Royal Jelly: Dosage, Dangers, And Benefits For The Body And The Brain.

Royal jelly is the primary food for bees in their larval state. It is given to all small bees during the first three stages of their development and ensures a strong progression of mental and physical growth. After these stages, it is reserved for the future queen. The product has many health benefits.

The Essentials Of Royal Jelly.

Royal jelly is a mixture of juices produced by the salivary glands of worker bees. In 2008, researchers observed that worker bees, which change their diet after their third stage of larval development, went through a regression phase when they were no longer fed royal jelly, but only pollen.

The same researchers have shown that the change in their diet will interrupt the transcription of certain genes via epigenetic modifications such as DNA methylation, which leads to a reduction in growth and a lack of fertility in worker bees.

This process is obviously intended by nature, and royal jelly, a super nutrient, is the preserve of the queen bee. This substance is not only used for the differential development of the future queen bee, but it is also a kind of glue to fix the queen bee larva in its development cocoon. The royal jelly will later be used to seal this queen for pupation. 

As we can see, royal jelly is, therefore, a superfood, whose health benefits, including human health, are superior to those of honey or propolis, more commonly consumed.

What Products Does Royal Jelly Contain And What Are The Effects Of These Substances?

Royal jelly contains everything an organism needs to develop. In addition to proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, the hive product also contains juvenile hormones that initiate and then fix the various larval and developmental stages in insects.

Among the components of royal jelly, we should mention:

  • Riboflavin. 
  • Thiamine. 
  • Pyridoxine. 
  • Niacin. 
  • Biotin. 
  • Pantothenic Acid. 
  • Folic Acid. 
  • Sterols. 
  • Neopterin. 
  • Methyl 4-Hydroxybenzoate.

The methyl ester of 4-hydroxybenzoic acid is a paraben and is used in industry as a preservative in shampoos and shower gels. During the research, it is used as an antifungal agent to prevent the growth of fungi on agar plates. This agent can cause allergic reactions.

Thiamine, riboflavin, pyridoxine, niacin, biotin, pantothenic acid, and folic acid are B-complex vitamins that have different functions in the body. In particular, they contribute to the health of the nervous system and therefore have benefits for the brain.

They support enzymatic processes as cofactors and are significantly involved in cell development, growth promotion, metabolic processes, and gene regulation.

Neopterin is a messenger substance produced by the body’s immune cells. This substance indicates that cellular immune defenses are activated and that an inflammatory event is occurring in the body. Neopterin is elevated in autoimmune and tumor diseases, but also in HIV.

Royal jelly also contains fatty acids: 10-hydroxy-decanoic acid (10 HDA) and 10-hydroxy-2-decanoic acid (10H2DA). The main protein in royal jelly is believed to be able to exert its effect not only in bees but also in mammals and in humans.

It is said that royal jelly has a differentiating effect on neuronal stem cells. Thus, it seems that the nerve growth factor GDNF increases in the queen’s diet, which distinguishes her from bee workers. 

The Beneficial Effects Of Royal Jelly.

Royal jelly is used as a dietary supplement for human health, especially in times of high stress or pressure. It is also a useful supplement in winter, to boost the immune system. It is also found in many cosmetics.

Royal jelly provides many vitamins, hormones, and minerals. In the human body, these products act against fatigue, anxiety, stress, insomnia, asthma, hepatitis, gout, and heart disease. Royal jelly also has anti-aging properties and slows down the aging process.

Royal Jelly As An Immunity Modulator.

In the case of an allergy, the balance of certain immune cells is disturbed. The effects of royal jelly on the immune system have been successfully tested on mice.

Researchers administered royal jelly to mice with an existing allergic tendency. After administration of royal jelly, a reduced allergic tendency was observed in the mice.

Royal Jelly For High Blood Pressure.

Researchers have also conducted a study on the health benefits of royal jelly in cases of hypertension. 

After digestion by the animal, the peptides in royal jelly had a hypotensive effect by suppressing the renin/angiotensin messengers that increase blood pressure. However, royal jelly is not a substitute for antihypertensive drugs, as its effects have so far only been demonstrated in animal models.

Royal Jelly Against Cellular Aging.

In laboratory animals, the fatty acid 10H2DA inhibits the TOR protein, which is responsible for the aging and death process of cells. Royal jelly could therefore contribute to longevity in humans, as it does in the queen.

Improved Management Of Blood Sugar Levels.

Royal jelly is also said to lower blood sugar levels and cause slight weight loss when taken daily. None of these have yet been proven with certainty.

Moisturizing Effect Of Royal Jelly.

Some promising studies suggest a beneficial effect of royal jelly on skin hydration. This product of the hive would stimulate the production of collagen in the skin and protect it from UV damage. This is why royal jelly is often integrated into natural cosmetics.

Royal Jelly Helps To Have A Clear Head.

Eating fresh royal jelly induces a slight euphoria and a feeling of mental clarity. Royal jelly protects the brain, stimulates cognitive functions and brain repair, reduces symptoms of fatigue, and helps to sleep more comfortably and restfully.

The Mechanisms Of Action Of Royal Jelly.

Royal Jelly Has Antioxidant Properties.

Parasites, heavy metals, and free radicals destroy the body’s cells and lead to premature aging. If the body’s cells begin to oxidize, the risk of cancer increases, as does the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Royal jelly contains antioxidants that protect cells. This hive product offers powerful protection against cadmium, a highly toxic heavy metal. When cadmium enters the human body, it causes DNA damage and oxidative phenomena in various tissues. 

The consequences are often cancer and premature aging of the skin. Royal jelly suppresses the harmful effects on the genes and increases the protective enzymes in the liver and kidneys.

Royal Jelly Strengthens The Immune System.

Royal jelly promotes increased production of immune cells in the body, fights bacteria, and accelerates wound healing. The reason for this effect is the mixture of proteins and a large number of antioxidants. 

The most well-known immune-boosting protein contained in royal jelly is royalizing (not to be confused with royalactin). The presence of royalizing and an additional protein complex helps fight diseases, allergies, and bacteria.

Royal Jelly For Mental Balance And The Brain.

Royal jelly helps to balance feelings, emotions and increase general well-being. Royal jelly has a stimulating effect. Thanks to royal jelly therapy, it has already been possible to treat mental illnesses, psychological disorders, and Parkinson’s disease.

Royal jelly contains nutrients that the brain needs, such as pantothenic acid, thiamine, niacin, serotonin, inositol, phospholipids, and acetylcholine. 

In the aging brain, in particular, these nutrients decrease, leading to unpleasant consequences such as memory loss, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and nervousness. 

A common cause of these symptoms is the depletion of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. When this neurotransmitter is absorbed through royal jelly, performance can improve considerably. 

What Does Royal Jelly Look Like?

The best way to consume royal jelly, in order to benefit from all its beneficial effects, is to buy it fresh. Indeed, all the transformations that it undergoes later to ensure its conservation alter its properties.

Nevertheless, it is sometimes necessary to use other forms of royal jelly: the product can be freeze-dried, dehydrated, or frozen. One can also find it in capsules, for a simplified catch.

Posology: How To Use This Treatment?

How To Take The Royal Jelly?

The fresh royal jelly is consumed with a small spoon and can be taken directly from the jar. In the case of a frozen product, it will be necessary to defrost gradually in small daily doses. These doses are approximate: royal jelly is not a medicine, but a superfood.

Royal jelly is also available in capsules from different laboratories (see below), which makes it easy to take. Be sure to respect the dosage indicated on the bottle.

Finally, royal jelly is used in the composition of many health preparations for fitness and energy, for example in association with ginseng, Eleutherococcus, or in complexes dedicated to boosting immunity. These preparations are to be reserved for the indications mentioned by the laboratory.

Royal jelly is consumed as a one-month treatment, renewable if necessary.

Risks And Dangers.

Undesirable Side Effects Of Royal Jelly.

Allergic Reaction.

Royal jelly contains many complexes of carbohydrates and proteins. The human body can react with an allergy to this type of product. People allergic to pollen or asthmatics must be particularly careful with royal jelly, as with honey or hive products in general.


Allergic Persons.

Drug Interactions:

  • No known drug interaction.
  • Royal jelly is potentiated in case of fatigue or overwork by propolis, maca, ginseng, acerola, vitamin C or goji and spirulina. You will find associations with different plants and substances to boost vitality.

Opinion On Royal Jelly.

Consumers generally report positive effects on physical and mental health. 

However, the product can be a little surprising to the taste of some people.

Finally, it seems important to get good quality royal jelly, preferably from local and French production.

Buying Guide For Royal Jelly.

Above all, it is always advisable to be careful when buying food supplements. The best solution is to buy your products in a pharmacy, to benefit from traceability, but also to be able to benefit from competent advice. 

Concerning royal jelly, you can also buy it from a trusted beekeeper, by direct sale. If you are looking for fresh royal jelly, you can find it on the Internet, in online stores specialized in bee products. 

In Conclusion.

Royal jelly is an exceptional product, even rarer than honey or propolis. As we know, bees are nowadays threatened by environmental pollution, so production decreases considerably. This situation makes royal jelly even more precious.

It is an all-natural product, ideally consumed from local and organic production. If you can’t get fresh royal jelly, try freeze-dried powder capsules. 

Royal jelly helps to stimulate the immune system and defenses, but it is also essential for mental performance and for the brain and contributes greatly to vitality. It is an ally of the nervous system, and of the form in general.

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