finally improve the mental abilities.

9-Cat’s Claw (Uncaria Tomentosa)

Cat’s Claw extract is one of the main ingredients of Alpha Brain capsules. It can give you a better cognitive function and memory ability. The latest studies have shown that Cat’s Claw can remove brain plaques and tangles, which are responsible for Alzheimer’s disease in older people.

Getting a generous dose of Cat’s Claw through the nootropic formula of Alpha Brain can protect your memory and enhance your mental health.

10- L-Leucine

It is the only branched-chain amino acid that helps your body produce proteins good for your brain. L-Leucine contributes to the normal function of the nerve cells and gives you mental clarity and cognitive health.

Who is the Alpha Brain for?

If you are a busy person who needs a boost to his memory and brain function, Alpha Brain is the supplement for you. It can help younger people to prevent losing their mental clarity.

On the other side, older people can also benefit from this product. Even people who have a degenerative disease like Alzheimer’s can take Alpha Brain and improve their cognitive abilities.

The formula is also popular among men and women. The latter prefer to get those pills close to their menopause since they help them have a better mental function and brain clarity.

Other people who can benefit from this supplement include researchers on dietart supplements, apparel, food and fitness equipment.

Pros and Cons of Alpha Brain 

As with every formula, certain pros and cons are always present and be mentionable:

It is a 100% natural and effective formulaSome people may feel slight nausea when taking it
Fast-acting. You may see a noticeable difference in your brain function in only 30 minutes upon consumptionYou may face sleeping problems if you take it late in the day, due to the overproduction of neurotransmitters in your nerve cells
The only nootropic formula to have clinical studies and trials. It has proved its function to support memory, focus, and data processing speedThere is no chance to find it in large-scale retailers or physical pharmacies
Contains no stimulants (like caffeine) and works by stimulating the production of neurotransmitters directly in the nerve cells
Manufactured in the USA from Onnit, one of the most reputable health supplements companies in the world
Exceptional dosage scheme and easy to swallow capsules that don’t irritate your stomach
The only nootropic formula to have a powder form alternative, the Alpha Brain Instant, for people who want to have the brain benefits right away
Certified by authorities to be drug-free and make you pass all drug tests for your job while taking it

Effectiveness of Alpha Brain 

The effectiveness of the Alpha Brain has been the most successful registered data for the product. The manufacturers tried and succeeded in organizing a double-blind placebo-controlled trial with various test groups.

The study published in 2015 has proved that the Alpha Brain team has shown significant improvement in tasks of delayed verbal recall and executive functioning. It was the first evident-based response that made the formula popular in the market and skyrocketed sales.

An efficacy study performed by Boston Center for Memory in 2016 suggested that using the formula daily can make you think better and improve your mental and cognitive functions in a short period.

Here are some of the customer reviews posted on the official Onnit website:

ONNIT alpha brain reviews

Dosage: How to use the Alpha Brain 

There are certain things you need to know before you start taking this formula. Here you will find all the relevant information about dosage and where you should be careful when taking the magical nootropic capsules.

When to start and when to stop?

The right time to start would be when you feel like you have brain fog or start to forget things. The formula cannot interfere with any other medication you regularly take and is safe for everybody.

However, you should stop taking it if you feel like you are over-energetic and responsive to stimulants of your environment. Also, in case you develop sleeping problems and blood pressure issues you should immediately stop taking the Alpha Brain capsules and contact your dietitian nutritionist.

What are the dosages to respect?

The investigated dose of Alpha Brain has been the 2 capsules per day. You can either get them together or split them between your daily meals. However, if you find that this dosage affects your sleeping cycle or makes you irritated through the day, you can start taking only one capsule per day.

Under no circumstances, should you receive more than 2 capsules of the formula per day. The overproduction of neurotransmitters could affect your mood and deteriorate your health.

What to do if you forget Alpha Brain?

There is no issue in case you forget to take Alpha Brain for one or more days. You may feel tired and let the brain fog symptoms come back, but when you start taking your normal dose you should feel better again.

There is no need to take two daily doses together since they may have adverse reactions and make you overwhelmed.

What to do in case of overdose?

If you had too many capsules in one single day, just stop taking them for a while. Your body can decompose the substances and you will feel ready again to start taking the normal dosage of Alpha Brain.

Precautions to take when taking Alpha Brain

When taking this formula you should avoid taking other central nervous system stimulants like coffee. Make sure that you only take the product when you are free of any other drugs that may affect your abilities to use machinery or drive.

Hot to keep the Alpha Brain?

The best way to keep the capsules is in their bottle away from the direct exposure to the sunshine. Regular room temperature and dark spots can be ideal to preserve the original action of Alpha Brain capsules.

Risks, Hazards, and Side Effects of Alpha Brain

As with any supplement, some risks and side effects are associated with its use.

Alpha Brain Side Effects

1- Anxiety

The overproduction of adrenaline can cause sweating and anxiety to some people. Severe episodes of anxiety can happen with overdose, but they are not a normal trend.

2- Gastrointestinal Problems

Some people suffer from stomach ache, diarrhea and gut distress when taking the Alpha Brain formula. A dose regulation can prevent such adverse events in the future.

3- Dizziness

Users have also reported the development of dizziness on rare occasions upon receiving the formula. The overproduction of neuromodulators can increase the stability issues for these persons. Close monitoring of the daily dose can resolve their problems.

4- Headaches, fatigue, and nervousness

They are some initial side effects of the product. Usually, people develop them in the early stages and the side effect vanishes as time passes by.

5- Liver enzymes overproduction

Alpha Brain contains substances that help the creation of acetylcholine. You may face potential liver damage when you take these capsules for a long time. A regular check of your liver enzymes can tell you when to stop.


Certain medical conditions impose you to ban taking the formula

1- Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Women in their late pregnancy state or the ones who are breastfeeding should not take this formula.

2- Mental Disorders

Persons diagnosed with severe mental disorders like psychosis or schizophrenia should avoid taking nootropic capsules.

3- Liver insufficiency

People who had prior liver surgery or suffer from reduced liver function should not take this supplement.

Drug Interactions Not Recommended

You should avoid taking Alpha Brain capsules if you take these drugs:

1- Anticholinergic drugs (Atropine, Scopolamine)

The Huperzine A present in Alpha Brain can make these drying drugs lose their activity and expose you at risks

2- Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors (Alzheimer’s Disease Drugs)

Taking the formula containing Alpha-GPC and Huperzine A could increase the effects and side effects of Alzheimer’s Disease Drugs

3- Glaucoma Drugs (Pilocar, Aricept, Cognex)

Alpha Brain’s Huperzine can increase the pressure of the eyes’ liquid and ban the protection given by the Glaucoma drugs.

4- Cocaine and other stimulant drugs

It would be a bad idea to take the formula alongside with cocaine. It can increase the production of neurotransmitters in your brain and make you feel awful throughout the day.

Our final opinion on Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is a working supplement for people who suffer from brain fog and other related cognitive failure syndromes. It has a proven action on giving you mental clarity and better executive function of your brain.

The dosage can be well-tolerated and there are few side effects and contraindications. 

We strongly recommend getting this formula and start feeling as if you were young. In terms of mental capacities, you will soon start to feel more focused at work and be over productive

As a mood stabilizer, Alpha Brain can make you look more stable and get along well with other people. It is the sole mood stabilizer that can improve your social abilities and sharpen your cognitive functions.

For as long as you follow a healthy diet, sleep well, and put exercise in your daily life, this supplement can make your body and mind work effectively.

How to buy the Alpha Brain: The Complete Guide

Where to buy the Alpha Brain?

The easiest way to buy the Alpha Brain Formula is through Onnit official website. There you can find all the various packages. The formula comes in bottles of 30 capsules and 90 capsules respectively.

The initial price of the 30 capsules bottle comes up to $34.95 for a one-time purchase only. If you subscribe to the Onnit customers’ list, then you can have the 30 count bottle for only $29.71, which is a 15% discount from the original price.

The 90 count bottle can cost up to $79.95.

You can always opt for the recurrent purchase of 30 count bottles to time increments of 15, 30, 45, 60, and 90 days. 

Every time you order through the website you earn 29 Onnit Points that you can redeem in a future order for free items. You are also entitled to free shipping for every order you make that exceeds the $150 threshold.

There is always the chance to buy Onnit Alpha Brain from other online retailers like Amazon, EBay, and Walmart. 

You may not find Alpha Brain easily in physical stores and pharmacies.

>> Click Here to Buy Alpha Brain from the official website <<

Onnit Alpha Brain Instant

Onnit has managed to create an instant powder of Alpha Brain containing six flavors of Alpha Brain black label to dilute in water or other beverages. You can use it when you need instant action since the capsules need at least 20 minutes to pass through your stomach.

The usual 30 count sachets cost $59.95. However, if you become a registered member you can have them for only $44.96 (which is a 25% discount). Following orders can have the same discount and make you save even more money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Alpha Brain FDA approved?

Unfortunately, Alpha Brain is not FDA-approved. The organization doesn’t currently accept petitions for approval from nootropic ingredients and formulas. That is why Alpha Brain is not yet approved by the FDA. However, it is safe for you to use it in the recommended dosage scheme.

Does Alpha Brain help with Anxiety?

The formula can make you less anxious if you respect the recommended dosage. Alpha Brain ingredients can make your brain produce more calming neuromodulators like GABA. That is why you can feel mental clarity and a moderate temper when you consume the formula regularly.

Will Alpha Brain make you fail a drug test?

The product has passed all possible stages of a drug test. You will still score negatively on a drug test performed to get hired or admitted to college. The formula has no drug-related substances and no additives that can make you score positively on any drug test. 

With Alpha Brain you may feel safe and secure to go on with your life and stay clean.

Is Alpha Brain Sold in stores?

The initial intention of Onnit has been to sell Alpha Brain only through its website. However, we have seen the formula to be available on big online retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and eBay. 

There is no chance you can buy the product in physical stores, as the online rebates and discounts discourage retailers from sending it to the traditional market stores.

Should I take Alpha Brain every day?

The only viable way to overpass brain fog and feel cognitive clarity once more is to take Alpha Brain every day. As long as, you respect the recommended dosage you can always take the formula on a day by day basis.

All studies conducted with Alpha Brain included the daily intake of the product for at least 6 weeks. That is why it’s better to follow this norm if you want to see results in your cognitive function and mental health.

Does alpha brain work?

Patients that have used Alpha brain claim to have experienced positive changes although the drug is not FDA-approved and so, there are no scientific proof to back the claims.

How long does it take for alpha brain to take effect?

The medication indicates daily intake of the supplement for at least six weeks. It’s until then that the effects of the brain booster will start kicking in.

Is Alpha Brain the best nootropic?

Alpha Brain is one of the best nootropic formulas that need no prescription. It is the very first product presented on the market by Onnit laboratories.

Not to mention that it is the only one having a clinical trial and double-blind studies. That is why people regard it as the only nootropic formula that keeps its promise and restores mental clarity and brain function to normal levels.


Alpha Brain nootropic formula can restore the lost chemical balance in your brain. Most people who have tried it say that they had a lot of anxiety, sleeping problems, and inability to remember vital information about their daily life.

With this formula, you can naturally increase the potential of your memory, stabilize your mood and temper, and become more mentally adaptive to pressing situations.

Keep in mind that Onnit is the only US laboratory firm that guarantees the satisfaction of its customers. You may trust their huge experience in nootropic formulas, ending in the presentation of Alpha Brain to the market.

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