Semenax Review – Results, side effects & where to buy it

When it comes to improving the quality of sexual performance, several factors can work for or against it. For example, the duration of erections, the volume of semen, ejaculations, etc.

Currently, there are different ways to achieve that sexual fullness, this thanks to the appearance of various supplements that focus on improving the sexual performance of men. Semenax is one of these supplements that you can find on the market and that was developed to provide multiple benefits in the sexual life of men.

In this article, we tell you about everything you need to know about Semenax, what it is, where you can buy it, and what some of its benefits are.

What is Semenax ? 

As its name says, Semenax is a supplement for men that focuses on improving semen quality and volume.

It is manufactured by Leading Edge Health (a recognized brand in supplements used to improve semen quality), Semenax is made from herbs and minerals which are said to be an excellent option to increase semen volume, as well as its production.

According to the manufacturers of Semenax, the satisfaction when having sexual intercourse is also linked to the volume and quality of semen; since this can cause longer orgasms and ejaculations with more force. Another aspect that they also preach is that Semenax can give results after the first two weeks of use.

Generally, males produce between 3 to 5 milliliters of semen, but there are different reasons why this amount can vary, for example, diseases and the lifestyle of each person.

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Composition of Semenax

Semenax is made with at least 18 natural components, contains no fillers, and all of its ingredients are supposed to be of organic origin. Some of the components of Semenax are pumpkin seeds, Swedish flower pollen, aspartate, zinc oxide, and L-carnitine, to name a few.

Next, we will tell you a little more about the ingredients of Semenax and how they help increase semen volume.

L-lysine- improves the quality of sperm

L-lysine is a type of folic acid that is combined with zinc, which allows creating a reinforcement in the volume of semen, this has as a consequence the improvement in the quality of sperm.

As if that were not enough, L-lysine also helps improve testosterone levels, helping to improve the quality of erections. Likewise, this causes better ejaculations and breaks the motility of sperm, increasing fertility.

Aspartate and zinc oxide – improves fertility

This type of component is already highly recommended by doctors for those who have certain sexual problems.

In addition to this, over the years experts have mentioned that zinc is an excellent fertility booster and helps improve sexual conditions in men.

Swedish flower pollen – protects the prostate

This component is known to be part of traditional medicine in past centuries. Experts mention that it is of great importance in the health of the prostate, which plays an important role in the quality of semen volume.

Swedish flower pollen also helps improve the intensity of ejaculations, improves testosterone levels, and increases sexual drive, as if that were not enough, Swedish flower pollen also protects the immune system.

Epimedium Sagittatum-blood circulation

Also known as Horny Goat Weed, it is responsible for increasing blood circulation, resulting in easier, healthier, and stronger erections.

Pumpkin seeds-improves prostate health

Like the other ingredients, pumpkin seeds have a natural origin as they come from the fruit of the pumpkin. In addition to improving the health of the prostate, it is responsible for improving the quality and volume of semen; resulting in better ejaculations and better orgasms.

L-Carnitine-protects sperm

L-Carnitine is a compound that nourishes the male sexual organ, it is also responsible for protecting sperm from oxidative damage. The creators of Semenax claim that among its many benefits, L-Carnitine can also improve semen production and boost testosterone. It also helps reduce stress and anxiety levels achieving better sexual relations.

Muira puama – increase libido

Muira puama is one of the ingredients that belong to traditional medicine since it has properties that help increase libido in men, improve erections and help to have more pleasant and lasting sexual relations.

Maca Root – Better Erections

It is very common for you to see maca used in different supplements for males that focus on improving their sexual health since it allows them to achieve stronger and healthier erections. Although this component is commonly seen in capsules, it is best used in supplements in the correct amounts to obtain the desired results.

L-arginine-semen production

This component is extremely important in improving the quality of sexual life in men since it is known to improve semen production as it increases volume and quality.

All these benefits are also reflected in the management of erectile dysfunction, as well as blood circulation that directly affects the penis since if blood circulation improves, the quality of erections is improved. L-arginine also enhances and supports sperm production causing men who consume Semenax to have stronger and more fertile sperm.

Hawthorn berry – improves blood flow

Hawthorn berry has been shown to improve circulation, and as we have already mentioned in other articles when circulation is improved, erections can also be improved, likewise, good circulation also influences the improvement of cardiac resistance, a factor that plays a role an important role during sexual intercourse.

Pine Bark Extract – Better Erections

Pine Bark Extract ensures stronger and longer-lasting erections, thanks to the fact that it helps or improves the production of nitric oxide, which is also involved in a male’s sexual performance.

Butea Superba – helps in erection disorder

This is one of the components that are responsible for improving erection disorders. According to experts, the problem of erections is mainly due to poor circulation around the penis.

Butea Superba is responsible for increasing testosterone levels in the body of men, and at the same time, it is responsible for improving blood flow around the penis, which helps improve the hardness of erections, as well as their duration.

Another of the properties of this component is that it is enriched with ganatrophic hormones, testosterone, and follicular stimulant that increases sperm motility.

How does Semenax work ?

The main purpose of Semenax is to improve the number of nutrients in the semen-producing glands, this includes the seminal vesicle, prostate, and bulbourethral glands. Increasing fluid production in these glands.

These same ingredients can work to increase libido, sexual stamina, testosterone levels, and of course sperm volume and motility.

Being a supplement that is made only with natural ingredients, it does not show immediate results, you will surely have to take it for at least a couple of weeks before noticing the first results in the amount of semen that is produced.

Although it is a supplement that is considered safe because it contains natural ingredients, we recommend that if you have any questions, consult your doctor before starting to use it.

Another thing that is important to remember is that each person is different. For example, those who produce less than 1ml of semen per day (this is below normal parameters) can appreciate the changes more quickly.

Those who consume Semenax frequently mention that they have noticed an increase in semen production (from 3 to 4 ml), as well as in its volume.

Who is Semenax for ? 

Semenax is created based on 100 percent natural ingredients and focuses on helping men over 40 years of age to improve their sexual life, by increasing semen volume.

In addition to semen volume, it also focuses on helping men who suffer from other types of complications when having sexual intercourse, these complications can be:

  • Not having an orgasm
  • Low sperm volume
  • Poor quality sperm
  • Low sex drive
  • Short and not so strong erections
  • Premature ejaculation

It is important to clarify that this supplement is only for men, women cannot take Semenax.

Underage men are also not allowed to take the supplement as it can also have side effects on them.

In case you fall within the age range that you can consume Semenax, but you are under medical treatment, it is vitally important that you first consult your doctor before starting to use it.

Pros and cons of Semenax 

As with all products or supplements, there are advantages and disadvantages to their consumption.

It should be noted that Semenax is a supplement that has been medically approved for increasing semen volume, increasing libido, improving testosterone levels, etc.

However, it is important that you know its pros and cons, so we will tell you about them in the following informative table.

Pros Cons 
Safe and reliable ingredientsResults are not immediate
Improves organ strengthLess noticeable results if the cause is an underlying health condition or prescription drug.
Clinically proven to increase semen volumeMen with blood pressure problems, cardiovascular problems, or diabetes should consult their doctors before using Semenax.
Natural and scientifically proven ingredients to improve semen functions.
67 day money-back guarantee
Increase libido
Testosterone enhancement

Focus on the effectiveness of Semenax 

As we discussed in the previous paragraphs, Semenax has already been medically tested, so although the results may vary, these are somehow guaranteed.

Remember that Semenax is made with natural ingredients so its results are not immediate and it can take a couple of weeks or even months to notice the changes.

Semenax is a supplement made for men over 40 years old, who have some difficulties with their testosterone levels, erections, libido levels, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction to name a few.

In addition to all this, it is responsible for increasing semen volume levels, as well as sperm motility.

How to use Semenax ?

The Semenax bottle contains 120 capsules which can be taken 4 times a day for a month. So the bottle of 120 capsules must during this entire period of time.

The correct way to take the 4 capsules is to take 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening.

Remember that to see results you must take Semenax for at least a couple of weeks, or even months, to be more exact the results can be seen after week 3 of use, but you must take it constantly for at least 2 to 3 months.

You may find the time to see results a bit long, but that’s because Semenax is made with 100 percent natural ingredients.

Semenax side effects

So far, Semenax has not been found to produce any adverse effects, of course, as long as it is consumed properly.

In any case, before starting its regular consumption, make sure to check all the components, since the fact that it is made from natural ingredients does not mean that in case of any allergy or condition you will not have any side effects or reactions.

We mention this since several studies have confirmed that there are supplements on the market that contain chemicals that are not mentioned on their labels.

Another reason to be careful is that there are natural ingredients that conflict with certain medications.

That is why we always recommend having the support of a doctor before starting with the consumption of a supplement of any type.

Semenax Reviews 

Most user reviews are positive about the results they have seen from taking Semenax.

Many of them rate the supplement with 4 stars out of 5 and mention that although the results are favorable, indeed, these may take time to be noticeable. This also depends on the age and health conditions of each man who takes it.

Review of Semenax pills
Semenax customer reviews
Semenax pill review

Where to buy Semenax ? 

Semenax can be purchased on the brand’s official website, in addition to this, you can also buy it on Amazon, GNC, and Walmart.

However, we recommend that you look for it on their website since they have different promotions that you will not find anywhere else. For example, better prices when you buy more than one bottle, which is very convenient since the results begin to be seen after a couple of months of consumption. As a return policy, Semenax promotes a 67-day guarantee, which you can use when returning unopened bottles.

Below we share the prices that you can find on their website:

  • A bottle of Semenax is priced at $59.95
  • Bottles for approximate consumption of 3 months are priced at $154.95
  • Buy Semenax for a consumption of 6 months is priced at $289
  • Buying Semenax for a 12-month consumption costs $399.95


Does Semenax work ? 

Semenax is a supplement focused on improving and increasing the volume and quality of semen, as well as other sexual disorders such as improving testosterone levels, and stronger and longer-lasting erections, to name a few.

Being made with totally natural ingredients, it shows results but these take a little longer to be reflected. We recommend you consume Semenax for at least 3 months.

Is Semenax safe ? 

Semenax is considered a safe supplement, however, like any other product of its kind, we recommend that before you start using it, make sure that if you are taking any medication, it is not in conflict with the ingredients of Semenax. We recommend the same in case of allergies.

Before starting the consumption of Semenax, consult your doctor

How much does Semenax cost and where can I buy Semenax at the cheapest price ?

A bottle of Semenax costs $59.95. You can find packages that offer a preferential price when buying several bottles, however, there is no seller with the cheapest option since they all sell the supplements at the same price. If you find places that offer Semenax supplements at a cheaper cost, we suggest you desist from buying them as it is probably not a trustworthy product.

As you will see, Semenax is a supplement for males that are considered safe and delivers good results.

By not containing any chemicals, you will likely start to see an improvement in your sex life for a long time.

Although its cost is high, experts assure that they obtain favorable results in terms of erections, semen quality and volume, and even sperm motility. Remember to visit their website to learn about the different packages they offer.

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