VigRX Plus – benefits, side effects, price & how to buy it [review]

Vigrx Plus Review

Most males question or have concerns about their sexual health. It is common for men to have testosterone issues. The American Urology Association considers 2 out of every 100 men to deal with low testosterone. 

Due to this, many men rely on sexual enhancement pills. Not only do these pills promote better sexual health, but a certain few can also increase testosterone, performance, and abilities.

Leading Edge Health launched VigRX in 2001. Since the company has expanded its range, with VigRX Plus being its best-selling product. VigRX Plus are natural male enhancement pills that promise to improve sex drive, health, and more. 

Today, you will discover the benefits of VigRXPlus, its dangers, reviews, and whether or not it offers real results:

VigRX Plus: the main function

VigRX Plus is a natural male enhancement pill. It has a few functions that enhance males sexual desires, stamina, and strength. Yet, it is important to cover its main function for its users to fully understand its primary purpose. VigRX Plus is a pill that enhances sexual performance.

The pills increase sex drive by boosting testosterone. Secondly, the formula helps gain and sustain erections by increasing blood flow to the penis.

In a 12 week clinical study, users of VigRX Plus saw improvements to their sexual abilities and desires. Those who took a placebo saw no improvements. These studies also conclude that VigRX Plus has positive benefits for erectile dysfunction

Its natural ingredients all have independent purposes that offer various benefits. To find out more, read on:

Composition of VigRX Plus

The composition of VigRX Plus is what makes it stand out amongst its competitors. Formulations of male enhancement pills often contain artificial or man-made ingredients. Whereas VigRX Plus uses all-natural ingredients. All of which offer the user a multitude of enhancement benefits. These ingredients include:

Hawthorn Berry – stimulates blood flow

Hawthorn berry is a natural herb often associated with lowering cholesterol for improving heart health. Its ability to help the heart means it improves blood flow. This in turn means a healthier and more stimulant blood flow to the penis, which helps gain and sustain erections. 

The herb is packed with antioxidants that help to regulate the blood flow. Studies reveal that when the herb is consumed on a regular basis, blood flow will be more regular and healthy. 

Damiana – increases blood flow and nerve impulse

Damiana is a flower grown and native to the western world, especially south and central Americas. It has been used for centuries as a medicine to treat sexual issues. 

Now, it is used in male enhancement pills as a booster for blood flow and nerve impulses. The compounds in the flower help increase the flow of oxygen throughout the body. This helps blood flow and enhances nerve impulses, which can result in longer erections.

A study revealed that the herb works as a natural aphrodisiac and helps increase sexual desire. The study shows that the herb can even help those who suffer from erectile dysfunction. 

Catuaba Bark Extract – helps to improve libido 

If a man loses his sex drive, ingredients like Catuaba Bark Extract can reduce stress and anxiety. These are often causes of loss of libido. 

This bark extract is native to South American countries such as Brazil and Peru. It contains minerals such as Catuabine A, B, and C which are known to naturally relax you and your muscles. This lack of stress can help a male feel more sexual which improves libido. 

Ginkgo Bilbao – enhances sexual performance

This famous Chinese herb has incredible antioxidant benefits. It stimulates blood flow which helps to improve erections and sex drive. This can enhance a male’s sexual desires and performance. 

Saw Palmetto – boosts testosterone levels

Saw Palmetto is a tree extract, derived to help testosterone and sexual deficiencies. Clinical studies have found that Saw Palmetto is comparable to other testosterone regulating medicines. It works to preserve the testosterone levels in the body, which can boost libido and confidence. 

Asian Red Ginseng – increases libido and sexual confidence

Ginseng has been used as a natural remedy for many medical conditions since 3500BC. In recent years, it was been seen as a great solution for increasing libido. 

A study found that when people take Asian red ginseng, they feel more sexual and energized. This increases libido and enhances a male’s sexual performance. The study also found that the plant can improve sperm quality and infertility issues. 

Muira Pauma Bark Extract – helps improve loss of libido 

Muira Pauma bark extract is native to the Amazon region and is referred to as the “erection root”. Tribesman have used this bark extract for centuries to improve libido. A study found that when consumed, Muira Pauma bark extract can enhance the mental ability to feel sexually aroused. It is said to increase libido by boosting sexual satisfaction and helping with erectile dysfunction. 

Epimedium Leaf Extract – increases testosterone  

This leaf extract comes from the plant family Berberidaceae as it is often known as horny goat weed. Its natural active ingredients contain antioxidants that work to boost testosterone levels. In turn, this boosts sexual desires and improves erections. 

Research shows that epimedium leaf extract has a positive effect on helping with fertility as well as improving sexual deficiencies. 

Together, these ingredients formulate VigRX Plus and promote male sexual enhancement. They are all-natural ingredients that have been used for centuries for sexual health and other issues.

To understand how these ingredients work and perform together here’s more:

How does VigRX Plus work?

Better sexual health and performance are both key selling points for VigRX Plus. All of the ingredients in VigRX Plus work together to enhance male sexual desires, performance, and abilities. 

The two most common reasons for poor sexual performance is erectile dysfunction or mental health. Stress and anxiety can cause poor sexual performance and/or loss of libido. Thus, some ingredients help reduce anxiety, which relaxes the body and improves libido. 

Moreover, most ingredients work to boost testosterone, blood flow, and nerve impulse. All of which increase sexual desire and performance.

If you are interested in trying VigRX Plus due to these benefits, below is more information on who the products are for: 

Who is VigRX Plus for?

VigRX Plus contains ingredients that boost testosterone, improve blood flow, and enhance sexual desire. All functions that work in favor of men. Hence, the brand is aimed at males. Particularly those who wish to increase libido, performance in the bedroom, or have sexual deficiencies. 

A huge benefit of VigRX Plus is that it contains all-natural ingredients, making them safe to take. All have a history of being used as medicines, which further ensures safety. 

There have been no reports of contraindications of VigRX Plus, suggesting it is safe for most people to take. Yet, it is important to discuss taking such medication with your doctor to ensure safety. 

If you have allergies to any ingredients, it advised avoiding taking VigRX Plus.

For more on the pros and cons of the male enhancement pills:

Pros and Cons of VigRX Plus

Currently, VigRX Plus has had a positive history of customers and scientific reviews. Yet, it is understandable to question a company’s credibility. There is no product on the market that is 100% perfect, so here are the pros and cons of VigRX Plus:

Improves control of ejaculationPossible side effects
Made with 100% natural ingredientsMostly only available online
Longer lasting erectionsMany fake dupes on the market
Better orgasms
Improves sexual performance
Two-month money-back guarantee
Improves erection size

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Understanding the science behind the product is useful to acknowledge whether or not the product will be beneficial or effective for you:

Focus on the effectiveness of VigRX Plus

From studies, it is verified that the ingredients used in VigRX Plus can help boost testosterone levels, improve sex drive, and more. Since its launch, the company have had mostly positive reviews. Yet, it is not guaranteed that every user will achieve the same results. 

For the most part, the ingredients are considered to be effective in certain ways.

A review found that VigRX Plus can help with premature ejaculation issues. In the blind study, 43 individuals who took VigRX Plus saw an improvement in ejaculation times. This proves that the ingredients do indeed work to stimulate and prolong sexual activity. 

More studies found that VigRX Plus has a positive effect on those with erectile dysfunction. After taking the pills for 12 weeks, participants saw a significant difference in their libido and performance. 

There is not an abundance of studies but the current studies do reveal that the ingredients in VigRX Plus are safe and effective.

For more information on how to take the pills to see real results:

How to use VigRX Plus

Due to VigRX Plus pills being made of natural ingredients, they are safe for most people to take. 

Each pack comes with 60 tablets, which should last you 30 days. The recommended daily dosage is 2 per day. One should be taken before breakfast and the second should be taken before dinner. Each should be consumed with a glass of water.

To see results, you should take them every day. The pills will not work instantly. Instead, they may take a few days or a week to show significant results. 

To understand more about the side effects and risks of taking VigRX Plus, see below:

Risks, Hazards, and Side Effects of VigRX Plus

Though the ingredients of VigRX Plus are natural, every medicine poses some risk for people with existing medical conditions. 

For example, anyone with testosterone, blood or allergy issues, you should avoid taking such pills before seeking advice from your doctor. 

Currently, users of VigRX Plus pills have not encountered any harmful side effects. But, some have reported light to mild headaches. 

It is important to be aware of the side effects to acknowledge if you need to stop taking them. Before consumption, always consult your doctor to ensure the product is safe for you to take.

To see more on what users have to say about VigRX Plus:

VigRX Plus: Reviews

As much as scientific reviews and clinical studies are useful, recommendations from real customers of the product are sometimes more insightful. 

On the official VigRX Plus website, they state they have sold over 1 million units of the product. Of which, they display 5-star reviews.

For non-biased user reviews, it is always best to look at third-party sellers like Amazon. Amazon is an online marketplace that sells VigRX Plus globally. There, you will find an average of 4 out of 5-star reviews for the product. 

Most customers rate the product 5 stars due to noticeable results within a few days. Many customers state that it improves erections and libido. Mixed reviews typically state that they say no reviews. All of which you can find below:

verified purchase feedback of VigrX Plus
Bad review VigrX
what customers think vigrx
Verified review of VigrX Plus
Review from a customer VigrX
Review of VigrX Plus

These user reviews will help new customers of VigRX Plus understand if the results are real. As well as what the typical experience taking such as a product would be like.

If you are interested in trying the product yourself, read on for our complete buying guide: 

Where to buy VigRX Plus: the complete guide

VigRX Plus is widely available online. Both the official website and third party sellers such as Amazon and Walmart sell the product. Yet, the best offers are found on the official VigRX Plus website. 

Price and special offers

There you will find a few different bundle options. A month supply of VigRX Plus costs $69. Then, they offer other options for customers to save money:

  • 2 month supply: costs $129, saving $9
  • 3-month supply: costs $179, saving $28
  • 6-month supply: costs $210.94, saving $203.06
  • 12-month supply: costs $589, saving $239

The best deals can be found online. The best value for money packs is any that offer free shipping. The more months you purchase at once, the more money you will save.

Where else to buy VigRX Plus

If you wish to purchase in-store, the option is available. Very few sellers offer the product in-store. Yet, there are a few. It is best to purchase the product from verified sellers, such as the website or Amazon to ensure the authenticity of the pills.

If you have any more questions, below you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions on VigRX Plus:


How long does VigRX Plus take to work?

VigRX Plus pills can take up to two weeks to work. The effects will not be instant. So, the user should continue with daily use to see real results. 

What is the strongest male enhancement pill?

HAPENIS XL has been reported as the strongest male enhancement pill on the market. This is due to the high concentration of ingredients that trigger instant and long-lasting results. Currently, this is not an FDA approved product.

Is VigRX Plus sold at Walmart?

Yes, Walmart stock VigRX Plus pills. Both in select stores and online. 

What ingredients are in VigRX Plus?

The main ingredients found in VigRX Plus are natural and include ginkgo, Korean Ginseng, Saw Palmetto, Hawthorn, Catuaba, and Damiana. Together, these promote male enhancement. 

Can testosterone increase size?

Testosterone causes an increase in muscle mass. Thus, may cause a temporary increase in size due to muscle mass and swelling. But, there is no current science to verify that it can cause a permanent size increase to the penis.

With that information in mind, here are our final thoughts:

VigRX Plus does not claim to be the typical penis enlargement pill. Instead, their guarantee is to increase sexual desire, sexual performance, and help tackle sexual deficiencies. From scientific and user reviews, VigRX Plus does offer real results. 

Although they are not magic pills, they can offer consumers a better sex drive and sexual enhancement. They are a great solution for anyone with sexual deficiencies or particular needs. 

With them being formulated from natural ingredients, they are safe for anyone to take. But, if you do experience side effects or have medical concerns, do seek medical advice. 

If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to share them with us.

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