Shower Routine – The 9 steps to follow

Have you ever woken up tired simply because you didn’t get a good night’s sleep and after taking a good shower you feel like you’ve started your day all over again?

Without a doubt, taking a shower has different effects on our body, from your hair to your toes, you can notice several benefits.

However, in addition to smelling amazingly good, giving your hair shine, and cleansing your skin; showering also has great positive effects on your emotional health.

And although the steps for a shower routine may seem obvious, to obtain the benefits we want we must inform ourselves well about each of these steps since there is the possibility that we are applying certain products in excess.

If you are interested in knowing the steps for a good shower routine, I advise you to keep reading.

Bath benefits

Beyond hygiene, taking a shower has multiple benefits, whether you do it in the morning or after a long day at work you will notice these positive effects.


You increase your energy, which is perfect to start the day and achieve your goals.

Did you know that while you sleep, your body releases toxins through sweat? By taking a shower you get rid of them.

Surely when you suffer from a cold it is normal for you to hear your mother say that with a warm bath you will feel a little better, well, she’s right since the steam that is produced by the warm water helps you get rid of the cold mucus your body produced overnight.

When you take a shower in the morning it helps improve blood circulation since the stream of water causes the blood to rise to the surface of the skin.


Various studies have shown that your body temperature is key when going to bed, that is why taking a shower with hot water about an hour and a half before going to sleep can help you get to sleep more quickly and effectively.

Taking a shower at night helps you get rid of the bacteria and dirt that you “picked up” during the day.

It is a good ally to reduce the appearance of blackheads since some studies have found that when you wash your face at night before going to bed it can help keep your skin smooth, in addition to preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

Steps to the perfect shower routine

As I mentioned before, although taking a shower seems the easiest thing in the world (and it really is), there is still the possibility that we are skipping some steps or doing others in excess, so below we share the best tips for your shower routine.

1 – Temperature does matter

Neither too hot nor too cold, the most suitable temperature according to experts is warm, since this way you will not dry out your skin and you will maintain its natural oils.

2 – Brush your hair before wetting it

Before you go into the shower, make sure to brush your hair in this way to prevent it from getting more tangled while you wash it.

For this step, it is recommended that you use ventilated brushes made of plastic since they have many bristles and you avoid pulling your hair.

3 – Shampoo

The way you distribute your shampoo also matters; try to apply an amount no larger than a quarter the size of your hand and make sure to distribute it evenly throughout your scalp, some people forget to massage the nape area, however, this area of ​​the head is the one that generates the most sebum. Do this routine for a minute.

4 – Conditioner

The effects of the conditioner are practically instantaneous so it is not necessary that you let it act for more than the suggested time.

This happens because when you apply it, your hair is already wet, proving that the molecules of the conditioner cannot penetrate your hair.

The benefits of applying this type of product are that they soften and protect the cuticle.

5 – Change sponge frequently

The sponge with which you clean your body is an object of personal use that cannot be used by someone else as it can retain bacteria and mold.

The most advisable thing is that every time you use it, let it dry completely and replace it frequently, the most advisable thing is to do it every month.

6 – Wash your face

The most recommended way to wash your face is to do it is to start the process with warm water since it helps to open the pores, causing that when you apply the soap you can better clean your face.

To rinse, you must do it with cold water as it will help you close the pores that previously opened.

7 – Don’t over-exfoliate

Although exfoliation is necessary for the skin, you must be careful when doing it as it can irritate the skin.

Try to do it one to two times a week in case you weren’t aware, raking also counts as exfoliation so be careful with your legs.

8 – Rinse your hair with cold water

Just as it happens with the pores of your skin, the same happens with your scalp, cold water helps you close the cuticle and make your hair look healthier and shinier.

9 – Apply moisturizer

The best time to apply body moisturizer is just when you just get out of the shower, since your body is still wet, which allows the cream to penetrate the skin better.

Cold or Hot Water

There are two types of people in this world who enjoy a cool shower or those who prefer to relax with the steam of a warm shower.

Both bring with them certain benefits and myths in addition to keeping your skin clean, if you want to know the benefits I am talking about, keep reading.

Benefits of bathing with cold water:

Helps you recover after an exercise routine.

A 2018 analysis showed that taking a cold shower helps muscle recovery, decreases fatigue up to 96 hours after exercise.

An excellent option for sensitive skin

If this is the case for you and you suffer from sensitive skin, then a cold water shower is a good idea as it helps to improve itching due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Improve your immune system

Studies have shown that showering with cold water helps to improve the response of the immune system when it is attacking a virus or infection.

Benefits of a shower with hot water:

Helps relax muscles

Before an exercise routine, studies have shown that if you take a hot shower just 45 minutes before doing an exercise routine, your muscles will be more relaxed.

Improve nasal congestion

The steam from a shower with hot water helps to decongest the nose, this is because the phlegm and mucous are loosened with the steam from the hot water.

Improves quality of sleep

Taking a hot shower for 20 minutes before going to sleep can help improve your quality of sleep.

In these cases, it is best to do it 90 minutes before going to sleep and at a temperature of approximately 109 F.

The benefits of the bath for your mental health

That feeling of relaxation and well-being that you feel every time you shower is not something that is in your imagination, various studies have proven that showering not only has benefits on your physical health but also on the emotional side, such as the following:

Increase productivity

In addition to increasing your productivity, showering before starting your daily activities will make you feel more motivated, and in addition to this, it will help you stick to an activity schedule.

Ally against anxiety

A warm shower is an excellent therapy for those who suffer from depression.

No anxiety since, as we have mentioned, it helps to relax your muscles and thoughts.

Another factor that you should take into account is that during the shower you can perform certain meditation therapies.

Also when you exfoliate your body you can use an exfoliant that contains lavender since this flower is known for its relaxation properties.

Improve your security

The simple fact of showering in the morning and knowing that you look clean can help improve your levels of norepinephrine and serotonin, both hormones help you generate a feeling of happiness and energy, which will make you radiate greater security.

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