How to Improve Your Memory? The 15 Easy Steps

One of the most crucial parts of your brain activity is memory. It keeps your touch with reality. Not to mention that it makes you remember other people and improve your mental and cognitive health.

For all these reasons, to improve your short and long term memory is among the most significant objectives of our times.

Long term memory has to do with images and memories from the past. These are stored as chemical signals in your brain cells and accessed when you need to recall something when talking, working, or learning.

On the other hand, the short term memory is a part of your brain activity, storing information only for the day you are running.

You will find useful information about your memory and the simple steps you need to follow to make it work better. Let’s now see which are the reasons your mind gradually fails when getting older.

Why does your memory fail when growing older?

When growing older, more brain cells get destroyed due to apoptosis procedures. Some brain cells that dye is not getting replaced since neurons cannot multiply in adult life.

Furthermore, other molecules like free radicals are destroying the DNA in the brain cells’ nucleus. For that reason, you cannot keep long-term information in parts of your mind that usually did so. 

Another reason why your memory can fail when you get older is substance abuse. The adoption of such a toxic way of life can quickly destroy the synapses across the brain cells. People who drink too much or even have a drug addiction could lose their memory (short and long term) quicker than others who take good care of their health.

Since your brain cells need oxygen to work and store memories, your vascular system is vital in promoting your cognitive and mental function.

People who get older have their vessels working less efficiently. As a result, blood reaches the brain cells at a lower rate. It is the main reason that older people have short and long term memory loss.

Finally, neurodegenerative disease like Alzheimer’s and Dementia is also the main reason to lose your ability to recall memories. When growing older, you are more susceptible to such brain disease. 

How can you improve your memory?

People tend to find methods and exercise to help their mind improve the short and long term memory function. Additionally, it is a global health challenge to start training to keep your memory at its best.

Some of the tips you can follow to sharpen your mind and permanently improve your cognitive and mental functions are:

1-Save your energy for things that matter the most. 

Your brain only consumes sugar as a fuel. You need to keep it working only for quality things throughout the day and avoid brain fog.

2-Read books and stay away from the computer.

Laptops, tablets, and smartphones can make you lose your mind. You can help your brain to remember more information only by reading. You will also recall memories better when you learn the simple training techniques of your mind.

3-Pay attention to the details. 

When you want to recall information, focus on the details of every task. You will eventually reach the stage where you will easily remember all the essential facts.

4-Start adopting simple brain exercises. 

With this set of brain training, you will soon have the cognitive function you always wanted.

At this time, you should be having less stress about your short and long memory recovery tools.

 Let’s now see what the requirements for you to improve your memory on a long term basis are.

What do you need to improve your memory?

First, you need to apply an hourly schedule for your day. You have to sleep well and start recording your daily tasks and the time you need to complete them.

Then you will have to write down everything. Remember not to use your smartphone to keep the records. Just a paper and a pencil would do. Start writing everything you have done throughout the day. 

You will eventually see that you miss some important parts. However, the more you write your daily log, the best your memory abilities will be.

That is the trick to start improving your short term memory. Your brain will develop the right connections to make it simpler for you to recall any recent information.

For your long term memory, you will pay attention to the pictures you have at home. Try to remember when they were captured and how long ago it was.

You will eventually come to the point where your long-term memory will become more efficient and work at its best. People who struggle to remember information about their past can always have some others remind them of some outstanding events of their life.

Most people are always fond of having conversations about their past. The discussion will activate the synapses of your nerve cells in your brain acoustic area, where your memories may store. You will have the opportunity to work with your body and find the perfect balance you need.

Here are some of the most precise step by step instructions to improve your memory and cognitive function. Most people don’t know that their mental health is also dependent on these factors. Let’s analyze them in-depth.

Step By Step Instructions to improve your memory.

These are some of the most knowledgeable advice to improve your memory once and for all:

1- Reduce your stress and anxiety levels

The modern way of life can make you lose your mental health. For that reason lowering the cortisol threshold in your bloodstream can make you happier than ever before.

In the meantime, you are going to have the best possible memory effects. It seems like stress hormones have a direct impact on your brain cells. According to a recent study, women with increased stress levels can have difficulty remembering current or older events in their lives.

As a result, by reducing your anxiety and stress, you gain brain and cognitive health. You give a boost to your thoughtfulness. 

2- Entertain yourself and smile

People who laugh more in their day have lots of chances to gain memory benefits. Long and short term memory always has to do with your satisfaction and laughter levels.

Laughing can also improve the secretion of endorphins and dopamine in your brain cells. These are useful in giving you a list of things to remember so that you can build a strong memory.

Not to mention that when you entertain yourself, you tend to loosen up and reduce the cortisol levels in your body. That is beneficial for your mental abilities and helps your mind to remember all crucial information.

3- Prefer the Vitamin-C plentiful beverages

We all know that orange juice is good for our health. Oranges and grapefruits are full of lycopene. That is the preliminary molecule for restoring the cognitive function to test groups in several studies.

Everyone who starts his day consuming orange and grapefruits juice has more carotenoids in his blood.

Thus, it is easier to keep your body and mental health at higher levels just by consuming Vitamin C.

4- Start exercise and training

Many readers would be reluctant to accept that training and exercise can give you a memory boost. However, it is a fact that people who perform aerobics have a greater hippocampus brain area.

You don’t need to become a champion to recall the information you want. Training can improve your learning skills and help you remember things that matter in life.

An article published online has shown a dramatic response of the brain size to the training intensity. So keep on the good exercise to have a better memory.

5-Use tricks to memorize simple information

The old methods you used at school could become the best way to revitalize your memory. Try to create your abbreviations to identify lengthy words. 

Integrate daily spots that you can focus on when you need to remember something. You will be amazed by your brain’s ability to recall all the information related to that spot.

6-Start playing mind games

If you discourage playing mind games, then think again. It is the knowledge games that make you remember better all the information you already have in your mind. 

Gather with your friends and spend a night playing such games. Several studies relate the slow down in Dementia progress, with the weekly play of such games. 

The number of such games is countless. You can play the Millionaire game or Chess. In the end, you will improve your long term memory and find ways to elevate your attention.

7-Socialize and meet old friends

People who isolate themselves from their friends could suffer from memory loss. That is why you have to meet your friends regularly. They can make you recall your memories shared with them. Your long term memory will eventually get better.

Talking and hanging out with friends takes your stress away. It is a unique factor that assures you that your brain will restore your cognitive function the soonest as possible.

8- Start drinking more water

Brain hydration is one of the best things you can do to improve your memory. Since more than 90% of your brain consists of water, all memory molecules are hydro-friendly. 

If you increase your water intake, you will soon have better overall health and exercise faster. Water is the primary substance of all molecules dealing with memory, attention, and cognitive function. Keep it to the best possible level you can.

9-Try to sunbathe regularly

Scientists don’t get along well with sun exposure on your skin. However, some exposure during the morning hours of the day can be beneficial for your memory.

Your body makes Vitamin D when you expose yourself to the sun. That is why people with Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia should get some sn radiation when possible. 

According to the latest article published online, sunlight can affect your mood, attention, cognitive function, and memory since it interferes with the glutamate path.

10-Reduce your exposure to smartphones and tablets

Every time you use your cell phone, you suppress your memory. It would be wise to shut off your smartphone to enjoy your time alone with your friends.

Smartphones and tablets can emit almost invisible radiation that acts on your retina. It makes melatonin hormone levels to decrease and gives you less sleep time than the one you initially need.

When you limit the use of new technology, your brain cells get protected, and you have a natural memory boost.

11-Adopt better sleeping habits

Some people neglect to sleep enough, and they lose part of their ability to remember crucial information. The REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep has proved to be elemental for your memory’s health. 

That is why people who wake up early in the night to work or even work night shifts end up developing a neurodegenerative disease like Dementia or Alzheimer’s. 

Take a nap during the early afternoon hour, and you will eventually stress less and have a better memory. Sleep at least eight hours during the night and learn your brain to work well and create memories.

12-Eat fewer carbs

If you alter your nutrition towards the proteins, you will see a substantial improvement in your memory. People who eat a lot of carbs can suffer from memory loss. That is due to the amyloids that stay on top of the nerve cell membranes.

It would be wiser to have your energy taken from proteins and vegetables with fewer carbs and make you feel better. They are also full of vitamins and minerals to give you a natural mood boost. Preparing your body working better is always a plus.

13-Think about practicing meditation

People are always fond of new beginnings. That is why meditation has been popular among those who have memory issues. Ayurvedic meditation or traditional yoga can relieve your stress and anxiety.

For that reason, it would be better to adopt meditation every once in a while. You will feel like you can recall lost information and memories again.

Not to mention, it will make you sleep better and increase your attention to things that make you feel well in life.

14-Beware of your gut bacteria

We all know that bacteria in our gut can make us feel better when they work correctly. However, if you have an imbalance in your intestine flora, you may suffer from memory and brain issues.

A recent article based on long term studies found that probiotics did enhance test groups’ memory abilities. 

That is why you should better have your probiotics consumed daily. You will see your bacteria work more efficiently so you can recall the necessary information for your day.

15-Start drinking more coffee

Even though coffee can interfere with your sleep patterns, you could increase its consumption to experience a memory boost. People who don’t drink coffee regularly usually can’t help themselves to remember the list of items they need during the day.

Coffee intake can be beneficial for short term memory since it creates an increase in brain dopamine. Although the benefits are temporary, you could think about drinking more coffee to prepare your brain to accept new information.


How can I sharpen my memory?

The best way to sharpen your memory would be to have your brain working all the time. Start solving crosswords and play mind games that help you think deeper.

You may also improve your nutrition and exercise daily. That will give you the right energy balance to release pressure from your brain. Finally, be more social and deny stress and anxiety. The better you feel, the stronger your memories are going to be.

How can I train my brain to improve memory?

Several ways are there to train your brain and improve your memory. First, try to connect things. That will enable you to remember persons and situations, increasing your memory ability right away.

Then you can also close your eyes and think about your childhood. It will make you recall the first memories you ever had. There you will find all the information you need and create “backup” files to remember.

Finally, watch less television. You will see that by the end of the day, you shall have all your memories recalled without any potential issue.

Why is my memory so bad?

Daily life in urban areas can make your memory faint. One of the top reasons is the pollution that degenerates your nerve cells. Another serious cause could be the stress you receive at work.

People who work around the clock find themselves to forget things more often than before. 

If you add the lack of physical training and the medications you may consume, your memory will faint sooner than you thought. The malnutrition is also a reason for having a bad memory. That is why you need to eat well and sleep to avoid having such a lousy memory quality and performance.

How can I overcome forgetfulness?

Being forgetful is one of the hardest drawbacks in your personality. If you need to overcome forgetfulness, you should train your brain to recall all registered information and memories sooner.

Then you can also repeat things on regular terms to ensure that you can remember them. People repeating a particular circle of tasks can overcome forgetfulness easier than others that follow no specific schedule in their day.

Being close to your friends and family also gives you the satisfaction you need to relieve yourself from forgetfulness. If you are mentally and emotionally stable, you will never forget again.

Why do I forget things easily?

One of the most frequent reasons to forget things easily is that you have too much in your mind. Modern life can add you many responsibilities in the day. Then you have to remember everything and sometimes you simply forget some of them.

The problem starts when you forget things that are not only in the short term but also in the long term memory parts of your brain. You may forget things because your mind has no extra space to store them. There is always the chance to forget things because they make you recall an awful situation. 

Why do I forget words when speaking?

If you forget things when speaking, then it would be wiser to visit your doctor right away. Some people can have a mild stroke, and forgetting words is usually the first symptom.

However, forgetting words could be the early signs of another neurodegenerative disease like Alzheimer’s or Dementia. If the episodes repeat frequently, then you should get diagnosed and follow special medical treatment.

How do you exercise your brain?

The only way to exercise your brain is to write down everything you need to remember. You can also play mind games with friends or alone. Thinking more can make your brain robust and give you an excellent memory recall system. 

Some people also prefer to train their brains by speaking more and reading. It has proved to be a wise choice since the five senses are how your mind can take information from the outer environment. 

What is the best vitamin for memory?

Many studies have shown a clear and positive correlation between the consumption of vitamins and your memory enhancement. The latest article published online talks about Vitamin D and its importance in keeping your memory standards higher.

People who suffered from Vitamin D insufficiency had issues with their cognitive and mental functions. Not to mention, that Vitamin D is always present as a catalyst in the nerve cell reactions that create memory molecules. 

Make sure you take plenty of Vitamin D supplements to increase the chances of having a sharpened mind.

Does depression cause memory loss?

Depression can cause memory loss in two ways. First, it can make you sleep more than usual and disrupt the way your brain recalls information. In other words, you can be more forgetful than ever before when you suffer from depression. 

The other way depression may harm your memory is through the antidepressant drugs. Some of them act by reducing the serotonin levels in your brain. That could be catastrophic for your memories, and you can end up having problems with short and long term memory.

Why can’t I remember what I did today?

It is a frequent problem for busy people. The modern way of life adds them many tasks in a day. For that reason, they may suffer from a temporary loss of their short term memory. That kind of memory is responsible for remembering what you did today.

Another reason that you can’t remember what you did today is the lack of attention. If you fail to recall what you did or were a few hours ago, you need to see a specialist. He will be the only responsible for knowing if your short term memory can get a backup or you need to undergo further examination.

What games increase IQ?

Many games can increase your IQ when played right. First, Scrabble Crosswords is the most popular team game to increase your IQ and cognitive function. It combines grammar and syntax and requires much thinking.

Another famous game to increase your IQ would be the Sudoku puzzles. They are challenging your numerical ability to place numbers in the correct place. That is why many older people prefer to spend their hours playing that game.

Finally, Rubik’s Cube Game can combine the dimensional thought and color matching abilities of your brain. It can increase your IQ and make you recall things more naturally.

How can I get smarter?

The only way to get smarter is to train your brain daily. Shut off the television and your smartphone. Then you can give time to yourself to read a book and write down everything worth mentioning. 

You will also get smarter if you exercise a lot and adopt social life abilities. Talking to other people can make you smarter. If you participate in sports activities, you will also get brighter.

Feeding yourself with the right nutrients for your brain can make you smarter a lot faster. When getting nootropic supplements, you should expect a better neurotransmitter boost and improved cognitive functions.

How can I activate my brain?

If you want to activate your brain, try to reschedule your daily life. It would be better if you distinguish your timetable to separate tasks. Your mind could get activated if you know exactly what to expect in the following hour.

Not to mention, that you can have a challenging intellectual task that could activate your brain once more. People who write articles, books, and other higher thinking works can enable their brains easier.

Nootropic supplements like Mind Lab Pro or Alpha Brain can also help the activation, but you need to combine them with mental and physical exercise. Activating your brain can give you mental clarity and better working performance.

How do I make my brain faster?

The best way to make your brain faster is to recall much of the information and memories simultaneously. To do so, you need to train your brain daily and give it the right nutrients to work right.

People who have good sleep quality, and train themselves physically, have better chances to make their mind work faster. Nootropic supplements and vitamins may also help since they can increase neurotransmitters’ levels in your brain cells.

Finally, if you engage yourself in risky activities, you can expect your brain to work faster since it will have to find quick solutions for your survival.

Which food is good for the brain?

Several natural foods are suitable for the brain. Fruits and vegetables can give you minerals and vitamins necessary for your brain’s health. Additionally, if you add fish to your diet, you can expect a better cognitive function thanks to the Phosphorus that is inside.

Any type of natural and unprocessed food like nuts will give you mental clarity and provide the necessary lipids for the nerve cells membranes. 

Finally, green tea is also capable of protecting your brain. It can protect nerve cells from oxidation and free radicals degradation. 


All people would like to improve their memory and have a better mental function. You need to follow simple rules that apply to your daily life and be more dependent on your brain to perform multiple tasks.

Remember that your brain cells cannot be reproduced in adult life, so you should protect their memory function. 

If you liked this article, feel free to publish it on your social media accounts and give your friends the chance to read it. We are also waiting for your feedback in having your mind ready to support your busy lifestyle. After all, you need all of your memories to live a balanced life.

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