XYZ Smart Collagen: Benefits, Side effects, How to use it [Review]

Nowadays there seem to be infinite treatments and promised solutions to aging skin, fine lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles, and visible dark under-eye circles. Think injectables, cosmetic surgeries, but also products as numerous pills, and several creams to buy.

Enough to get lost in, at least. We get it: starting the prevention of anti-aging with the big guns right away, such as injectables, can seem like a lot. So the last option on the list is what we’ll delve deeper into today.

Here’s an in-depth guide in our XYZ Smart Collagen review.

What is collagen?

Collagen is a natural protein that provides structure to a lot of your body. As it is already found in the human body, read: bones, teeth, and blood vessels, it seems to be extremely effective. In short in the chapter skincare: gives us benefits as youthful and freshly cleansed skin. However, the amount of collagen in the skin, unfortunately, decreases as we age.

According to several dermatologists, our skin slowly starts to lose collagen around our twenties and thirties. That’s why it seems to be key to start anti-aging regimes almost as early as possible to give your sagging skin a little assistance. Not only does age play its role in this, but of course, genetics have their share in it as well.

Given that, a good step to take is to review the skin conditions and the rate of wrinkles of your (elderly) family members. Seems like a good time for a tea with your mom, grandma, and your aunts.

The founders of XYZ – so-called skin architects – have come up with a solution to visible signs of aging skin, using natural cosmetics without any artificial ingredients and unfavorable effects. In this review, we’re presenting you all the ins and outs of the latest trend in the world of anti-aging skincare: The XYZ Smart Collagen anti aging Cream. 

XYZ Smart Collagen: Stops The Clock 

As reported by the makers, XYZ Smart Collagen is a new collagen system designed to maintain healthy, youthful skin, that “Stops The Clock” (yes please), with clinically proven results.

The product is curated by the company Wolfson Berg Limited. With over a decade of experience in the development of nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals, they are known to be only using the finest ingredients and state-of-the-art production facilities.

The ingredients the face cream is put together with, create a balance between collagen production and the breakdown of collagen within the skin. As a result, the skin will be tighter, smoother and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will be significantly reduced in just 12 weeks of use. 

How does XYZ Smart Collagen work?

With the several natural, active ingredients the face cream gives us the following promises:

  • To reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • To lift and contour, sculpt and define the look of facial shapes
  • To tighten and firm: usage improves skin elasticity and density for a more strengthened appearance
  • Improve the skin texture: the cream helps to smoothen, level, and refine the texture of the skin for a rejuvenated look
  • To reduce stretch marks heavily 
xyz smart collagen

Ingredients and contents 

The main ingredient that is responsible for all the magic benefits in this cream, is the leaf sap of the South African plant Bulbine Frutescens. This plant is proven to be very effective in a wide range of skin conditions as wounds too, such as:

  • Acne
  • Burns
  • Blisters
  • Cracked lip
  • Insect bites
  • Itchy skin
  • Sunburn
  • Rashes

The liquid of this South African plant is cold-pressed, to achieve the best results possible. This extraction method is known to extract the maximum amount and preserve the active composition.

The leaf sap contains two active ingredients, Acetylated Polymannose and Knipholone, that have been scientifically proven to slow the rate of collagen breakdown and increase collagen production – all this goodness without triggering the body’s natural immune response. 

A key ingredient that you will find in almost all cosmetic collagen boosters, called TGF-β (and its artificial alternatives), does increase the amount of collagen your skin produces, but on the other hand, it can also unintentionally cause the collagen production to get out of control. In that case, newly produced collagen doesn’t have the quality that does good for your skin. This is probably the reason why some anti-aging products don’t seem to make any difference to your skin.

TGF-β also activates the release of leukotrienes, which can provide your skin with an overload of collagen. And that’s not what we want. XYZ Smart Collagen opposes this matter by monitoring the occurrence of new collagen production. The formula successfully switches the synthesis of leukotriene. 

This means that the number of collagen increases, but without bringing side effects, which would normally affect the skin’s inflaming response. This means that the fresh collagen results to be healthy and bring you the plump, youthful, glowy skin you’re aiming for. 

A few other nice specs of the luxe cream are as follows:

  • 100% Vegan Friendly
  • Contains no artificial ingredients
  • Contains no mineral oil, palm oil, or palm kernel oils.

Next to that, the product is certified by:

  • Cosmos
  • Nagoya
  • Nature Complaint
  • EcoCert.

What’s not to love, if you’re asking us. 

XYZ Smart Collagen: for who to use?

The product can be used by anyone who is on the lookout for younger-looking skin without wrinkles, or who wants to avoid aging skin, by using products that contain natural ingredients.

In line with the advice of many dermatologists, to start early and prevent early: it’s probably best to start using the cream around your twenties. However, when you’re unsure about this, we advise you to seek medical advice from your doctor or dermatologist. 

But does it really work?

According to several studies from the company itself, the product does indeed seem to work and thus, shows visible results.

  • First: a qualified dermatologist confirmed measurable, visible results after a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, in which 21 women in the age range between 45 and 65 participated. The women were told to use the formula for 84 days, twice a day. The objective dermatologist measured the skin conditions at the start of the study, in the middle of it (the 42nd day), and the last day, day 84. On both the 42nd day and the last day, significant results were confirmed.
  • Second: XYZ showed before and after photos of a woman who used XYZ Smart Collagen for 84 days, to two groups of women. One of the groups was asked to estimate the age of the lady before the use of the formula – and they were correct, with the age of 52.5 years. The group that had to give its verdict after the 84 days, and estimated the woman to be at an age of 45 years old, which comes down to 7.5 years younger than her real age.

But not only the studies listed above prove that the product actually does what it is promising its customers. Different user reviews on the website of XYZ claim the cream to show benefits already after a few weeks, sometimes even after a few days of use. 

According to the customers that gave the product reviews, their skin feels softer, smoother, and firmer, have more confidence, and the face cream seems to be suitable to use at any age, varying until the age of 93.

How to use XYZ Smart Collagen

According to the XYZ team, the product should be used following the below instructions:

1 – Apply the cream twice a day

Both morning and night – onto thoroughly cleansed skin.

2 – Smooth the product over the entire face

With care, while using gentle upward strokes. Don’t forget the neck area. Allow the face cream to fully soak in the skin.

For a full experience, read about the different ways to restore collagen in the face.

3 – Apply delicately on the eye area

But make sure to do it with care, avoiding the lower eyelids and tear ducts.

4 – Maximize results

By following up the above-listed routine with sunscreen every morning. As unprotected exposure to the sun is the biggest cause of aging skin.

xyz smart collagen with pack

What are the side effects of using collagen on the skin?

Being a natural product, there are no significant side-effects to the use of XYZ Smart Collagen. But, given the fact that everyone has a different skin type, there is a possibility that unless the health effects of it, the product may cause some breakouts, but fortunately, these are often temporary.

Next to that, the scent of the cream can be somewhat strong – but besides that, there are no critical known side effects that can affect your health.

Where to buy XYZ Smart Collagen Cream?

As there are probably numerous websites in face care that (claim to) sell this product, so we advise you to shop the product from the core: the brands’ own official website. In this way, you will at least be 100% sure of buying what you’re looking for. 

The website is easy to navigate, clear, and has a lot more information to read about the cream and its core ingredients. They offer free shipping in the United States and also accept cancellations on orders up to 14 days after the receipt date of the product.

>> Click here to visit XYZ Smart Collagen official website <<

WithinTheTrend’s Verdict

At the end of the day, we all have healthy, glowing, youthful-looking skin on top of our skin wishlist. And since we’re not all born with that – XYZ’s cream is a great solution, if you ask us.

With just a slight adjustment in your daily skincare routine, skin like that is just a few weeks away: and all that for an affordable price. Last but not least, a big plus: we’re a big fan of the minimalist, luxe-looking packaging of the products, too. 

XYZ Smart Collagen may help reduce and slow down the process of aging skin. Of course, several lifestyle habits will help you to keep your skin in its best condition, such as enough sleep, exfoliating and moisturizing regularly, and avoiding direct sunlight.

And since beauty comes from within: make sure to nourish and take care of your body with foods that are high in vitamins, minerals, as well as antioxidants. 

FAQ: A few questions and answers that may be helpful

Still in need of a little more information about this anti-aging cream? Let us help you out on that, by answering your frequently asked questions. 

Is XYZ Smart Collagen a genuine product? 

XYZ is indeed a legit product – since it is manufactured by a reputed company in nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals, and the product is clinically tested.

How is the quality of ingredients of the cream retained? 

In the manufacturing process, the company uses the cold-pressing technique upon the leaves of the South African plant for its products. This helps to extract the maximum amount of pure sap from the leaves while maintaining the active compounds, and in return, offering you the best quality possible.

Do I need a prescription to purchase XYZ Smart Collagen?

You don’t need any medical recommendations or prescriptions to buy XYZ Smart Collagen Cream. 

Is it safe to use the face cream?

Yes, XYZ Smart Collagen is a safe product with no reported side effects.

Does XYZ Smart Collagen Really Work?

XYZ Smart Collagen is recommended by 90% of female panelists. The plant-based anti-aging cream is safe to use with reported positive reviews. It stimulates the skin to produce extra collagen.

Who should not use XYZ Smart Collagen? 

Given the fact that the cream has anti-aging features, we do not advise you to use the cream when under the age of 20. Also, make sure to seek medical advice from a doctor or dermatologist when you have certain allergies – they can carefully check the ingredients with you and provide you with more answers.

What are the various specialties and certifications?

The formula is a gluten-free, vegan-friendly, organic product. It is Nagoya Compliant, which means that it ensures the ethical and sustainable use of plants. The Cosmos Certification proves that the cream is made with organic content. Lastly, XYZ Smart Collagen is EcoCert listed, which means that it consists of naturally obtained ingredients.

Is XYZ Smart Collagen clinically proven? 

The product has been clinically tested by qualified dermatologists and has also been studied in placebo-controlled testing. These tests showed XYZ Smart Collagen to have positive results within three months.

If you have any other questions regarding the product, skincare, or anti-aging, feel free to leave a comment below. 

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