Zotrim – benefits, dangers, dosage, and reviews


For those seeking weight loss, you may be fed up with methods that do not produce results. Instead of using artificial products, ineffective ingredients, and strict dieting and training plans, it is best to use a supplement that changes your lifestyle and attitude.

Zotrim is a herbal weight loss aid. Over the years, it has offered impressive results and received positive feedback. It works by suppressing appetite, controlling hunger, and boosting energy levels. Ultimately, it offers benefits that can influence a lifestyle change and aid a sustainable weight loss. 

Today, you will find out Zotrim’s main functions and benefits. As well as how its ingredients work to encourage weight loss, the dosages to respect, and its potential dangers:

Zotrim: the main function

Zotrim has been formulated and sold from the UK since 2001. The formula consists of natural ingredients that are also 100 percent herbal. All of which are found in South America. 

Each ingredient has its own function and contribution to weight loss. These ingredients are the reason it can offer numerous weight loss benefits. From suppressing appetite to boosting metabolism. 

Find out more about how Zotrim actually works:

How does Zotrim work?

Zotrim is a natural supplement, formulated with herbal ingredients. It has many key properties that help in aiding weight loss. From curbing hunger to improving your mood, see below are the 5 benefits Zotrim offers:

1 – Curbs Hunger

Zotrim’s ingredients work to curb hunger and reduce your appetite. Whether it is your brain sending signals that you are hungry when you are not. Or, if you snack unnecessarily after eating, Yerba Mate extract is one of Zotrim’s key active ingredients that curbs hunger. 

The extract releases chemicals into your brain that slowly suppresses appetite.

2 – Controls Eating Habits

The purpose of Zotrim’s ingredients is to give its users control over their food intake. The tablets are to be taken before meals. This is due to the formula helping you feel fuller for longer. Thus, it will prevent you from overeating. It will also resist food temptations. Having control over your eating habits will help you stick to the required calorie intake that will result in weight loss.

3 – Boosts Metabolism 

Caffeine is a natural metabolism booster. Zotrim contains several caffeinated ingredients, which work together to increase your metabolic rate. 

A faster metabolism is beneficial for enhanced fat burning and providing your body with more energy. 

4 – Increases Fat Burning

The guarana seed extract is a caffeinated leaf. When combined with natural caffeine, they simultaneously thrive off one another. They both work to increase energy levels and boost athletic performance. This, combined with a quicker metabolism, will increase fat burning. 

5 – Improves Your Mood

Caffeine is often used to improve mood, as it naturally boosts energy levels. But, caffeine is not the key ingredient here. Instead, damiana leaf extract combined with vitamin B3 and B6 work to relax you and combat fatigue. 

Both of these properties help in conquering emotional eating, which is a major issue for weight gain. 

Learn more about Zotrim’s ingredients and how they benefit weight loss:

Composition of Zotrim

Zotrim’s appetite suppressant tablets are formulated with natural plant extracts, caffeine, and essential vitamins. All ingredients have been clinically tested and reported as effective solutions for losing weight. Below you will find more on the benefits of each ingredient:

Yerba Mate Leaf Extract – reduces your appetite

Yerba Mate is a leaf extract typically found in South American countries, especially indigenous communities such as Brazil and Paraguay. These are naturally caffeinated leaves that work to reduce hunger. 

The ingredients also works to increase energy levels, which can help for performance during a workout. Those who exercise more frequently whilst taking such ingredients will achieve enhanced fat loss. This is due to excess fat burning through eating less and burning more calories. 

Caffeine – increases energy 

Additional caffeine is found in Zotrim, as its aim is to give you abundant energy. This is to motivate dieters to exercise more, which will burn additional calories. 

Caffeine is a natural ingredient. Once consumed, it can raise a person’s metabolic rate. Faster metabolism combined with exercise will maximize the consumer’s results through increased fat burning. 

Guarana Seed Extract – boosts metabolism for excelled fat burning

The caffeine concentration found in guarana seeds is greater than coffee itself. The stimulant found in guarana seed extract promotes weight loss as its job is to raise your metabolism. Guarana seed extract added to the other caffeinated ingredients is a great combination for excelled fat burning

Guarana seeds are found in the Amazon, where tribes use the extract as medicine. It has been used for centuries as a natural fat burner and athletic performance booster.

Damiana Leaf Extract – helps to prevent snacking 

Damiana leaves are grown in Central America and Mexico. They are derived from wild shrubs and were traditionally used as an aphrodisiac. Now, the damiana leaf extract is used to improve your mood. The natural form of damiana contains chemicals that affect the brain, which simultaneously lifts your emotions and relaxes you. 

For weight loss, damiana works by preventing emotional eating. This can help a dieter cut snacking from their routine and be in control of their food habits. It can also help to loosen stools, which can help increase the digestive system cycle.

Vitamin B3 and B6 – reduces fatigue and maintains a healthy metabolism 

Vitamin B is an essential element for converting what you eat into fuel. Zotrim contains two B vitamins, vitamin B3 and B6, in order to regulate your digestive cycle. 

When a person reduces their food intake, they can often experience fatigue. B vitamins will combat that due to their energy-generating purpose. 

The formula contains small amounts of other ingredients. This includes sodium, magnesium stearate, hydroxyethylcellulose, and sulfonamides. Each of these ingredients is chemicals that promote appetite suppressing, reducing calorie intake, and increasing metabolism. All of these functions are a great support for losing weight. 

If you are wondering whether Zotrim is for you: 

Who is Zotrim for?

Zotrim is targeted at any individual who is seeking weight loss. The formula is for those who struggle with controlling their hunger, exceed their daily calorie intake, and struggle to fuel their bodies properly.

If anyone reaches their goal weight and wishes to maintain this, Zotrim can support this. It is safe to continue using the tablets long-term. 

The ingredients are safe to take and have no health issue reports. But to ensure safety and reduced risks, all users should be over 18 years old. Consult you doctor before using this product, if you have current health issues. Or, are pregnant or breastfeeding.

To discover if Zotrim will work for you, it is best to consider its pros and cons:

Pros and Cons of Zotrim

Weighing up a product’s pros and cons are helpful to see if it will be effective or beneficial for you to take. Zotrim has had impressive positive reviews. 

Little to no side effectsCould be considered expensive
Great bundle dealsCan only be purchased online
Positive research on the effectiveness of its ingredientsPregnant/breastfeeding women cannot take Zotrim
Its formula contains natural ingredientsOnly suitable for people over 18 years old
Clinically reviewed formula 
100-day money-back guarantee

As stated, Zotrim has been clinically reviewed and the ingredients have concluded positively for their effectiveness for weight loss. Discover more about the research and studies below:

Focus on the effectiveness of Zotrim

There have not been many reports and clinical studies on the efficacy of Zotrim. But, the reports that have been conducted have shown positive results. 

A study from the British Food Journal in 2007 observed an impressive response to 73 participants who took Zotrim for a six week period. At that time, participants were told not to change their lifestyles. Reports found that most saw a notable decrease in their waist and hip measurements. Whilst over 20 percent resulted in remarkable weight loss. 

Those who partook in this study noted they had a reduction in hunger and snacked a lot less. There were also many reports of being satisfied after eating. 

Evidence concludes that Zotrim is effective and does fulfill what it promotes. 

If you are wondering what the dosages to respect are:

Dosage: how to use Zotrim?

A person can start and stop taking Zotrim at any time. If you want to suppress your appetite that day, you should take it before your first meal. From there, tablets should be taken before each meal. The recommended dosage is two to three tablets. These can be taken just a few minutes before you eat. 

If you forget to take Zotrim before eating, your appetite may not be suppressed to its fullest potential. Taking the tablets before eating will help you feel fuller quicker. Then, the formula will work to curb cravings after eating. Thus, to achieve its maximum effects, always take them before you eat a meal. 

Mild side effects can occur from taking Zotrim, such as nausea. If this affects you or persists, it is advised to stop taking the tablets. It is unlikely for the tablets to cause any other side effects. Currently, no others have been reported. 

The formula is made from all-natural plant extracts, which assures the safety and a minimal chance of adverse health risks. This also means that Zotrim is safe for most people to take and is unlikely to cause issues if a person was to accidentally overdose. For more advice on the safety of these products for your health, consult a doctor.

Although Zotrim is formulated with natural extracts, it is important to be aware of the health risks and hazards consumption could induce:

Risks, Hazards, and Side Effects of Zotrim

As mentioned, Zotrim poses minimal health risks. Due to it being formulated with natural ingredients, there is a small chance it could cause mild side effects. So far the only side effect to have been reported is nausea. 

Zotrim’s formula contains caffeine, which is often associated with mild jittering, anxiety, stomach irritation, and restlessness. If you suffer from these issues when consuming regular caffeine, these tablets may not be suitable for you. 

The main health hazard is if a person was to purposely overdose. Zotrim contains a small serving of sulfonamides, which are man-made chemicals known to potentially cause the following health issues:

  • Anorexia
  • Colic
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness

To ensure the safety of your health, always take the recommended dosage of two to three tablets per meal. If any side effects occur, stop taking Zotrim immediately and inform a doctor.

For personal accounts of users who have taken Zotrim:

Zotrim: user reviews

Many user reviews show that customers are satisfied with the product. These users report that they have reached their goals due to the tablets suppressing their appetite and boosting energy. From the positive reviews, customers have reported that they feel fuller for longer and are more motivated to exercise. 

User reviews are typically positive. But, those that have mixed views state that they are not to be taken as a quick fix. Others say that the tablets are more effective during the first few weeks of taking them. 

If you would like to try Zotrim and see if it works for you, find out the best place to purchase them:

How to buy Zotrim: the complete guide

To purchase Zotrim, you can do so via the official website. There you will find the best offers and worldwide shipping. A 30-day supply retails for $59.99. 

If you want to purchase more than a 30-day supply, you will save money. Zotrim offers a 2-month bundle for $119.98, which comes with a free 1 month supply. Or, they offer a 3-month bundle for $179.97, with a 2 month free supply. Offers and discounts may vary throughout the year. 

Alternatively, Zotrim is available on other retailers’ sites such as Amazon. To ensure the authenticity of the product, always purchase through one of these trusted sellers. 

Those who are interested in using the product may have additional questions. See below for some faqs:


Can you drink alcohol whilst taking Zotrim?

Alcohol is fine to consume whilst taking Zotrim. But, alcohol contributes to your calories. Thus, excessive or regular alcohol consumption may cause weight gain.

Can vegetarians or vegans take Zotrim?

Both vegetarians and vegans can take Zotrim. The formula is made of natural ingredients, which are all free from animal products. 

Can Zotrim interact with other medicines?

There are currently no statements of the ingredients interacting with other medications. If you do experience any health issues or side effects, consult a health care professional immediately. 

Is Zotrim okay to take when pregnant or breastfeeding?

All diet medicines should be avoided when pregnant or breastfeeding for the health of the baby. It is safe to take after pregnancy or breastfeeding. 

Can diabetics use Zotrim?

Zotrim is considered safe to take for all people, including diabetics. If you have any concerns, you should negotiate with your doctor.

Now, for our final thoughts:

Zotrim has had impressive reports and reviews from both clinical studies and its users. Thus far, it has shown significant results in aiding weight loss. It has also fulfilled the benefits that it promotes from curbing hunger to increasing metabolism and energy levels among its users. 

As the formula consists of natural ingredients, it is one of a few weight loss supplements that do not have any reported side effects. Nor can it be harmful to those who have medical issues. But, to ensure the safety of the product, it is advised to seek advice from your doctor. 

It is one of the most successful herbal weight loss aids on the market. So, if you are seeking help for losing body fat or pounds, it may indeed provide you with the extra support you need.

If you have more questions or feedback, feel free to leave that with us.

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