PhenQ VS Instant Knockout – Which one is the best in 2022?

Weight loss is such a popular search word on the internet because of its strong meaning and because many women and men struggle to find the right healthy balance when it comes to an everyday clean diet. But there are other alternatives that can bring the same benefits but are so much faster and more effective for the best results. 

Two of the best products in the market are PhenQ and Instant Knockout. Not only does it have the main function of a dietary supplement for weight loss but also an appetite suppressant and lower sugar levels.

Both PhenQ and Instant Knockout will be the two products we will be talking about in this article. We will analyze and compare both products’ performance, ingredients, side effects, and prices to pick a winner for each category. We will research loyal customers of the brand and our experience to find the winner for 2022.

PhenQ VS Instant Knockout overview

Both products are dietary supplements with different markets as one is just for women and the other one can be used by both men and women. Its goal overall is to lose weight, suppress appetite, and make everyone feel healthy and good with their body. 

Listed below we will give an overall overview of how each brand works and the different categories like ingredients, price, and dosage for a better result.

PhenQ (Winner 🏆)Instant Knockout

Where to get the best price?Where to get the best price?
Get a Discount on PhenQGet a Discount on Instant Knockout
USA – $69.95 (Special offer: if you buy 3 you will get 2 free and equates to $38 per bottle)

CANADA – CAD$89.95 (Special offer: buy 3 get 2 free equates to CAD$49 per bottle)

UK – £45.95 (Special offer: buy 3 get 2 free equates to £26 per bottle)

AUSTRALIA – AU$94.95 (Special offer order 3 get 2 free equals AU$49 per bottle)
1 month supply: $59.00
2 month supply: $118.00
4 month supply: $185.00
Better forBetter for
For both women and men to burn fat and have weight control.Women who are struggling to lose weight and build muscle when working out. As well as in their sexual life.
The maximum period of consumptionThe maximum period of consumption
Up to the consumer’s decision.Up to the consumer decision.
2 pills per day.4 times every day, 1 tablet at a time.
α-LACYS RESET® (25 mg)
Nopal (20 mg)
Chromium Picolinate (10 mcg)
Capsicum Extract [From Capsimax] (8 mg)
Niacin Powder [From Capsimax] (4.5 mg)
Piperine Extract [From Capsimax] (3 mg)
L-Carnitine Tartrate (150 mg)
Caffeine Anhydrous (142.5 mg)
Calcium Carbonate (1 mg)
Green tea extract
Cayenne pepper seeds
Caffeine anhydrous
Vitamin b6 and b12
GTF chromium
Zinc Piperine
Green coffee extract (bean)

What is PhenQ?

PhenQ is a weight loss supplement that helps women and men struggling with weight loss achieve their goals and suppress their appetite. Not only does it have dietary effects but also boosts energy for athletes, and normalizes hormonal levels, and endurance in your everyday activities. 

Most PhenQ ingredients are natural extracts that transform into components that make up a dietary supplement. Its dosage is recommended to take 2 capsules per day and it can be up to the consumer when is the right time to stop taking it.

Listed below we will show the pros and cons of the product and what is the difference between them and Instant Knockout. We based the winner of each category on analyzing different customer reviews and our expert research on the brand.

PROS – PhenQCONS – PhenQ
Visible resultsNo side effects
Made with extractsPeople can get an allergy
Suppress appetite 
No chemicals

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What is Instant Knockout?

Instant Knockout is a dietary product that boosts metabolism for weight loss and better sex life. It’s a supplement only for women to use and can’t be used on men or children. It’s recommended to take 4 times per day until the customer decides she reaches her goal. 

Its natural clean ingredients like green tea, cayenne pepper, and green coffee make women’s bodies reduce inflammation and detox to burn fat and feel better when working out or being active during the day.

Listed below we will show the pros and cons of Instant Knockout and its different categories from performance, ingredients, side effects, and prices to conclude which one is the best between PhenQ. 

PROS – Instant KnockoutCONS – Instant Knockout
Boost of energyNot considered for vegetarians 
Natural ingredientsCan be expensive
Better sex drive
Fat burning

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Do PhenQ or Instant Knockout works best for you?

Everybody reacts differently when trying new supplements for the first time. One brand is an all-women product and the other one is for both genders, the main goal is weight loss and suppressing appetite and that’s what both products’ ultimate goal is for the customer to feel confident when on the treatment. 

In this article, we will focus on different categories of each supplement and pick the best for 2022. We will research and get reviews and comments from each brand’s loyal customers and our experts who know about dietary supplements. 

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Which one has the best ingredients?

We have seen online how most dietary supplements claim to have 100% natural ingredients that wouldn’t harm the body in the future. But everyone is different and we don’t know how everyone would react when taking each supplement. For the best results is to follow the recommended dosage and check each ingredient.

PhenQ does claim to have natural ingredients, which it does but it’s manufactured with a mix of extracts that can be very powerful. For Instant Knockout, we can see how natural and simple each ingredient is and its function for the product to work.

Listed below is each ingredient and its function in the product to find the best 2022 weight loss and appetite suppressing supplement. 

PhenQInstant Knockout 
α-LACYS RESET® – speed up metabolismGreen tea extract – energy stimulation
Nopal – keeping us productiveCayenne pepper seeds – increase metabolism
Chromium picolinate – resist the urge to eatGlucomannan – appetite suppressant
Capsicum extract – helps in recoveryCaffeine anhydrous – increases mood
Niacin powder – moodVitamin b6 and b12 – boost metabolism, fat burner, and immune system booster
Piperine extract – turning up the body heatGTF chromium – regulates sugar levels
L-Carnitine tartrate – energyZinc – healthy physique 
Caffeine anhydrous – weight lossPiperine – weight loss
Calcium carbonate – burn off the body’s stored fatGreen coffee extract – reduces levels of cholesterol

After researching and analyzing each ingredient and its function we can conclude that Instant Knockout has a better effect and more natural ingredients that will make customers adapt quickly and see better results. 

Ingredients like green coffee and green tea provide extra value and quality to Instant Knockout by going beyond expectations and effects that customers love and stay loyal to. 

For the best ingredients:

Instant Knockout wins. 

PhenQ VS Instant Knockout: Side effects

Both PhenQ and Instant Knockout components are intended for the most positive result with no side effects. Even though some customers might have an allergy to an ingredient or their body might reject it shouldn’t be more than a mild symptom as PhenQ and Instant Knockout ingredients are as clean and friendly in the market.

It’s recommended that no pregnant ladies, customers taking hormones, or anyone with heart syndrome take dietary supplements as it contains caffeine and appetite suppressant ingredients. Listed below are a few side effects symptoms customers have expressed over the product.

PhenQInstant Knockout
No side effectsAnxiety

After researching and analyzing each user’s experience and review of how the product felt for them for a long period of time we concluded that PhenQ has zero negative experiences and no side effects when it comes to their product. Our studies were tested in both men and women where Instant Knockout was performed on just women. For the least amount of side effects:

PhenQ wins. 

** (It is important to be aware of the side effects to acknowledge if you need to stop taking them. Before consumption, always consult your doctor to ensure the product is safe for you to take.)

Pricing and special offers

For customers to trust and validate the brand, reviews, and rates online are the most important factors. Most dietary supplements online offer a special discount or bundle when buying more than one bottle. 

It depends on the dosage and period of time the customer wants to be on the treatment. Both PhenQ and Instant Knockout have a return policy warranty that lets the customer return the product if it didn’t work or had any effect. Listed below are the different prices and discounts both supplements offer online.

PhenQInstant Knockout
USA – $69.95 (Special offer: if you buy 3 you will get 2 free which equates to $38 per bottle1 month supply: $59.00
CANADA – CAD$89.95 (Special offer: buy 3 get 2 free equates to CAD$49 per bottle2 month supply: $118.00
UK – £45.95 (Special offer: buy 3 get 2 free equates to £26 per bottle4 month supply: $185.00
AUSTRALIA – AU$94.95 (Special offer order 3 get 2 free equals AU$49 per bottle

After analyzing and debriefing prices, offers, bundles, and third-party websites we can conclude that Instant Knockout has the best price for the recommended dosage each customer has to follow. Each supplement between PhenQ and Instant Knockout has a different dosage per day for users but overall Instant Knockout has the better bottle monthly consumption per price. 

For the best price per bottle supply:

Instant Knockout wins.

Reviews/customer support

Getting the best reviews and comments online is a big challenge for many brands who have an eCommerce store. Not only for a good image but also for the credibility of the brand when promoting to their loyal customers or new customers. 

PhenQ has an incredible team of customer service and their website has a complete layout of information from testimonies to each ingredient and what its purposes are. Not only does it market to both women and men but it has other amazing benefits apart from weight loss like an appetite suppressant, lower cholesterol levels, and boosted energy. 

After comparing both PhenQ and Instant Knockout official websites and third parties we concluded that with the best testimonies, reviews, rates, and customer service towards loyal and new customers regarding their product and any side effect or concern, the winner is PhenQ. 

PhenQ wins. 

phenq vs instant knockout photo1

Which one works the best?

Dietary supplements’ main goal is to lose weight and make you feel better. Both PhenQ and Instant Knockout have both incredible reviews and a long list of loyal followers swearing the product worked wonders for them. It’s intended for customers over 18 years old and women who are not pregnant or that don’t have any heart problems. 

Instant Knockout even though it’s just for women it helps in many ways from hormonal control, a boost of sex drive, a boost of energy, and a pre-workout booster. It’s a favorite among women and makes them feel beyond satisfied with the product. PhenQ is amazing as well but it’s more limited when it comes to greater benefits.  

After reviewing both PhenQ and Instant Knockout benefits and requirements for women Instant Knockout has the best result for most women than PhenQ For the best working results of providing a positive outcome:

Instant Knockout wins.

Performance: PhenQ or Instant Knockout?

Without a doubt, everyone online knows that PhenQ and Instant Knockout meet everyone’s expectations, but not everyone has the same experience when it comes to performing at their best. It’s recommended to take the right dosage and check the time taking the treatment to always meet the maximum expectation.

PhenQ is a dietary supplement for both women and men. It’s easier to take when you and your partner are taking the product so both can experience their high performance. PhenQ amazing ingredients help the customer achieve their goal by feeling good and consuming the most natural supplement. 

After researching and comparing both products PhenQ and Instant Knockout we can conclude that PhenQ is the winner by receiving the most positive feedback when it comes to performance. 

PhenQ wins. 

Why did PhenQ win?

Result: PhenQ 3 / Instant Knockout 3

After collecting the most customer reviews, researching information about both products, and analyzing by our experts and the most loyal users which product works the best we pick PhenQ as the winner of both products to be the best of 2022. 

It not only has a dietary effect but is also an appetite suppressant and fat burner. It’s the best in the market and customers can trust the brand to fulfill their goals. That’s why we believe it’s the 2022 winner! 

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