How to tease hair?

Remember the time of the 60s and the iconic go-go girls who used ‘hairstyles’ with great volume, although this hairstyle had its peak during that decade, in reality, the technique to create the volume known as teased hair is still used for different purposes.

The effect you achieve depends on the shape and area of the hair where you do it, surely you are wondering if this technique damages your hair, the truth is that as in many situations in life the best recommendation is: do not limit yourself, but everything with moderation.

However, we have a series of tips that we would like to share with you so that you can tease your hair like an expert without damaging your hair.

Follow our tips and dare to experiment with your hair!

What is tease hair?

Tease hair is a technique used to create volume in the hair.

The correct way to do it is using a fine-toothed comb, then take a lock of hair in the air and begin to gently brush it from the middle towards the scalp, this will cause your hair to tangle slightly, creating volume.

For you to understand our explanation in greater detail, we recommend that you watch the following video:

Tips so that your teased hair looks like it was made by a professional

1 – Focus on the root

Remember that the objective of this technique is to create a volume effect in the upper area of the hair, so this recommendation works for whatever your hair type is, from ultra-straight hair to curly hair.

As we mentioned before, the correct way to create the effect is by brushing your hair from the bottom up (middle to the root) creating this small tangle of hair on the top of your head.

2 – Brush type does matter

The classic one that never fails is the rat’s tail comb since due to its shape and separated teeth it is perfect for teasing hair, remember to be gentle and careful with your movements to try not to hurt your hair.

Another option recommended by experts is to use a boar bristle brush as brushes tend to be gentler on your hair.

3 – Prepare your hair

Experts recommend that if your goal is to achieve a volume effect on your hair, it is best if it is not freshly washed, however, we know that this can make us feel somewhat uncomfortable, especially when your hair is naturally oily.

Do not worry, this is no longer an impediment since when you wash your hair you should only omit the application of any conditioner and/or oil, that will be enough for your hair to have the right texture to create a crepe look.

In addition to this, another alternative is that you can choose to apply products that help you create this texture such as dry shampoo, apply it when your hair is already dry, or sprayed with salt, unlike dry shampoo, you can use it when the hair is damp.

4 – Bottom-up

This is the part where your rat tail comb kicks in. what you should do is section your hair separating the top layer from the rest so that this layer falls on the hair that creates the effect of volume.

5 – Be patient and work in sections

To achieve the perfect look you must section your hair and work with strands, it is best to take strand by strand and brush it from the bottom up (near the root area).

Once you finish the top layer you didn’t work on, use it to cover the nest and direct it to the back or the right side depending on the look you want to achieve. Use a little spray to set your hair without making it look too stiff.

6 – How to minimize the damage when you tease hair?

Surely one of your biggest concerns, when you use this technique, is the damage it can cause to your hair, although we cannot guarantee that this will not happen, the truth is that it can be minimized.

We share some tips to reduce the damage to your hair when creating volume.

1 – Make sure your hair is dry

To start styling, your hair must be completely dry, since if you do it with wet hair you run the risk of breaking or hurting it.

In the case that it is not completely dry, it is best to use your dryer with a cold temperature to prevent the heat from damaging your hair

2 – Use the right brush or comb

As we mentioned in the previous information, when you create volume in your hair the brush does matter since this will prevent you from damaging your hair.

The most recommended are the rat tail comb or the boar bristle brush; You can find them in any store that specializes in beauty products and of course at

3 – Detangle your hair

It may sound a bit inconsistent since we are looking to create volume, however, performing this step will not only minimize the damage to your hair, but will help you work and separate the strands of hair that you are going to brush.

4 – Brush in sections

Sectioning your hair will help you focus on the areas, which may allow you to create hair volume in the desired area.

First use spray, according to experts, once you part your hair and before brushing it, it is best to spray a little spray to provide more texture and ensure that the look lasts longer.

5 – Brush gently

When you prepare to brush your hair, try to be as careful as possible since the way you do it will depend on the damage to your hair.

Remember that you must take the lock of hair, hold it in the air and carry out the movements with your comb or brush always directed to your scalp.

Looks that you can do with the teased hair technique

1 – Messy half updo 

messy half updo

2 – Messy ponytail 

messy pony tail

3 – Low ponytail 

low pony tail

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