Pine Bark Extract – Dangers, Dosage and 14 Proven Benefits

Native tribes of North America and Asia first used Pine Bark Extract as a medicinal herb. When Cortez first invaded Mexico in the late 15th century, he brought back the maritime pinus antioxidant as a present to Queen Isabella. 

However, it is not only since the last decade when modern science discovered the precious functions of Pine Bark Extract to people’s health. Today you can find it virtually everywhere in the world in many forms (pills, supplements..) and concentrations.

Let’s go and see what Pine Bark Extract is and what are its main functions and benefits.

What is Pine Bark Extract?

Everybody knows it as Pycnogenol; pine bark extract comes from the Pinus Pinaster tree. It is among the most common trees you can find in forests across the world. Some of these trees grow close to the beach. That is why their name refers to the maritime pine tree.

Scientists have managed to isolate Pycnogenol from Pine Bark extract. There is also enough of this substance in other plants like the grape seeds, the skin of the peanuts, and the hazel bark.

Data show that pinus can offer you exceptional benefits for your health. Studies in human populations against placebo all showed that Pycnogenol could be a vastly antioxidant factor for your cells.

That is the time to check the main function of the drastic substance in the pine bark extract.

Pine Bark Extract: the main function

The active ingredient in Pine Bark Extract, Pycnogenol, can improve blood flow in vessels. According to studies conducted in 2018, Pycnogenol is responsible for lowering blood pressure to patients with Diabetes or metabolic syndrome.

Additionally, it may act as asthma and inflammation defending molecule. Belcaro, one of the major scientists participating in many studies with Pine Bark Extract and placebo, finds that it can enforce the immune system.

His abstract from a recently published study confirms that Pycnogenol is the best nutrition supplement to reduce blood pressure. It can get patients disease-free after a few weeks of daily consumption.

Where does Pine Bark Extract come from?

Pine Bark Extract or Pycnogenol comes from the Pinus tree. It is among the species that reside around the countries of the Mediterranean Sea. For that reason, Pine Bark Extract is easy to find.

Handling and receiving the Extract is also a significant manufacturing process that involved several steps. Most supplements containing Pinus extract are in the liquid of capsules form so that you can manage to have a stable concentration in your bloodstream.

History of the Pine Bark Extract

The first settlers of Canada under the command of Jacques Cartier are the ones who received treatment with Maritime Pine Bark Extract. They were in lack of Vitamin C, and for that reason, they decided to get to the coast and drink Pine Bark Extract available from the inhabitants.

Later on, Masquelier was the first French scientist to correlate the beneficial action of Pine Bark Extract to resist free radicals. He was awarded a US patent for that description study that brought Pycnogenol supplement to the center of the attention.

Now it’s high time we checked all the 14 proven benefits of Pinus extract.

The 14 Benefits of Pine Bark Extract

1 – Reduces Varicose Veins Swelling

Some of the most useful studies performed by Belcaro and Rohdewald showed that Pycnogenol reduces the chance to develop diabetic microangiopathy (clogging of the thin vessels in upper or lower limbs). 

All the studies have a direct comparison to placebo and contained no other med drugs. Varicose veins are also improved with maritime pinus extract. That is why people who have that kind of condition may benefit from the daily consumption of Pine Bark Extract supplements.

2 – Lowers Blood Pressure and Improves Heart Health

Patients suffering from high blood pressure will view and improvement to their heart function. Nutrition supplements containing maritime pinus extract act preventively to heart disease and other vessel problems. 

Especially when you combine Pine Bark Extract with Coenzyme Q10, you can increase the blood volume ejected with every heartbeat.

The dilation of the major blood vessels induced by Pycnogenol can lower the blood pressure to all healthy patients who receive this product.

3 – Minimizes the risk of cataracts development

A cataract is the main reason for the blurry vision of older people. Symptoms include a gradual loss of peripheral vision accuracy. Pine Bark Extract can relent the appearance of cataracts to the eyes’ cornea.

Not to mention, that the antioxidant clinical function of maritime Pine Bark extracts is responsible for slowing down the development of cataracts. 

Even if cataracts finally appear to your eyes, treatment with Pinus extract can make your symptoms ease.

4 – Acts as a reliable Vitamin C generator

Several studies have shown data to support Pycnogenol to be one of the most potent inducers of Vitamin C. Consumption of nutrition supplements containing Pine Bark Extract can increase the Vitamin C levels to make your health improve.

According to a recent abstract, people with Vitamin C deficiency can benefit from the effects of Pinus Bark Extracts. Patients having scurvy can also find their solution with Maritime Pinus Extract products. It seems like the active substance, Pycnogenol, can also revive the deactivated Vitamin C in your body storage. 

5 – Eradicates the arthritis pain and joint inflammation

People with pain related to arthritis can find their best ailment using the French Pine Bark Extract. To be precise, Maritime Pinus is the best natural product you can try to reduce joint inflammation.

Pycnogenol has an anti-inflammatory activity over cartilages and joints, making arthritis less painful than ever before. Not to mention, that it can stimulate the pain receptors to send less painful signals to the rest of the body for patients with arthritis who are walking or moving.

6 – Adds on to memory function

The known effects of French Maritime Pine Bark Extract on the brain vessels can help patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The active ingredient is also available in one large scale nootropic supplement, the Mind Lab Pro

Pycnogenol tends to increase the presence of nitric monoxide (NO) inside the brain’s blood vessels. This action gives you better memory ability and can stop the development of neurodegenerative diseases. The effects of Pinus extract are apparent even after a few weeks of initial consumption.

7 – Normalizes menstrual disorders to women of reproductive age

Belcaro and Rohdewald are famous for their studies on the long-term effects of Pycnogenol on women patients with menstrual cycle disorders. French Maritime Pine Bark Extract is all they need to place their hormones back on track.

Supplements containing Pinus Extracts are affecting the hypothalamus in women’s brains. The signal to create more female hormones goes directly to the ovaries, and the normal menstrual cycle comes back to life.

Women of reproductive age can benefit from such herbal products and substances that ease the symptoms of an abnormal menstrual cycle.

8 – Protects against allergies, hay fever, and lung disease

Once more, Belcaro has been the scientist to publish the study showing that French Maritime Pine Bark Extract is useful to ease symptoms of hay fever and allergies.

Not to mention that patients with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) can improve their inhaling procedure when using supplements that contain Pinus extracts.

The Pine Bark Extract can slow down the overreaction of the neutrophils in your immune system. That is the primary mechanism under which Pinus supplements can slow down the appearance of asthma and other allergic reactions.

9 – Blocks the action of free radicals showing anti-aging effects

Many people use creams and ointments that have French Maritime Pine Bark Extract in their synthesis. The skin absorbs the extracts and creates a shield against free radicals and UV-radiation coming directly from the sun.

The antioxidant action of Pinus Extract is enough to protect your skin cells from harmful mutations due to the activity of the free radicals. Under these conditions, your skin can increase the daily production of collagen. After all, that’s the substance making your skin look younger and fresher.

That is why all modern anti-aging supplements try to contain some Pine Bark Extract in their formulation.

10 – Helps blood thinning and reduces platelets coagulation

Pine Bark Extract can imitate the action of aspirin in thinning your blood. It may slow down the platelets from sticking together, which is the primary mechanism your body has to create blood clots.

For that reason, patients who have passed heart attacks or strokes can benefit from the use of supplements rich in Pinus Extracts. On the other hand, people who are about to perform surgery should be careful with consuming too much French Maritime Pine Bark Extract since their hemostasis could be challenging to establish.

11 – Defends your immune system

A recent abstract of a study published online shows that Pine Bark Extract is reinforcing the immune system cells. That happens through the increased production of leucocytes that are the most critical parts of the immune system response.

Pinus extract is among the substances that Rohdewald has managed to study thoroughly. It looks like any supplement containing Pycnogenol is reinforcing your immune system with daily consumption. The studies had a scenario of eight weeks of treatment using Pine Bark Extract in many formulations. 

The clinical effects are fantastic even for people who needed an extra boost to their cell defense after chemotherapy or transplant.

12 – Promotes healthy wood healing

That is a benefit that can improve the quality of life for patients living with Diabetes. Studies show that herbal substances like the French Maritime Pine Bark Extract have a powerful topical action over the cells responsible for wound healing.

Pinus Extracts can increase the topical response of fibroblasts against any wound. In other words, data show that Pine Bark Extract can take care of your blood health. All these only with a herbal nutrition supplement without the need to receive any med drug. 

13 – Effectively deals with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

Recently Belcaro and Rohdewald managed to publish a study showing how French Maritime Pine Bark Extract helps patients suffering from ADHD and other related cognitive disease.

Children receiving Pinus Extracts on a daily basis, could improve their cognitive skills and sharpen their memory. Most of them could improve themselves less than several weeks after the initial treatment with Pine Bark Extract.

The supplement is safe and tested against placebo in several studies. That is why you could always count on Pine Bark Extract when dealing with the cognitive disease.

14 – Improves sperm quality and increases the fertility 

Pycnogenol is one of the substances with huge effects on fertility. Especially when combined with L-Arginine, it can increase the number and the mobility of sperm cells.

For many couples, this therapy could be the solution to their fertility problems. French Maritime Pine Bark Extract is one of the few herbal supplements to address the male fertility disease. 

That is why patients who receive antioxidant treatment over placebo can regain their clinical health, without taking any drugs or placebo.

Composition of Pine Bark Extract

Chromatographic analysis of Pine Bark Extracts can show you the exact substances that are in there. Numerous phenolic compounds, catechins, taxifolin, and phenolic acid are always present in French Maritime Pine Bark Extract.

Pycnogenol keeps on being one of the primary substances in Pinus extract. The simple composition of Pine Bark Extract reveals its significant effects on human health. The description of the substances present in the Pinus supplements makes people happy for their decision to receive them daily.

Who is Pine Bark Extract for?

Pine Bark Extract is the best possible supplement to increase your cognitive function without taking any drugs. Furthermore, it can lower your blood pressure and give you apparent clinical effects if you live with Diabetes.

French Maritime Pine Bark Extract is for people who work all day and need a nootropic supplement to support their memory. It is also for all those patients who feel tired taking more drugs for their Diabetes or allergies.

Pros and Cons of Pine Bark Extract

As with any supplement, Pine Bark Extract does have some pros and cons that are worth mentioning here:

Pine Bark Extract can work with just a fraction of the portion you need with other supplements.Pine Bark Extract has no FDA approval so far.
It does not affect the regular heart and lung function.It can cause some appetite loss when taken for the first time.
You will have no problem digesting it as it won’t give symptoms from the gut or your liver.You need several weeks of use to see the first clinical effects of the Pinus Extract use.
Pycnogenol will not give you withdrawal symptoms anytime you wish to stop receiving French Maritime Pine Bark Extract supplements.
It is one of the most affordable supplements for your cognitive, heart, respiratory, and immune function together.

Focus on the effectiveness of Pine Bark Extract

Many scientific studies are here to support the supremacy of Pycnogenol compared to placebo. One multi-centered study performed in a french med institution showed easing symptoms of the climacteric syndrome to perimenopause women.

Additionally, Pycnogenol administered to patients with coronary artery disease increased efficiency in vessel reconstruction against placebo. Published in the European Heart Journal, this study proved the clinical effects of French Maritime Pine Bark Extract in lowering blood pressure. Your health will significantly improve after you start daily treatment with Pinus extract for several weeks.

Dosage: How to Use Pine Bark Extract?

You will most of the time find Pine Bark Extract in capsules available on the market for daily use. You simply need to follow your doctor’s advice, especially when you receive drugs for certain conditions like high blood pressure and cognitive disorders.

Pinus Extract is also present in many supplements that improve your health and treatment for the diabetes side effects, particularly in the vessel reconstruction field.

When to start and when to stop?

It would be wise to start anytime you feel ready to improve your health using a natural product. Most of the people and patients choose to take one capsule in the morning with their breakfast. Then you can also receive one more pill in the afternoon if you feel like you need more.

You should stop taking Pine Bark Extract supplements and products only when you feel dizzy or anxious. Some patients even confess to having gastrointestinal issues upon receiving Pycnogenol.

Make sure you refer to your doctor so that he is responsible for deciding whether you will go on with the French Maritime Pine Bark Extract supplement treatment.

What are the dosages to respect?

As you may understand the dosage varies according to the condition:

1-Juvenile Asthma 

You need to administer at least 1 mg per pound of weight. The dosage scheme usually repeats in the afternoon.

2-Blood Circulation Problems

The dosage varies from as low as 45 mg to the highest point of 450 mg daily.

3-Diabetes patients

50 mg of Pine Bark Extract three times a day

4-High Blood Pressure Patients

200 mg of Pycnogenol daily

What to do if you forget Pine Bark Extract

You don’t have to repeat the dose you forgot to take. Simply go on with the next scheduled dose, and you will soon have the right clinical effects of Pinus Extract on your health.

What to do in case of overdose? 

In case you had too much Pycnogenol, you just need to stop taking it immediately. As there is no antidote for Pine Bark Extract, you will need to leave your body for a few hours to absorb the substances and feel better.

If you have any adverse effects that affect your heart and lung function, you need to seek medical attention immediately.

Precautions to take when taking Pine Bark Extract

When you want to receive Pine Bark Extract supplements daily for many weeks, you need your doctor’s advice. Mainly when you belong to the team of diabetes patients, you need to be cautious with other drugs you take.

Make sure you adjust the volumes of neurological and blood pressure drugs. Also, in case you receive warfarin treatment for blood thinning, you need to lower the dose as French Maritime Pine Bark Extracts can also worsen the bleeding in case of an emergency.

Finally, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should stop Pine Bark Extract supplements’ daily consumption. The substances may easily pass to the fetus or newborn baby blood circulation and cause some severe side effects.

How to keep the Pine Bark Extract?

Pine Bark Extract supplements are convenient to keep at home. You simply need to place the tablets in a dark and well-ventilated place. If you choose to have the Pinus Extract in liquid form, it would be wise to keep it in the refrigerator after opening it.

Risks, Hazards, and Side Effects of Pine Bark Extract

All substances have some side effects and risks. For that reason, it would be good to know the particular side effects of Pine Bark Extracts present in many supplements on the market.

Side effects of Pine Bark Extract


Some people report feeling dizzy after the initial doses of French Maritime Pine Bark Extract. It is a dose-related side effect that usually disappears by itself.


Pycnogenol may also cause some mild headache episodes that pass soon after the first weeks.


If you exceed the standard Pycnogenol dose, you may suffer from bleeding conditions that cannot be easily anticipated. Ask your doctor to adjust the dosage of other blood coagulation drugs.

4-Hypoglycemic episodes

Patients living with Diabetes can reduce their blood sugar levels to the lowest acceptable point. Even if you are not receiving any other treatment or drugs for Diabetes, make sure you always ask your doctor about the right Pine Bark Extract supplements dosage.

5-Immune system hyperactivity

Patients diagnosed with an autoimmune disease like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, or multiple sclerosis, may accelerate the symptoms when they receive Pinus Extract supplements treatment.


There are no registered contraindications for the use of Pine Bark Extract products. However, you should be cautious when using it during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

On the other hand, patients who have hepatitis should also exclude themselves from taking Pinus Extract products, as they may have additional liver function issues.

Drug interactions not recommended

There are three primary groups of drugs that they should not combine with Pine Bark Extract supplement consumption:

1-Drugs for Diabetes

Glyburide, Insulin, Pioglitazone, and Rosiglitazone should administer with caution to patients with Diabetes. They can lower the blood sugar concentration and cause acid comma, a severe condition that needs hospitalization.

2-Immunosuppressant drugs

Drugs like azathioprine, tacrolimus, sirolimus, prednisone, and corticosteroids can increase their effects when combined with the French Maritime Pine Bark Extract supplements.

3-Anticoagulant blood platelets drugs

Aspirin, clopidogrel, warfarin, and heparin are some examples of the drugs that may increase the blood-thinning to dangerous levels.

Pine Bark Extract: Reviews

There are many positive reviews for the use of Pine Bark Extracts to treat all conditions referred above:

User reviews and testimonials

Pine Bark Extract Reviews

Our final opinion on Pine Bark Extract

We strongly believe that Pine Bark Extract supplements are giving your body a boost. They strengthen your immune system while enhancing your cognitive function

If you are looking for a safe supplement to help you preserve your health and lower your blood pressure, Pine Bark Extract is among the best substances.

Not to mention that Pycnogenol is easy to take and comes in many formulations for you to choose the one that fits you more.

How to buy Pine Bark Extract: the complete guide

You can easily find Pine Bark Extract supplements in Walmart and your local Pharmacy store. Most of the online trade of Pinus Extract supplements comes through the Amazon and eBay sites. 

The capsules form of Pine Bark Extract comes in concentrations of 50 ,100, and 150mg. The prices start from as low as $29.99 for the 60 counts bottle. They can come up to $35.95 for the 100 mg of Pycnogenol offered in 60 counts bottles. 

The liquid form of French Maritime Pine Bark Extract can cost as low as $18.95 for the 2Fl.Oz bottle. It has its dose scheme that equals to the portion taken with capsules measured in milligrams. 

Some of the online companies make discounts and offers for people who order a 3-month or 6-month supply of Pine Bark Extract supplements. They also ship worldwide, and most of the time they anticipate the shipping costs.


What is Pine Bark Extract good for?

Pine Bark Extract is good for lowering blood pressure and giving you mental clarity and better memory. Not to mention, it can improve health to patients with Diabetes and other immune conditions. 

Pycnogenol is well-known for its effects on wound healing and skin regeneration. Make sure you always follow the dosage scheme and be aware of the side effects and interaction with other drugs.

Is Pycnogenol the same as Pine Bark Extract?

Pycnogenol is one of the main substances in Pine Bark Extract supplements. It is one of the phenol acid substances that are present in the Pinus Extract. 

Many people refer to Pycnogenol as if they mean the Pine Bark Extract. It is good to know that this active substance can remain in your blood for weeks and give its therapeutic function.

Does Pine Bark Extract lower blood pressure?

French Maritime Pine Bark Extract can lower your blood pressure. It follows a particular path in your vessels to increase the secretion of Nitric Monoxide (NO). That is the principal vasodilating agent in your blood.

For that reason, Pine Bark Extract is perfect for lowering the blood pressure to patients that already receive drugs for that reason.

Can I take Pycnogenol every day?

There is nothing wrong with taking Pycnogenol daily for several weeks. Most of the studies of Pine Bark Extract action requires daily treatment. That is why you will be required to get Pycnogenol up to three times daily to see the beneficial effects.

Is Pine Bark Extract good for skin?

According to a recently published abstract, Pine Bark Extract can induce collagen creation to your skin. That is why several creams and ointments contain Pinus Extract and advertise their anti-aging effects.

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How much Pine Bark Extract should I take?

It would be possible to take up to 450 mg per day either in capsules or liquid form. Pycnogenol is easy to absorb from your stomach and reaches high concentration in your blood in several minutes. The safety of the supplements containing French Maritime Bark Extracts is evident in several studies.

Is Pine Bark Extract good for kidneys?

Pine Bark Extract can have beneficial effects on your kidneys as well. The primary cause of kidney failure keeps on being high blood pressure. As Pycnogenol manages to control blood pressure, you can rest assured that you have an ally for your kidneys’ health.


Many scientists keep on the research for Pine Bark Extract. Clinical trials and studies with groups receiving either placebo or French Maritime Pine Bark Extracts show the tremendous potential of such products.

Pine Bark Extract is a natural herbal treatment safe and secure for the general population. And it is relatively easy to find and extremely affordable for daily consumption.

If you liked this article, please feel free to share it on your social media. Let your friends know about Pine Bark Extract and its benefits for human health.

After all, natural remedies are always welcome to improve your overall quality of life.

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