5 Best Rowing Machine Exercises To Do At Home.

Going to work out at a fitness gym… is interesting! But being able to do it at home is so convenient, and even more when health measures lead to the closure of gyms.

More and more, with the modernization of sports and all kinds of equipment, many people do not hesitate to train at home because it allows them to save on registration fees and time.

Among the many fitness equipments, there is one that is more and more talked about for its benefits: the rowing machine.

But like all other devices, it requires that the athlete warms up beforehand to avoid any false movement. Below we’ll tell you more about the rowing machine!

What is the Rowing Machine?

The rowing machine is complete equipment allowing you to work out at home.

Its name comes from the position that one adopts to row in a boat with/or oars, to propel the boat forward. Rowing is also the name of a sport with an Olympic tradition since it has been part of the games since the creation of the modern Olympic Games in 1896.

It is a device that is increasingly wanted by both sports professionals and novices because of its many advantages.

It is suitable for anyone who wants to slim down, train to stay in shape, or simply perform simple exercises to lose weight.

Overall, the rowing machine imitates the movements of rowing, a sport that relies on both endurance and strength by soliciting the entire musculature. Depending on the rowing exercise routine, you can work your abdominal and back muscles, thighs, buttocks, shoulders, and forearms.

Beyond that, the rowing machine allows you to noticeably improve your endurance and heart rate (just like jumping rope).

It is a recommended device that allows you to work almost all the muscles of the body, about 90%, according to scientists. It should be noted that there are several types of rowing machines: the center pulls rower, the double oar rower including the Scandinavian rower, and the Latin rower.

It is up to you to choose the rower that best suits your goals.

The Best Rowing Exercises to Do at Home.

There are many different rowing machines that allow you to exercise according to your goals and the parts of your body that you want to work on.

But it’s important to always do your warm-ups before starting the actual exercises.

It is also advised to take the recommendations of your doctor to be sure that your body is perfectly adapted to the exercise you want to do.

No. 1: Fitness on Beginner’s Exercise.

This is the first exercise on the list. And to enjoy the benefits of this and the following exercises, it is important to be able to adapt to a very good position. This makes it easier to achieve the desired results while avoiding injury. To perform it:

  • Sit properly on the rowing machine and act as if you were paddling in a boat or rowing.
  • When pulling, you will have to use much more force by pulling very hard on the rudder.
  • But the return must be done in a softer and less brutal way.

You should practice this exercise for about 3 to 5 minutes in a fairly moderate manner and at a steady pace. You can rest for 3 to 5 minutes between each set of exercises.

It is up to you to choose the number of sets you wish to do according to your endurance.

This rowing exercise is designed to work the muscles of the body, for example, the arms and forearms, in order to prepare the body to endure the increased pace and strength. 

No. 2: Cardio First.

With the rowing machine, it is possible to do cardio at home; the tempo will have to be a little more accelerated compared to the preceding exercise.

Ideally, you should do between 22 and 24 rowing strokes per minute. But if this is your first experience with the rowing machine, you can do up to 24 movements in 2 periods of 4 minutes.

To Do It:

  • Sit properly on the rower and pretend you are paddling the same way you would do in a rowboat or rowing.
  • When pulling, you will have to use more force by pulling very hard on the rudder.
  • But the return should be done in a smoother and less brutal way.
  • Here, you will have to accelerate the rate to reach an average of 22 to 24 back and forth movements per minute, divided into two 4-minute periods.

And if you are a sportsman, this exercise should be done twice for 2 minutes.

Practice with as much repetition as possible, with the rhythm that is necessary. It will make it possible to work as much as the heart, the muscles of the arms, the forearms, the abdominal muscles, the buttocks, the lumbar ones, and the back muscles.

It is a series of exercises that serves as a cardio program and helps to significantly reduce diabetes and cardiovascular disease while ensuring better blood circulation.

For those who want to have an excellent heart rate, this is the appropriate rowing exercise.

Also, if you are a confirmed sportsman, do not hesitate to realize exercises organized in 2 periods of 8 minutes each.

No. 3: Increasing Tempo and Speed.

As the name suggests, this exercise will involve working on speed.

To Achieve It:

  • Start with 60 strokes every 3 minutes, or 20 strokes per minute.
  • Then, during the next 3 minutes, do 24 strokes per minute at a fairly moderate pace.
  • During the last 3 minutes, give the same number of strokes, but with a more sustained rhythm.

Don’t forget to take a breath between sets by resting for about 1 minute.

This is always good for the body and allows you to catch your breath before coming back to work more motivated and determined than ever.

No. 4: Developing Endurance

This exercise is designed to develop endurance, and endurance means pace and time.

You will have to row as long as possible but at a faster pace. It is important that in order to achieve the goal of the exercise, it is done in 4 phases of about 5 minutes.

In order to achieve this, each 5-minute exercise series must be subdivided in the following manner:

  • a rhythm of 20 strokes every minute during the first 2 minutes
  • a rhythm of 22 strokes every minute during the next 2 minutes
  • during the last minute, a rhythm of about 24 strokes

It is an exercise that as said above allows the development of endurance, but also, helps to work all the muscles of the heart.

It is therefore an effective weapon against cardiovascular disease.

No. 5: For the Pros.

This is the ultimate home rowing exercise. It is intended for professionals of the sport or for those who practice it on a regular basis.

The goal is to row 22 times per minute for 10 minutes times 2. Don’t forget to take a break of 2 to 3 minutes between the two periods.

The Benefits of Rowing at Home.

Lose Weight

Many people, both men, and women want to lose weight and go on drastic diets, not knowing that rowing can undeniably give them a great figure.

Practicing rowing exercises 2 to 3 times a week with a rhythm of about 22 to 24 strokes per minute for about ten minutes, allows you to lose a little more than 100 calories. 

Compared to other exercises, rowing is the sport that allows you to lose the most calories: up to 680 for one hour of practice 

hour of practice against 350 for aqua-gym or swimming, 500 for cycling …

Buying a rowing machine can definitely be a good investment, which makes it convenient to no longer be obliged to go to the gym every day to work out.

The rowing machines are also excellent tools for eliminating the accumulation of fat in certain unsightly areas for some people: saddlebags, fat under the buttocks, and cellulite that often complex men and women.

Beyond all this, these rowing exercises not only allow you to lose weight but also allow you to firm up your buttocks and get beautiful legs. They are therefore perfect for women.

See also our list of exercises to build up your buttocks!

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Develop Back Muscles.

Another advantage of rowing exercises is that they help develop back muscles.

But to ensure good results, it is important to adapt to the right positions. Thus, it is necessary to :

Keep the back straight and avoid twisting or bending it during the exercise.

make sure that the shoulders are in the same alignment as the pelvis.

Place your feet over the rowing straps and keep your knees parallel to your legs.

The pace here is up to you and can range from a fitness workout to a professional workout.

However, it is recommended to row 20 strokes per minute for the first 3 minutes, and then gradually increase the pace to 24 strokes for about 10 minutes.

Work All the Muscles.

Finally, there is nothing like rowing exercises to tone and grow the muscles of the body. It is well known that the rowing machine is a device that undeniably allows you to work the majority of the muscles of the body, about 90%, which is quite encouraging.

Exercising with a rowing machine means toning your arms, shoulders, and abdominal muscles.

If you are a beginner, it is advisable to start with the fitness exercise, practicing it every day for about 5 minutes, but not too hard.

If you are a regular exerciser, the rowing machine will increase your results tenfold.

By doing these exercises every time, you are sure to see your legs and thighs gradually become firmer. You will be able to adjust the pace of the exercise according to your level and the result you wish to achieve.

Furthermore, if you wish to work a specific muscle, you can also adapt the machine. All of these factors clearly demonstrate that the rowing machine has clear health benefits and that there are many advantages to having it at home.

Vary Between Strength Training and Fitness Exercises for Greater Effectiveness.

Having a rowing machine at home is an excellent way to build muscle effectively, without having to leave your home.

Building muscle is not only about working the muscles of the body, the most important one is your mind’s focus on the goal you want to achieve. 

Many scientists have shown that doing sports helps to gain self-esteem, to be less subject to depression, and to become optimistic.

Our Opinion on the Rowing Machine: Adopt It!

The rowing machine is a fitness device that completely fulfills these various functions and is, therefore, the ally of all sports enthusiasts, fitness, or all those who have the desire to be able to work the muscles, lose weight or simply have a healthier life.

It is an excellent calorie burner that is currently popular in many gyms and households, as it is a complete machine that involves a large number of muscles to exercise.

The exercises associated with it have become excellent tools for working the body and can be adapted to the level of the athlete.

In addition to working the body through strength training, it helps to reduce the rate of cardiovascular diseases through the exercises. The development of endurance that it promotes can act positively on your heart system.

Do not hesitate, whether you are a man or a woman, to adapt the rowing machine at home which combines in a single device, many advantages.

It is more effective than spinning and starts to give quite visible results already after one month.

The level of the exercises goes from the easiest to the least difficult in order to allow everyone, a beginner as well as a confirmed sportsman, to be able to make the most of this fabulous device.

There are no more excuses for those who have not yet started to do rowing exercises. Go for it without further delay!

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