Spirulina and Weight Loss: Do This Algae Help With Weight Loss.

Here we go again towards the hunt for the kilos, and how spirulina could help us!

By the way, if you don’t know it, we advise you to first consult our complete file on spirulina before reading this article which focuses solely on its weight loss properties.

The hunt for the perfect figure is very difficult to achieve, and despite diets and the use of various products, people who try often end up giving up or regaining the weight they lost so slowly…

If this is your case, you should know that Arthrospira Platensis could help you reach your goal, because, among its many benefits, there are powers on weight loss.

These supposed powers would be exploited by the British princess Kate Middleton since her pregnancies, by drinking a detox smoothie based on spirulina and kale per day: it makes you want to try it, right?

So we wanted to take a closer look at this phenomenon, and we investigated it.

In fact, it is the capacities of our body that this superfood activates, such as the acceleration of the metabolism, the increase of energy, and the control of the appetite, and which gives out weight loss virtues is often praised by the scientists. 

However, it is not enough to consume this superfood to see yourself melt. Spirulina acts indirectly in weight loss while promoting good health, and we tell you how.

Does Spirulina Really Help Lose Weight?

Whether medically justified by overweight, obesity at risk, or to feel better in your own skin, the desire to lose weight would affect about 75% of the population in France. 

In order to succeed in losing excess weight, it is necessary to achieve an energy expenditure – i.e. calories burned – that is greater than the energy intake – calories ingested – so that our body activates the metabolism and can draw on its fat stocks in order to eliminate them.

It is therefore important to rebalance your energy balance, which sometimes means reducing your caloric intake, but it is mostly a matter of rebalancing the nature of what you eat and pushing your body to spend more.

The Benefits Of Spirulina.

This is why we always say that there is only one winning combination to see your extra pounds disappear: it’s by combining a change in your eating habits without depriving yourself of essential nutrients, with regular physical activity in order to get rid of fat and calories.

In addition to this, you can try a small boost, and spirulina would fit this role perfectly.

So, to answer the question “Does spirulina help you lose weight?” we will answer yes … and no.

We won’t tell you that taking spirulina will effortlessly chase away your pounds, but it’s this whole process that this cyanobacterium supports.

Moreover, this nutritious superfood, full of benefits, is part of a balanced diet.

This is why it is a very interesting natural ally if you want to lose weight sustainably, without your health suffering, and by adopting a good overall lifestyle.

The Usefulness Of Spirulina In A Slimming Process.

It is very interesting to complete a weight loss diet by a contribution in spirulina, in accompaniment of the food, and this because it presents several interesting characteristics:

  • An interesting source of proteins
  • Energy and stimulation of the metabolism
  • Detoxifying action
  • Appetite suppressant action
  • Low-calorie intake

Very Rich In Proteins.

Composed of 65% proteins, spirulina is ideal for a reduced weight loss diet.

Since the body spends more energy digesting them than what they provide, this results in a greater burning of fat and calories.

It is for this aspect that it is very important for athletes: muscle development, recovery capacity, and tissue strengthening.

Spirulina will make it easier for anyone who wants to start working out to lose weight because it will allow them to make more effort and spend more energy.

Remember: the higher the energy expenditure, the greater the weight loss.

Among their many advantages, the proteins contained in this cyanobacteria also have the particularity of being “complete”.

They are made up of 8 essential amino acids, which is an isolated case for a plant protein: the other known complete proteins are those from animals (meat, eggs).

Spirulina is suitable for all diets (vegan, vegetarian, halal, kosher) to lose weight.

Finally, these complete proteins play an essential role in several areas, including the synthesis of keratin, essential to the balance and protection of hair.

Spirulina Provides The Body With Energy and Stimulates The Metabolism.

First of all, unlike other stimulating substances such as theine and caffeine, spirulina actually helps to regain vitality in the long term, while helping the body to recover well during rest.

This is due to its high content of minerals, vitamins, nutrients, and electrolytes. This characteristic can help and complete the nutritional intake of people with deficiencies.

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This is particularly the case for those who have followed drastic diets or who have not respected the nutritional balance essential to the integrity of our bodies.

Spirulina allows to revitalize the body in the long term, and in a natural way, to spend more time.

This is ideal for cardio sessions (for example, rowing machine exercises which is an excellent fitness device for this purpose) so that the body spends more efficiently and eliminates better.

Result: weight loss and cellulite reduction!

Then, by raising the level of vitality of the body, spirulina also has a consequence on the metabolism.

The additional energy stimulates the physiological functions of the person who consumes it. With this natural boost, no more drops of energy are linked to the weight loss diet!

In addition, the amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that make it up also help accelerate metabolic functions and eliminate more fat.

Many people who say goodbye to their extra pounds will feel fitter, more energetic, motivated to practice physical activity, and with more endurance.

A Good Body Cleanser To Get Rid Of Cellulite.

Detoxification of the body is essential to any diet.

Free radicals and toxins accumulated in the body are harmful to the functioning of the organs, especially the organs of the gastrointestinal system (gallbladder, pancreas, liver, intestine) and to the nervous system.

The imbalance caused by this degradation often leads to weight gain and difficulty in losing weight.

The spiral “micro-algae” has a detox effect that allows the body to clean itself in-depth and to expel bad toxins from the blood vessels.

This capacity is given to him by the presence of phycocyanine, its natural pigment.

A powerful detoxifier and regenerator for the cells, phycocyanine has the power to strengthen the immune system, improve digestive functions, and facilitate weight reduction by purifying the body.

Cellulite can be the physical expression of an over-acidification of the body. To explain it simply, acids and fats accumulate in the skin tissue. Cellulite is then an anti-inflammatory reaction.

Spirulina, by cleansing the body in depth, acts as a kind of drainer favorable to the disappearance of cellulite.

Increases The Feeling Of Satisfaction.

This superfood, invisible to the naked eye, can surprisingly provoke a feeling of satisfaction in those who consume it.

This is due to a content of mucilage (fiber), polysaccharides partially soluble in water, which has the ability to form a kind of gel in the stomach and “swell”. 

The other reason is that the phenylalanine present in the seaweed also sends a satiety signal to the brain, thanks to the secretion of a hormone.

By reducing the desire to eat, it helps to ingest fewer calories.

Lowers Sugar Levels.

By lowering the levels of bad cholesterol, spirulina helps to rebalance the level of triglycerides in the blood.

It regulates insulin thanks to chromium, the sugar in the blood is reduced, which strongly prevents its transformation into fat.

Low-Calorie Intake.

Remember that to lose weight, the body must absorb fewer calories than it can burn.

Since spirulina is low in calories and fulfills many nutritional needs, it allows the body to lose weight more easily.

Spirulina contains only 20 calories per teaspoon.

Remember also that the body needs to burn more calories to assimilate spirulina than the calories provided by spirulina.

As a result, burning fat and calories are more important.

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What The Science Says: Scientific Studies.

It has been a while since the consumption of spirulina is recommended to lose weight, although there is very little scientific evidence confirming this characteristic.

However, recently, two studies have been conducted to try to clarify the role that the micro-algae would hold in weight reduction and prevention of obesity.

The first study was conducted in 2017 by Iranian researchers, with obese volunteers who were divided into two groups.

Individuals in the first group were given a regular dose of 500 grams of spirulina twice a day, while those in the other group took a placebo at the same frequency for 12 weeks.

This study was conducted in a double-blind fashion, meaning that neither the researchers nor the volunteers knew whether they were taking spirulina or a non-active ingredient.

The results of the study led to rather positive conclusions:

  • Consumption of one gram per day for a dozen weeks would be sufficient to be effective in achieving body weight control.
  • The decrease in body weight and BMI (body mass index) was significantly greater in the group taking spirulina than in the group taking placebo.
  • Spirulina & feeling of hunger: this alga generates a significant reduction of appetite.
  • Spirulina & LDL: this superfood causes a reduction in the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.

Another study, Mexican this time and dated 2018, was interested in the effects of consuming a dose of 4.5 grams of spirulina for six weeks.

This work, also conducted double-blind with 52 participants (27 overweight volunteers and 25 obese volunteers) separated into two groups (one taking spirulina and the other a placebo). 

In the subjects taking spirulina, it was found:

  • A greater weight loss.
  • A greater decrease in body fat.
  • A significant improvement in cardiorespiratory parameters.

One of the most interesting elements of these results is that spirulina would generate improvements in body composition, that is to say, that people taking spirulina not only lost more total weight but that the majority of this lost weight came from their body fat.

This aspect is very interesting when we know that the nature of the weight lost through a diet can be either body fat – which is what is sought in a slimming diet – or muscle, which is most avoided!

Therefore, spirulina is a perfect slimming ally.

Risks and Dangers.

Remember that even if it is a completely natural element, spirulina can cause some discomfort, especially when taken in large doses.

It is not suitable for all profiles.

Risks Of Side Effects Linked To Weight Loss Diets Integrating Spirulina.

Some side effects could be felt, especially when the consumption is done in too high doses.

These adverse reactions can be headaches, digestive disorders, skin rashes, nausea …

Know then that it is without danger if the user respects the advice and recommendations.


As we explain in our dedicated article, there are cases in which the consumption of spirulina is contraindicated: hemochromatosis, renal insufficiency, phenylketonuria disorders, intolerance …

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask a health professional for advice. The main thing is to avoid all risks!

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding.

The use of spirulina to lose weight is not intended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, as the weight loss may be harmful to them.

Precautions For Use.

We advise all persons wishing to take spirulina in order to lose weight and refine their figure, to do so starting with a low dose of one to two grams per day the first week, then gradually increasing the quantities.

Opinions and Testimonies On Spirulina To Lose Weight.

And to get an idea it is always good to consult the experience of those who have used it, as well as what the experts say, here is a summary of impressions and opinions found on the net.

Opinions Of Health Specialists.

If few specialists have pronounced themselves on the weight loss virtues of spirulina, it is because there is still a lack of studies attesting to it.

In an article published on the Medisite website, two specialists confirm the influence of spirulina on weight loss. Firstly, Dr. Jean Louis Vidalo, author of the book “Spirulina, algae for prevention and health” states that :

“Phenylalanine and tryptophan [amino acids present in the micro-algae] also stimulate the brain centers related to satiety”

but still specifies that :

“weight control is not the major interest of spirulina anyway”.

As for Dr. Christophe Girardin-Andréani, a researcher in phytotherapy, he affirms that the proteins of the micro-algae “promote the sending of the satiety signal to the brain which helps to control weight.

Testimonials From Users.

Users generally seem to be won over by the weight-loss powers of this superfood. But as with everything, there are negative opinions of users…

Jalma, on the forum of the site aujourd’hui.com is a good illustration of the majority of user testimonials on health forums:

On the forum of the site journaldesfemmes, some users like Maria60 nevertheless contest the effects:

“Hello, I take 6 capsules of spirulina per day for 3 weeks and no change,

Spirulina stimulates the metabolism

But others, like Mina, specify the mechanism:

Testimony on the Spirulina diet

How To Integrate Spirulina Into Your Diet To Slim Down?

Spirulina is a natural nutritional supplement, which allows you to lose weight without feeling the deficiencies of a diet.

It is suitable for any type of diet.

Posology: How To Take Spirulina To Lose Weight?

Even if research has shown that one gram daily was enough to see positive effects on weight loss, it would be possible that slightly higher doses would be effective, within the limit of 5 grams maximum per day.

The classic dosage is in fact 5 grams per day maximum, starting with an initial dosage of 1.5 grams the first week, in order to gradually increase the dosage each week.

The option put forward by many nutrition experts is to take it in several doses, i.e. 1.5 grams of spirulina, three times a day. But you can also choose to take a larger dose twice a day.

At What Time Of The Day Do You Take Spirulina To Lose Weight?

If you wish to benefit particularly from its appetite-suppressant effects, it is advisable to take spirulina doses half an hour to twenty minutes before each main meal (before breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

You can also add it to your smoothies or other healthy recipes if you take it between two meals. Otherwise, take it during meals, integrated into your own dishes!

For those who make physical activity a main focus in their search for the ideal body, it is advisable to take it half an hour before doing any activity, to allow the carbohydrates present in the superfood to have just enough time to dissipate and revitalize the body.

To do this, it is better to dilute it in water than to integrate it into a meal, at the risk of feeling too heavy before the effort!

How Long To Take Spirulina To See The Effects?

For a weight loss process, the important thing is to take it in the form of treatment, every day, for several weeks.

It is recommended to follow a treatment of 4 to 6 weeks and to possibly start another treatment later, by respecting a latency of one month.

However, we advise you not to follow more than three diets per year.

How To Consume This Seaweed?

If you choose to take it in the form of tablets or capsules, the intake is rather simple: orally, swallow the capsule with a large glass of water.

Despite its strong iodized taste, spirulina in twigs or powder is a rather simple ingredient to take.

It is recommended to consume the food cold, to preserve as much as possible the nutritional properties that degrade with heat.

You can then eat it directly if you can stand the taste, or sprinkle it on your dishes (it goes very well with some salads and soups) or in a juice.

A very good idea is to combine it with recipes for homemade juices or fat-burning smoothies or healthy meals.

If you are in need of inspiration, we will soon propose a “top 10 slimming recipes based on spirulina” to fill up on good health.

In What Form To Take Spirulina To Lose Weight?

As you know, spirulina is available in several forms. We were interested to know if there were differences in slimming, depending on how it is consumed.

What Is The Best Spirulina For Weight Loss?

Since spirulina is a superfood and a food supplement itself, telling you that one spirulina is better than another specifically in weight loss would be lying to you.

When you see a brand of pure spirulina specialized in weight loss, the most likely is that it is a nice marketing trick of the brand. So beware!

In our opinion, it is important to find the right spirulina in general, then simply follow the recommendations to integrate your diet.

Selection Criteria To Be Taken Into Account.

We detail the criteria to find quality spirulina in the article dedicated to the benefits of microalgae (link at the top of this file).

 100% spirulina

Often, the brands that offer economical spirulina mix it with other algae.

If you decide to buy it pure, be careful that it is not mixed with other substances.

 The “organic” label is sometimes wrongly displayed

As we explained to you, the “organic” label has not yet been legally decided for spirulina.

Beware of slimming products claiming to be “organic”, but check the certifications acquired by the brand for the manufacture of the product.

 The method of extraction

Depending on the method of drying and processing, spirulina can lose nutritional qualities.

Remember that soft drying, more artisanal, is the best guarantee of quality.

 The cultivation environment

Check that the farm or the production laboratories are not located in polluted areas and that the product has never been in contact with heavy metals.

Also, check that the product comes from places that respect the environment and do not use harmful products.

 The origin of the product

In some regions such as Asia, health safety standards are less strict.

Spirulina, although less expensive, may in fact be of poor quality or composed of harmful elements such as irradiated or polluted.

By favoring short circuits and respecting ethical standards, you are assured of consuming a good product.

In view of these criteria, we have selected 5 brands which, in our eyes, are really worth it.

Do not hesitate to visit our complete file to know more about them!

Which Form Of Spirulina To Choose?

As for the form in which to take it, it is also a choice on your part. As a reminder, there are 4 main forms in which spirulina is available.

 Twigs or flakes 

The most natural form available, that is to say, has gone through the least amount of transformation after filtering, pressing, and drying.

Dried at low temperature, choosing it this way is often a guarantee of quality because the nutritional properties are preserved.

 The powder

This is the material obtained after the reduction of the flakes. 


Tablets are the most common form and the most convenient to take. It is an agglomerated powder.

If you choose this option, be careful that the tablets contain ONLY spirulina!


This is the powder wrapped in a capsule. The capsules may contain other non-active substances, sometimes of synthetic or animal origin.

Enriched Food Supplements.

As part of a weight loss diet, if you want to turn to a formula combining several substances that promote weight loss, we advise you to turn to a nutritional supplement combining spirulina with chlorella.

Chlorella is a spherical micro-algae, known for its ability to improve intestinal transit and its detoxifying properties, thanks to its high chlorophyll content (it is the richest natural food in chlorophyll).

Within the framework of a weight loss diet, it makes it possible to clean the organization gently and makes weight loss easier.

According to our research, there are few French brands that offer this type of supplement, but we have found some very interesting preparations from European laboratories.

We propose our selection of nutritional supplements based on spirulina, whose formula is enriched with chlorella: 

Natésis – Spirulina and Chlorella Bio 50/50

Produced by a French company, it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans!

Natural Nutrition – Spirulina + Chlorella

This EU-certified food supplement contains 180 capsules, is gluten-free and lactose-free.

Spirulina and Chlorella AAVALABS.

This spirulina is particularly suitable for the preparation of smoothies and juices.

Vegavero Organic – Bio Spirulina + Bio Chlorella.

This German association of spirulina and organic chlorella is particularly rich in iron and amino acids, for a formidable anti-fatigue action.

Biotiva – Spirulina Chlorella

Another German reference that convinced the Vie Healthy teams for its rich content of nutrients and minerals.

Our Final Opinion On This Dietary Supplement.

One of the most sought-after aspects of spirulina consumers is its effectiveness in helping weight loss.

This is mainly due to the appetite suppressant effect of phenylalanine, an amino acid that helps reduce the feeling of hunger and avoids snacking at any time.

However, there is a lack of scientific evidence on the real weight-loss powers of this superfood.

There are undesirable effects of spirulina

In our opinion, if a person consumes spirulina, even in large quantities, with the sole purpose of losing weight, and without changing his or her eating habits, it would not be effective.

Once again, we must remember that neither spirulina nor any other product acts alone to control or reduce body weight.

However, spirulina has multiple virtues that provide the body with antioxidant benefits.

Also, using it to reach other objectives than the sole weight loss is, according to us, more astute.

To lose weight, our recommendation is to maintain a healthy lifestyle: adequate rest and sleep, a healthy diet by eating fruits, vegetables, and dried fruits, managing stress, regular physical exercise.

It is also necessary to banish certain “unhealthy” behaviors: alcohol and tobacco, consumption of processed foods, untimely snacking… 

By adopting these habits and by integrating a spirulina intake into this framework, it is not only your kilos that you will see disappear, but a whole set of small daily foods and this, to feel good inside and outside, in the long term.

You will feel better overall physically and mentally, and your body will thank you for it!

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